Kate S. - Such a cute shoot! Love the warm fuzzy feeling you get from sunlight on a farm :) Makes you feel at home.  7.11.12, 4:10pm
Marissa - The lighting in these photos was awesome!! Such a cool shoot. Love her dress.  7.3.12, 11:55pm
Caitlin - I had no idea Knox Farms was available for pictures -- it's gorgeous. Great shoot!  6.26.12, 6:28pm
Tricia Smith - Absolutely Stunning!!! Also- I thought he looked like Duff from Charm City Cakes until I clicked through to the images. It was the hat & beard! Hehe. #foodnerd  6.25.12, 1:02pm
Sara - These look so natural!! They're great!  6.25.12, 10:29am
Dina - Holy cow this is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the farm's look and Amy and Steve look absolutely fantastic and so adorable together!  6.25.12, 10:03am