Charlie - That lens shot is awesome, great idea.  9.4.12, 1:15am
Kate S. - GORgeous sunlight in these shots. And "the look" that jenny is giving in the second to last shot is just too good! You guys don't just capture moments, you capture people :)  7.11.12, 2:59pm
Gretchen - That first shot is my favorite!! I love the colors!!!! I also love the sun in all these shots!! Beautiful!!  6.13.12, 9:35pm
Caitlin - You have an uncanny ability to represent Buffalo's rough-around-the-edges charm in the most beautiful way. I keenly remember the looks on our families' faces when we told them some of our e-shoot took place in a parking garage :) but WE never doubted it for a second. Great work!  5.28.12, 9:58am
Kristen - Rich, I was totally going to say something about that bridge looking somewhat familiar... glad no one almost got run over this time! Beautiful work, as usual!!!  5.28.12, 9:09am
Tanya - I love love LOVEEEE the metro rail reflection! So very Buffalo. Actually, all these pictures are so very Buffalo. GAHHH love! <3  5.24.12, 10:22am
becca - I love the first picture... the texture on the window is sweet! and I love the couples matching jackets... so cute!  5.23.12, 6:55pm
loribeth frey - that lens shot - nice surprise for sure! loving the creativity  5.23.12, 12:21pm
Emily - That lens shot is SICK! Loved the architecture where you guys guys! :) Great post yet again!  5.22.12, 5:18pm
Dina - Oh that lens shot is AWESOME!!!!!! These two are just so cute! I love the last shot :)  5.22.12, 11:30am