fotoclipping - You really are great at capturing the perfect moments. Love their expressions! Very innovative photography. Best wishes for this couple.  11.15.12, 12:04am
jake thompson - I love the way you taken this picture. Can you take a look at my photos hochzeitsfotograf zug  9.30.12, 9:09pm
amanda - asdasd  9.30.12, 9:07pm
Saundra - beautiful!  9.26.12, 2:53pm
Christina Shaw - LOVE this wedding. LOVE the photography. LOVE the new site! Cheers to being back up and running on the blog! :)  9.12.12, 10:28pm
lydia {ever ours} - what a way to bring in the new site. so much to love about this wedding! way to go on the redesign and capturing this wedding, guys!  9.10.12, 3:53pm
Laura - I'm so excited to see the new design!  9.8.12, 10:40am
tif - When is this happening?! I'm in withdraw from photo-awesomeness  9.6.12, 7:30pm
Kate S. - Adorable! And no explanation necessary- we all know how much you both work your butts off!! Excited for the new look :)  8.9.12, 8:05pm
Caitlin - Amazing.  8.6.12, 10:24am
Emily - Hahaha..this is awesome. Can't wait to see the new blog!  8.3.12, 4:57pm
sara - i just burst out laughing. this is priceless!  8.3.12, 1:11pm
Lucia - I'm being patient, I swear!! I can't wait to see what your new site looks like!!!  8.3.12, 1:09pm