Kate S. - Amen to the "getting to know you through emails and Skype calls"! That's how I fell more in love with my man :) Jenn and Jess are so full of joy in these pictures, I'm sure they're going to have a happy life together!  7.11.12, 3:19pm
Gretchen - I love the third shot!! Adorable couple!!  6.13.12, 9:40pm
Lucia - I can't wait to see their wedding photos - what a gorgeous couple!!  5.30.12, 10:20am
Caitlin - There is such joy in these photos. Love them.  5.28.12, 10:02am
sara - beautiful couple.. love the last shot!!!  5.24.12, 4:43pm
mark brooke - this is NOT me commenting on your blog..... this is full of good. :)  5.23.12, 8:11pm
Dina - These are so gorgeous!! They look so relaxed and so in love. Love it!!  5.23.12, 8:00pm
becca - these are so good... never would have guessed these two are probably super stressed ;) hope the wedding is amazing!  5.23.12, 6:56pm