Kate S. - You had me at the cat in the sweater and then sealed the deal with the last shot. Seriously? You guys continue to impress me with your amazing talent!  5.1.12, 9:51pm
Marissa - I agree with the last post. The last photo is pure awesome!  4.30.12, 6:18am
sarah bridgeman - PShhh...that last photo through the trees is to die for!!!!!  4.29.12, 10:27pm
Jennifer @QueenCityBride - Great Photos and Fun Cat!  4.29.12, 7:16pm
Amy - You two are consummate artists. The one with Mac at their feet? It's just too cute. And I have to agree with the others who said they loved the last shot - it's perfection.  4.28.12, 7:51pm
Jamie - Lovely set of pictures about an awesome couple. I love this stuff!  4.28.12, 9:40am
Kristen - What a cool cat!! Seriously, if we tried to put our cat in a sweater she'd eat our faces. I love the church pictures - what an amazing location to shoot. And you can see how much they love each other. I can't wait to see the wedding photos! As always, great job guys! You two are truly amazing at catching the true nature of the couple. I've missed you guys!  4.27.12, 9:52pm
Lucia - OMG - they are SO ADORABLE!!  4.27.12, 7:40pm
Emily - I love that the cat has a turtleneck sweater! Makes for one of your best shots yet! I absolutely love the last shot of Christina and Chuck...beautiful! The architecture of the church is amazing. Great post!  4.27.12, 5:53pm
Gretchen - The second shot is my favorite!!!! So beautiful!!!! All these shots are amazing!!! I love that their cat got to be in some of them. Any photos with pets in them makes me want to have new engagement photos done so Bowser can be in them!!!! So glad the wedding season is back and we can see so many more amazing photos from you both!!!!!!  4.27.12, 3:24pm
Joe Chandler - Congratulations! Fanastic photos of a couple in LOVE!  4.27.12, 2:40pm
sara c - love these! last photo is stunning... congrats to the happy couple!  4.27.12, 1:25pm
Susan K. - You have a beautiful smile and it does affect everyone in the room!! The pictures are beautiful!  4.27.12, 1:09pm
Jennifer - AMAZING. I'm crying. So so so beautiful! Love all of you guys!!! xoxoxoxo  4.27.12, 1:03pm
Susan - Absolutely beautiful. I love everything about Chuck and Christina. And the pictures are pretty darn amazing as well.  4.27.12, 1:02pm
Michael Powers - Great folks to be sure, and tremendous pictures, Sarah's spot on, that last shot - art  4.27.12, 12:55pm
Sarah Lindstrom - So happy to see this!! What beautiful pictures. Amazing last shot, too.  4.27.12, 12:46pm
Becca - I agree with Dina.. love the smile in her eyes in the last shot! But I am also in love with the cat in a sweater! & That church is BEAUTIFUL  4.27.12, 12:45pm
Dina - Oh that last shot is so killer!!!! Gorgeous!! Yay for new posts!!!!!!  4.27.12, 12:38pm