Kate S. - That last shot is just too cute for words. And the proposal tree pic? Talk about picture perfect! Such a lovely couple :)  7.11.12, 3:14pm
Gretchen - Heck yeah Avengers! I know you two have seen at least 2 movies already this year!! lol! It's so crazy that you guys had another laura + pete to shoot! I can't get over it! These shots are so gorgeous! I love the color combo with the blues they are wearing and the grass and the sun! It's awesome!!  6.13.12, 9:38pm
LoriBeth Frey - P.S. i LOVE her boots!  6.1.12, 8:17pm
LoriBeth Frey - this couple looks like they are truly in love - fantastic capture Rich & Alyssa!  6.1.12, 8:16pm
Lucia - Awww, these are SO CUTE!!  5.30.12, 10:18am
Caitlin - The light streaming through those trees and the soft golden glow in the whole shoot is super gorgeous. Love it.  5.28.12, 10:07am
christina shaw - These are absolutely stunning!!!  5.26.12, 9:39pm
Emily - I've always walked by the willow trees by the lake thinking it would be a great place to propose! Good job Pete! :) Beautiful shoot, love the lighting, Laura + Pete look great!  5.24.12, 6:20pm
sara - there are so many amazing shots in this session and the couple is super adorable, congrats!  5.24.12, 4:42pm
becca - I loove the shots by the 'proposal tree'. those willows in delaware park are amazing. & I loved alyssa's blurb about spotting the couple! you're discussions on blog posts always make me smile!  5.24.12, 4:21pm
Dina - These are so pretty!! The lighting is so gorgeous and they are so totally adorable :)  5.24.12, 4:21pm