Jewel - Congratulations!!! Matt & Rachel...May you have a lasting and fruitful marriage.- Ec 4:12 The photo shoot was indeed stunning...stunning...stunning!!!  10.16.12, 3:21pm
Amy - I love so many of these! (Which is no different from any other post, but man.) The shot of her veil against his suit, the shot of them through the window (?), that last tent shot ... Sigh.  8.30.12, 1:10am
Alyssa - I LOVE the dog pic. Looks like it was an awesome wedding :)  7.12.12, 11:18pm
Kate S. - Firstly, this looked like the funnest wedding of all time. Secondly, I now want an ice cream truck at my wedding. Thirdly, that "Watering Hole" shot is seriously THE BEST. I wish I had your job!  7.11.12, 4:23pm
gretchen - that tent is gigantic and beautiful!!! I love the shots with the dog!!! I wish I would have gotten a shot with us and Bowser!!! Also, Mark is so absurdly jealous of the ice cream truck!!!!  7.10.12, 10:12pm
Jeff - Just an amazing set of memories with ice cream to top it off. Stunning!  7.3.12, 11:54am
becca - wow, this whole this is awesome! I love, love the shots of the reception. seems like an awesome time. also, right when I got to the ice cream truck shots an ice cream truck drove by my house!  7.2.12, 7:05pm
sara - an ice cream truck? how awesome! last shot is unreal.  7.2.12, 5:25pm
Sarah L. - The lighting in the tent is really fantastic. I love the shot of the groom playing with his ring. Kind of like he can't believe it's on his finger!  7.2.12, 11:03am
Brandon Lata - Great wedding!!!You guys never disappoint.  7.2.12, 10:18am
Dina - Their wedding looks like it was a total blast!! I love the shot out in the field! So pretty!!!! And yes Alyssa, that chair would be awesome because well, FIREFLY is AWESOME!!!!!!!!  7.2.12, 8:56am
sara - I LOVE their details! And the ice cream truck!! And the photos, of course, guys!!! What a fun day!  7.1.12, 8:06pm
Caitlin - This last shot is GORGEOUS. I love this whole wedding, in fact. I feel like we don't see outdoor/tent weddings very often, and I love an opportunity to see your take on a new venue. Really, really beautiful.  7.1.12, 7:46pm