sara - i'm completely in love with the bride's hair... SO GORGEOUS!!!  1.30.12, 5:39pm
Jeff - Your back!!! This is a nice way to ring in the 2012 season. The B&W are redonklious as always. Your reception snags are still a thing of beauty. Well Done.  1.30.12, 3:52pm
Kate S. - Absolutely LOVING all of the B&Ws- they're just timeless and perfect. And there's just something about a winter wedding ... gives me warm fuzzies :)  1.30.12, 1:36pm
Lucia - Awww, they're adorable!!  1.30.12, 9:56am
Becca - What a beautiful bride! I love her bouquet and her earrings. This winter wedding looked magical!  1.30.12, 12:45am
Caitlin - I love this! I am a Christmas NUT, so the presence of red ribbons and green garland in just about anything gives me a rush of child-like delight. It makes such a wonderful addition to a wedding. And Laura, I LOVE your dress! (In fact I'm fairly certain I saw it in the store where I bought mine AFTER I had bought mine and had a moment of "awwwwe!"). Gorgeous all around.  1.29.12, 10:25pm
Tricia - Wow! I love love love the colors! So pretty!  1.29.12, 9:10pm
Dina - Beautiful!!!!!! I love winter weddings!! I feel like sometimes they just don't get enough love and they're just as amazing as the others :-) Their wedding is ador-a-ble!! (Funny side note, my phone corrected ador, with astley for some reason. I guess me phone never wants to give him up haha)  1.29.12, 6:07pm
Kristen - Love the picture of the girls' feet on the stairs!  1.29.12, 5:51pm