Becca - Love these guys and the banter on this post! I was soo excited to see the wedding after twitter talk. I love the idea of no guest pictures during the ceremony... might have to steal it ;)  4.23.12, 11:30am
Lisa Goodwin - Awesome as always! I love that they did not allow photos to be taking during the ceromony. It is something I talk about with my B&G's all the time. I agree I wish more guests would just enjoy the moment.  3.24.12, 10:49am
Beth C - I've missed the bantering on the blog! Love this post, I can't even pick a favorite shot, I love them all!  3.21.12, 12:00pm
josh - Good to have you all back and kicking ass in O12. That lazer background....damn. I want some killer shit like that...  3.18.12, 10:58pm
Kate S. - What could I possibly say about how amazing you guys/these shots are that hasn't already been said?! Aweseomeness. Light post shot is SICK :)  3.14.12, 9:01pm
Jeff - Well, welcome back from your little rest. These soooooo set the tone for your upcoming season and I will be like a fat kid with cake watching and watching and watching. Just amazing footage.  3.13.12, 5:00pm
Ashlee - These really are the best wedding photos I have ever seen. I am not really qualified to say anything about photography in general, but from my limited experience these are freakin' amazing!  3.12.12, 9:17pm
Jennifer @QueenCityBride - did you say Marauder's Map invitation ? OMG!  3.11.12, 9:40pm
Emily - The shot with the street light is awesome! Super fun couple!  3.11.12, 9:17am
Zoë - I have been silently following you guys for years. However, knowing both Dina & Travis I can't help but comment on how truly amazing every shot came out. The up close shots of Dina in the park are flawless, the ceremony segment made me feel as if I took them as a guest in the crowd and the emotion captured when Dina's mom saw her for the first time brought me to tears. I couldn't be happier for these two in finding each other, you're work is simply brilliant and this post is a perfect representation of both their love and your art.  3.10.12, 7:23pm
matthew morgan - another epic wedding. so many rad locations. your church shots/documentary are sick. loving that ring light on the booth. what are you using there?  3.10.12, 5:54pm
AlysonO - I am speechless. I have been so anxious to see these, and you guys did not disappoint... D+T, you guys are so amazing, your beautiful personalities are so apparent in these photos, your happiness and love is totally infectious. R+A, perfection, what an incredible kickoff for the year! And thanks for the shoutout ;)  3.10.12, 12:11pm
Lucia - I so agree!!! You both look amazing and I really feel like I was there!!! Congrats!!  3.10.12, 9:24am
Kristen - Congrats, Dina and Travis! I feel like I know you from reading all of your comments on here. Rich & Alyssa - amazing job as always. It's always nice when you can look at someone's photos and feel like you had spent the entire day with them. You have a true gift!  3.10.12, 9:02am
Wendy - The thing that made this for me is her smile. Her smile is amazing. Just beautiful.  3.10.12, 8:51am
Amy - Even though I dont know them, I have a special place in my heart for Dina and Travis because their awesome Marauder's Map invitations led me to Alyson, and Alyson led me to you two! :) There are so many shots I love, but I cannot get over the black and white of the two of them giggling at something during the ceremony, and the shot of the bridal party at a distance with that amazing background! Your work is, as usual, fantastic.  3.10.12, 12:05am
Caitlin - How much do I love that this wedding involved Harry Potter tidbits? So FREAKING much. (Almost as much as I love that shot of the best man with his hand on Travis' shoulder -- so sweet!) I do not know this couple but reading this post/seeing these pics makes me wish I did!  3.9.12, 11:20pm
Teresa - Awesome photos, R+A! You really do capture wedding days perfectly! Just gorgeous...Congratulations to the newlyweds!!!!  3.9.12, 11:20pm
Gretchen - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to finally see the amazing stunning photos of Dina and Travis!!!!!! Ever since Mark and I got married, I have been super anxious to see this wedding!!!! Dina, you looked absolutely stunning and Travis looked killer with his mohawk!!!!!! Everything about your wedding totally reflects both of you even if I am just saying that after getting to know you via the internet!!!!! Rich and Alyssa, you two totally captured them perfectly as you always do but is seems more evident with D+T!!! So unbelievably perfect!!!!!!!!!  3.9.12, 11:00pm
Samantha - This is amazing, you two are so cute! Congrats and best wishes!!  3.9.12, 10:34pm
Amberle - I know I don't comment often, but I never miss a post... And they always turn out so fantasticly, but it's so exciting when I see people I recognize in them!! Dina and Travis, what a wonderful wonderful day you had! And Rich and Alyssa, you captured it perfectly (as always!!) Great job!  3.9.12, 10:29pm
Megan - Wow! These pictures are AMAZING!!! They are so beautiful and totally captured the moment!!! Incredible job!!!  3.9.12, 10:28pm
Dina - I don't even know where to begin! You both are such amazing people and we are so totally honored that we can call you friends :) I am so in love with every single shot! You captured our day perfectly and it was so awesome to find people who "get" us...not a lot of people do :) Love, love, love, love!!!! We <3 us some Mattinglys!!!!  3.9.12, 10:16pm
ann smith - simply amazing!!! a great couple and very talented photogs! wheee!!!  3.9.12, 9:58pm
Travis - Awesome!!! That's all I can say. You guys are amazing to work with and you really captured both of us perfectly. To know that I will have these for the rest of my life makes me truly speechless, which is a feat unto itself because as she will tell you, I'm pretty opinionated. You guys totally rock!!! Thank you so much!!!!  3.9.12, 9:52pm
David - So. Many. Amazing. Shots. This is an incredible post, you guys.  3.9.12, 9:36pm