Alyssa - Thanks, everyone! They are a totally awesome family and amazing to shoot!  7.1.09, 11:15am
Josh - Once again, I have spent half a night letting my brain devour your guys are my David Tejada..both of you!  6.30.09, 9:51pm
Yuka photo art - This cute girl has unbelievable beautiful eyes! You captured interesting emotions on her face. I have a lot of favorites!  6.29.09, 3:57pm
tami - these pictures made me smile BIG...and the last melted my heart!  6.29.09, 3:42am
Amanda - so cute!!  6.29.09, 2:31am
Derek J. Punaro - Wow! You're going to have to tell me how you get the eyes to come out so clear!  6.27.09, 8:44pm
oneshotbeyond - beautiful family shots!  6.26.09, 12:40pm
Kyle - I also love the one that Alyssa took with the baby looking up in the sky and X in the background. Nicely done. Probably a good idea to not have Alyssas head say random things. Good call Rich.  6.26.09, 8:41am
WhatACard - Aw, what a cutie! I'm tempted to say it must not have been too difficult to make her look cute ;)  6.26.09, 8:22am
Marissa Rodriguez - She is too cute! I love the ones with the aqua/blue wall!!!  6.25.09, 8:29pm
jeff - Correction on my comment. She is adorable! My typing got a little ahead of me. Sorry :-(  6.25.09, 7:22pm
jeff - Well, How cute is that freakin kid. How hard was it to just not focus on him the whole time. This is a great representation of Summer is all about, Fun, Family and Fantastic Photography. I think I have a better appreciation for polka dots now. Killer Set Rich!  6.25.09, 7:20pm
Katie - The first one is maybe the best baby photo ever!! By far my fav!!  6.25.09, 7:18pm