Amy - Not upset that we have a morning shoot coming up. :) That shot on the bridge (it's a bridge, right?) is amazing.  8.30.12, 12:59am
becca - they look so HAPPY! your early morning shoots always look so fresh.  7.25.12, 6:53am
sara - the lighting in these pictures is amazing... congrats to the couple!  7.20.12, 10:23am
Marcy N - I loooooove your morning shoots. Is it me or have the last several all been in the morning - you guys are definitely on your game then!! I don't know how, but you guys are!!  7.18.12, 10:23am
Lucia - I think their wedding is going to be super fun and relaxed, right?? They look so comfortable in front of the camera, I'm jealous!  7.17.12, 10:21pm
Emily - Love the lighting! Great post!  7.17.12, 12:03pm
Kate S. - I think this is the first time ever that I cannot pick a favorite! They are all SO fantastic! The colors are so soft and gentle, and the B&W's are breath taking. Bravo!  7.16.12, 9:47pm
Caitlin - That sunburst photo looks like something out of a Disney movie. I love these early morning shoots!  7.16.12, 2:53pm
Erin and Raff - Wow! You guys did a great job! How did you make us look so good?! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks :)  7.16.12, 12:29pm
Dina - Ooooooo so pretty!!! The first shot in the third set is stunning!!!!!!! Great work!  7.16.12, 9:26am