Caitlin - Another incredible year for you guys! It has been so wonderful to watch your business skyrocket through this virtual window over the years since Matt and I first stumbled upon the earliest version of "" in 2008. We will never stop feeling lucky to have had you with us at our wedding. And even now, coming up on 3 years later, we still hear "Oh you're Cait/Matt, the ones with the amazing wedding pictures!" when we meet friends of friends (no lie, happened last week in fact). Thanks for being awesome. Cheers to 2013.  2.4.13, 10:39am
Christine - Simply Amazing. As an aspiring wedding photographer, I'm so happy I stumbled upon your site. Getting a ton of inspiration for your creativity and vision.  1.24.13, 7:38pm
Rich and Alyssa - Yep, still shooting like crazy :). Just had a baby so we're slowing down for a while and we decided to chill on blogging for a long while. Hey, next time leave us an email adress or even a name so we can reapond to you! Until then our facebook is active and you can always get a hold of us on twitter or over email. Thanks!  12.18.12, 11:03am
Hello - Are you guys still shooting? I've been checking back over two months...  12.18.12, 10:35am
Jim Unger - What a fun wedding! The bride is stunning and full of personality! You did a fantastic job capturing the spirit of the day! Thanks for sharing!  11.26.12, 11:04am
Bethany - Gorgeous wedding and photographs here, looks like such a fun day!  10.29.12, 8:25am
canvas prints - really impresive work here. top quality.  10.23.12, 9:56am
Jewel - Congratulations!!! Raff & Erin...May you experience many blessing in your marriage....Eph 5:33 The photo shoot was truly a wow factor!!!  10.16.12, 1:59pm
Julie - These photos are breathtaking! What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple  9.17.12, 8:45pm
Caitlin - LOVE the new site, LOVE your amazingly exciting baby news, LOVE the very first shot of Erin and Raff at the altar with the stunning vista behind them (it literally made me say "holy crap" out loud). So glad you're back!  9.16.12, 8:51pm
Christy Hagen - You photos transport all of us to the most intimate and joyous moments! I am so addicted. Seriously, you make me fall in love with every one of these families. What a gift. And BIG congrats on your expanding family. Alohas.  9.14.12, 3:51pm
Kate S. - You have rendered me speechless with all of the lovely/awesomeness that is the new look/new post/new BABY :) YAYYY Congrats!!!!  9.13.12, 9:37pm
becca - this wedding is the stuff of california wedding blogs! I LOVE IT! such a carefree, happy looking day. I wasn't there, but I think you guys captured the feeling perfectly. as always :)  9.12.12, 10:31pm
Christina Shaw - My comment went on the wrong post so I'm saying it again! I basically LOVE everything that's going on here!!!!  9.12.12, 10:29pm
Susan Mattingly - The new look is great - Congratulations ! This wedding looks as if it was just plain fun - I love the ride away shot.  9.11.12, 2:40pm
Lucia - What a perfect way to welcome back the blog - these are gorgeous and WOW what a great-looking couple!!  9.11.12, 11:50am
tif - Looks great! You guys never disappoint.  9.11.12, 9:08am
Marissa - What a great shoot & wedding!! The whole thing looked so intimate and personal. Congrats to the new couple :-)  9.11.12, 12:43am
Amy - I love the new look! And Conesus Lake! And Erin's boots! And that last shot! They look so in love and you captured it perfectly.  9.10.12, 9:48pm
Jeff - Beautiful new look and the recent epic post is jaw dropping good. It was worth the wait. Can't wait for what's next.  9.10.12, 7:25pm
Emily - CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO! :) And congrats to E&R for having a super awesome brand new blog to share their gorgeous photos! Looks like it was a lot of fun! I love the picture of Erin on the swing :)  9.10.12, 5:03pm
AlysonO - Wow, LOVE the relaunch guys!! Love the look! And this wedding is GORGEOUS, seriously, it looks like something out of a magazine. Congrats to everyone all around!  9.10.12, 4:10pm
natalie k - gorgeous couple - love the scenery and the relaxed casual vibe they have going on. you captured it perfectly, as usual... i also love the new branding of you site! congrats to you guys on all of the changes happening with your business!  9.10.12, 3:55pm
lydia {ever ours} - silly me. scrolled too fast and commented on the post below. so I'll say it again- what a way to bring in the new site. so much to love about this wedding! way to go on the redesign and capturing this wedding, guys!  9.10.12, 3:54pm
Dina - How gorgeous!!!! What a beautiful wedding and it looks like it was a total blast! Love the new site look!  9.10.12, 3:19pm
lisa m - Seeing all these gorgeous images of raff and erin made me smile - I love how you captured all the emotions... simply stunning. wow.  9.10.12, 2:50pm
Teresa - Beautiful wedding photos as always! Love the new site and incredibly happy for you both and your family!!!  9.10.12, 2:49pm
matthew morgan - this looks like such a laid-back good-time event. You slayed the moments, as always. And I'm loving those shots in the trees just about as much as you're new layout and design. Cheers, dude.  9.10.12, 2:46pm
Erin Oveis Brant - Sending you virtual high fives A+R!! The site looks awesome and the photos are as beautiful as ever! Congratulations on everything, but especially the new addition to your family! So, so rad :)  9.10.12, 2:41pm
Erin - I am over the moon! You guys captured our day perfectly- I really could not ask for more. Thank you so much. And, the website looks incredible- totally worth the wait :)  9.10.12, 2:31pm