Shannon - Thank you guys so much! I cannot stop looking at these. There are just so many breath-taking shots. You captured the day beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  2.4.12, 9:07am
Tricia - So classic and beautiful! Love the dress!  1.30.12, 6:02pm
sara - super adorable couple... congratulations!  1.30.12, 5:38pm
Jeff - The party seemed to be rockin even after you guys left. Just an insane set filled with some amazingly good candid shots highlighting an evening of love and laughter. You guys just keep wooing us. Hot Damn!  1.30.12, 3:55pm
Kate S. - Lucia took the words right out of my mouth, so I won't repeat them.... Ok yes I will YYAAAAYYYY You're BACK!!!!! :) GORGEOUS gorgeous wedding. So elegant and classy. Beautiful job :)  1.30.12, 1:32pm
Lucia - YAY - You're back!!! I missed your posts!! Awesome job, guys!  1.30.12, 9:56am
Becca - I've been checking your site for new posts all the time and this was AWESOME! I love this venue... so beautiful, everything just looks great. And the bride just looks so happy :)  1.30.12, 12:41am
Caitlin - A wonderful, glamorous NYE wedding. I love the contrast of the soft, dusty rose pink and black of the bridesmaid dresses. Beautiful!  1.29.12, 10:30pm
Dina - Yes!!!!!!!!! New posts!!! I've missed them so!! What a way to start it off too! Such a beautiful wedding :-) Stunning!!  1.29.12, 6:01pm
Kristen - So happy you guys are back! I think my favorite is the one in front of the white detailed wall - they look like they're standing in front of a giant wedding cake. It's fantastic!  1.29.12, 5:49pm