Amy - Love love love the one with their heads cut off. I wish I could think of a nicer way to describe it but I'm late to this commenting party and it's late at night!  8.30.12, 1:06am
Kate S. - Adorable. And Lizzy's smile truly is infectious. Can't wait to see the wedding shots!!!  7.11.12, 4:14pm
gretchen - I wish Mark and I had some awesome thing we could have included in our e-shoot! These are so adorable!!! i love them!  7.10.12, 10:09pm
Marcy N, - What a fun couple, all the best wishes go out to you both. And we can't wait to see all of the beautiful weddings photos.  7.6.12, 9:18am
Lucia - They are sooooo cute together! I'm with Marissa, I think this wedding is going to be adorable!  7.4.12, 4:17pm
Caitlin - I love the right-before-the-wedding e-shoots. The excitement and anticipation of what's about to come is palpable in the photos. This couple is no exception. Beautiful!  7.4.12, 11:07am
Marissa - I love everything about this shoot. I'm excited to see their wedding photos  7.3.12, 11:46pm
Mandy Powers - I'm not big on props, either, but the bikes are just perfect. Beautiful images!  7.3.12, 4:20pm
Dina - There are so many things that I love about this shoot!! It's so fun and laid back. Plus they look so awesome and I love their bikes!!!!! Makes me want to go home and get mine out :)  7.3.12, 2:35pm