Jenny - Hey Rich & Alyssa, what was the name of this place again??  12.29.14, 9:00am
elizabeth pellette - Hi.. I just discovered your work.. its amazing.. where was this shot? if you dont mind me asking?  1.15.13, 3:42pm
Amy - I hope the morning light is still just as pretty as this in October! Even if it's half as pretty, I'll take it.  8.30.12, 1:12am
Melissa - WoW! That last shot is breathtaking! Beautiful couple and great shots  7.17.12, 11:22pm
Kate S. - After getting over the horrific thought of waking up at 5 am to have my picture taken, and then containing my laughter at the choking on hair picture, I had my breath taken away by the ethereal beauty of the morning light in these pics. Does make the idea of an early morning shoot slightly more tempting...  7.11.12, 4:07pm
becca - this makes me wish I was nutty and did my engagement shoot in the AM... these are beautiful!  7.2.12, 7:05pm
sara - beautiful!!!!!!! i love so many of these, amazing work!  7.2.12, 5:26pm
Drew W - Fuck yea guys. Great work all the way around!  6.29.12, 10:59pm
tif - beautiful, as always.  6.27.12, 8:22pm
Gretchen - That last photo? Gorgeous! Cannot wait to see your photos of Matt and Erin's wedding this Saturday!  6.26.12, 6:53pm
Caitlin - Beautiful shoot, couple and location. Perfectly bucolic and pastoral. (SAT words, FTW.)  6.26.12, 6:27pm
whitney - that last photo is just amazing. Love, love, love.  6.26.12, 9:55am
Jenny - I have never laughed so loud in my life 'till i saw the "choking on hair picture" PRICELESS!!! I love the photos, we had such a great time with you guys & i can't promise Justin won't look in Rich's camera bag... ;) hahahaha  6.25.12, 8:42pm
Dina - I love the location!!! The morning light is so pretty and makes everything look so lovely and vibrant! I could be a little biased though :)  6.25.12, 4:18pm