Alyssa - Thanks, Yuliya! Jules, Jeff - thank you! Seriously, I have a major, major sweet tooth, and the only thing I hate about being a wedding photographer is going every weekend and seeing and smelling these amazing cakes and not being able to eat them!!  6.2.09, 7:42am
jules - LOL at jeff's dr. seuss comment, but he's right and it IS awesome! i also like his favs - the flower/ring shot and the red barn for a backdrop. you guys are busy these days, but we (your devoted fans) love it!  6.1.09, 8:16pm
Jeff - Well, The detail shots are crazy good. Love that flower/ring shot. . .beautiful. My favorites are the the red barn location and the first dance. The lighting is so damn good. I love the emotion! That cake. . .my goodness, it reminds of a desert Dr. Seuss might request. It's awesome! Great stuff as always, you make it harder and harder to choose with every session.  6.1.09, 7:27pm
Yuka photo art - I love tango.....I love colorfull cakes! Beautiful photographs!  6.1.09, 10:15am
Alyssa - Henry and Mike - thanks! Alyson - thanks! About halfway through our conversation, my brain was like, "you need to explain this to them!" (I had that shot in my brain, and had my settings perfect and my feet planted firmly where I needed to be, but Alyson and Nick came to the wedding and said hi, since we shot them a couple weeks ago, and I was trying to say hi without losing my angle, but then I was like, they probably think I'm the weirdest person ever for talking to them over my shoulder while my body is totally facing a wall!)  6.1.09, 9:37am
Alyson - Beautiful shots as usual guys! Especially love the reflective shot of Jill getting out of the limo - awesome payoff for spending all that time staring at the wall, Alyssa! lol  6.1.09, 9:31am
Mike - Great shots guys! ...what a cute couple! :)  6.1.09, 1:01am
Henrymk - Niiiice work rich and alyssa, these are kickass.  5.31.09, 11:35pm