Rich - Thank you, Jules and Crash!  6.3.09, 5:52pm
jules - love 'em! and i have to second WAC's sentiment.  5.31.09, 1:18pm
Crash - Awesome!  5.31.09, 12:23pm
rich - Thank you, Sal and Kyle!!  5.31.09, 11:00am
rich - thanks, Kindra! It was so nice to photograph with you two :)  5.31.09, 11:00am
rich - Thanks, Eliza - you know, with babies you kindof have to wing it. I'd say generally about an hour, but a lot has to do with how the little one is doing (food breaks, etc).  5.31.09, 10:59am
Kyle - You forget how tiny a newborn is. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful baby. Nicely done.  5.30.09, 9:25am
Sal DeMarco - Wow - what a beautiful little girl - great set of photos.  5.29.09, 10:57pm
Kindra - Wow! I love the pics so far, we can't wait to see the rest!  5.29.09, 8:18pm
Eliza Chapman - I love your photos so much - how long does one of your baby shoots last??  5.29.09, 7:59pm
WhatACard - I LOVE that last picture. It looks very retro-70's, and I mean that in a good way. What a cutie-patootie baby!  5.29.09, 7:57pm
Rich - Thank you, Emily. She was a great baby!  5.29.09, 7:24pm
Emily - She's absolutely precious. Gorgeous photos, guys!  5.29.09, 7:17pm