loribeth frey - those gray suits are unique - i like them! oh and the shot of the couple by the brick wall - deja vu of my wedding shoot. thanks for the memories again :)  5.23.12, 12:29pm
Shaun - different Shaun... random but my wife and I are also Katie and Shaun and I think our blog is getting some of your google traffic. small world... wanted to say great pics though!  5.13.12, 11:24pm
Jill - It's so goo to see you guys doing so well. We can't wait to see what you're up to the rest of the year.  5.7.12, 11:28am
Kate S. - Hot damn... 350 weddings?! You guys are unbelievable. So good to see some new posts- I really have been going through withdrawal! Another beautiful wedding with so many smiles captured perfectly! :)  5.1.12, 9:46pm
sara c - i absolutely love the bride's yellow shoes, how fun! props to r&a for capturing beautiful moments yet again :)  5.1.12, 3:27pm
Mary - I love, love, love getting to see new blog posts!!! Katie and Shaun, you guys look absolutely amazing. Congratulations!!  5.1.12, 10:24am
Marissa - I LOVE the distressed wall...such a pretty backdrop!  4.30.12, 6:15am
Caitlin - Gorgeous guys. I love the lighting in photos on the grey/overcast days like this. You can tell by looking at their faces that not an ounce of stress disrupted their day! Great stuff!  4.29.12, 9:58pm
Emily - Katie - your dress is gorgeous! I love the color combination you used. R & A - the shots in the church are awesome - love the architecture!  4.29.12, 11:01am
Amy - There are too many I love of these to count! The outdoor shots are incredible.  4.28.12, 7:47pm
Katie's Momma - Rich and Alyssa, You totally captured Katie and Shaun's love - just look in their eyes !!!! These pictures are just stunning !!! It was wonderful to have you with us for this absolutely amazing day !!! xoxox  4.27.12, 11:28pm
Kristen - 1st - THANK GOD you're back! I've been lost without you. 2nd - awesome looking wedding... the colors were perfect and it looks like they all had an amazing time. I love the blue and yellow combo - definitely one of my favorites! 3rd - can we please introduce wreath-on-head-guy to our basket-on-head-guy? I may be going out on a limb here, but I think they would really get along!  4.27.12, 9:49pm
Dina - Oh how pretty!! Their wedding looked so beautiful and her hair clips are amazing!!!!!! Congrats to the married couple :-)  4.27.12, 8:03pm
Gretchen - Congrats on your 350th wedding!!!! That's so awesome!!!!! I love all the wedding party shots, the colors did work super well together!!! The last photo from their first dance is so beautiful!!  4.27.12, 7:43pm
Lucia - WELCOME BACK WEDDING POSTS!!! We missed you, lol.  4.27.12, 7:40pm
becca - I loved these! The spot they picked was totally perfect... I loved the pale blue wall with exposed brick.  4.27.12, 7:22pm