Amy - Just got back from our honeymoon, and we are so excited about our pictures! You guys made us look so good! Our families are both so happy with how beautiful we both look! You both did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of our church as well. We also enjoyed the comments (especially the Audrey Hepburn one!). Thank you for all of your hard work, and we'll be recommending you to friends in the Buffalo area.. and even some of our non-Buffalo friends if you'll travel :)  7.13.09, 9:43pm
rich - Thank you, Amy!!!  7.3.09, 10:43am
Amy Anaiz - Beautiful Images!! :)  7.2.09, 1:04am
Alyssa - Thanks, Hugh! Jules - yeah, I walked into that room and was like, huh. I think this will do :)  7.1.09, 11:14am
jules - Eric, the one of them facing each other in the garden is a sweet shot, but the one that really talks to me is the first image taken inside the Kenan Center - it evokes such PASSION! The "silver-lined" silhouette is unlike anything I've ever seen. Very cool.  6.30.09, 6:46pm
hugh - love the tones in that shot of her coming down the stairs. another great wedding, you two.  6.30.09, 2:00pm
Alyssa - Thank you, Tim! It was so light in there, when we walked in, Rich and I high-fived! Jill - Thanks! Yeah, it is an amazing building, and I'll tell you, the reception was run so smoothly and perfectly, we were incredibly impressed with the staff there. 17 - thanks! We're looking forward to working with you guys again too! Caitlin and Matt - thank you guys! I wasn't sure anyone would even notice those banners, but I had to include them. I was really pleased with both those shots too. Fer - thank you so much! Jeff - I'm not gonna lie - we get our fair share of dark churches, especially come late fall, here, it's black at 5. So, we about lost it when we walked in and saw the room flooded with natural light. Perfect! It was a really fun place to play around, and she really reminded me of an actress, all night. I couldn't put my finger on it, but maybe a bit of Audrey and a little Julia Ormonde? She was stunning, though! That's for sure. Matt - thank you! Amanda - that was for real - I think I looked at her twice and she wasn't smiling. I'm sure her cheeks were sore the morning after, because she was potentially the happiest bride ever! Eric - thank you. The biggest compliment in the world is that we inspire people, because we still feel like we're just learning too. But I think you can do it!  6.30.09, 1:30pm
Eric - Awesome photos! but there are 2 that screamed at me... the first one is the pic of the two of them facing each other in the garden with the sun poking thru the trees... and the second one is the "silver-lined" silhouette. All I can say about that one is PERFECT. You guys are actually inspiring me to go buy a new camera and start doing this for a living. I just have to teach my wife everything I know. It wouldn't work tho, cuz I couldn't compete with your work. Excellent job R+A, and congrats to the newlyweds!  6.30.09, 12:22pm
Amanda - What a beautiful bride. I absolutely love how happy they are the entire day. I adore the Kenan Center now...LOVE the photo of them in the corner. These are once again unbelievable boggles my mind thinking about what you guys do every week and how you do it so well. Amazing!  6.30.09, 10:41am
matt - those candid pre-ceremony shots are solid! also love the 3rd & 4th to last dance shots- epic!  6.30.09, 1:47am
Jeff - Where to start here. . .Well I think you two find the brightest churches in the world and the colors and textures that are delivered are insane. The group shots in that mansion are beyond good, I have to imagine 100+ shots were taken just in the corner alone. Notable favorites: The peek-a-boo before the service, how did you even find that? The bride down the steps. I am reminded of Audrey Hepburn, beautiful. The portraits by the staircase are my favorites of the bunch and they are mix of classic portraiture and modern kick-ass, can I say that? Your magical touch on your shutters keep producing breathtaking work for your clients and Amy & Mike were no exception. It has been a joy this season watching these pieces of life pop off my 21" monitor. I hope you two get to enjoy some of this sun we getting. Later  6.29.09, 11:34pm
fer Juaristi - love the intimacy of this wedding, great attention on details, the group shoots are just amazing.  6.29.09, 11:26pm
Caitlin and Matt - Loooove the shot of them walking into the reception together and the wide angle "kiss the bride" that show the church's "Love" and "Faith" banners. Beautiful, beautiful work as always guys!  6.29.09, 10:38pm
17 Video Production - Rich and Alyssa... all I can say is "I get chills when I look at your art" and "you inspire me". Once again, my eyes are happy! We'll be working with you soon. Frankie and I can't wait!  6.29.09, 9:42pm
Jill - Hey guys! Pictures are fantastic, of course! We've been dying to see some new pics of the Tuscarora Inn as we haven't seen it since we visited to pick it for our wedding next year. Excited to see you've had a chance to explore it (and Lockport) already!  6.29.09, 9:35pm
Tim - wow, that cathedral looks like such a beautiful place to get married! all the images are great, as usual. i especially like the stairwell shot :)  6.29.09, 9:18pm