Becca - I love that picture with the cloudy sky! WOW.  12.19.11, 8:51pm
Kate S. - Looks like it's time for me to start obsessively viewing the NCS fb page! Gorgeous shots and LOOOVE the red hair :)  12.16.11, 2:47pm
Lucia - Ooh, can't wait to see her wedding photos! Dina is right on - her hair is gorgeous! I want it, lol!  12.16.11, 12:32pm
scotty - duuuuude  12.16.11, 10:26am
Caitlin - Could that sky be more beautiful? I submit that it could not. And I agree with Dina's comment -- you have gorgeous hair, Laura!  12.15.11, 11:11pm
Kristen - Holy crap! That second photo is AMAZING!!!  12.15.11, 12:42pm
Dina - Oh these are so beautiful!!!!! The third shot is so fantastic :) Plus, could Laura's hair be any more amazing? Love!!  12.15.11, 11:08am