Yuka photo art - Oh Rich........our job is soo unpredictable...every wedding provides new conditions.....Sorry....  8.3.09, 9:18pm
jules - When I first scrolled down to this post, I said to myself, "that first one is going to be my favorite from this set". Then I got to the image of them walking away from the camera holding hands. They say, "a picture's worth a thousand words"....that's certainly the case with that shot.  7.31.09, 12:51pm
Kyle - Great shoot as always but I can't believe your super bowl comment got ignored. We are totally going to win the superbowl this year.  7.31.09, 11:12am
Amanda-Rose - Ok, this may be one of my favorite shoots just because of the crazy amounts of flare you guys used. I looooved all of it...flare always kinda takes my breath away. Central Terminal is an awesome place. I kind of like the face that it's kind of grungy right now but can't wait to see what they do with it. Awesome job guys this was a very cool shoot. Congrats to the couple, Vicki you are stunning and brian i would've loved to see one without the hat...just for the tan lines :)  7.31.09, 10:45am
jeff - Great use of scale on this set you two! I love seeing the environments that they were hidden within. The lighting seemed perfect again, and the sun flares really rock! I think what is wonderful is that as the session went on the couple got more comfortable and closer to one another and that makes for some bangin' photos. Great job as always!  7.31.09, 10:45am
kim - I love the one where he is smiling with teeth, she has this look on like "I told you you'd have fun". They look like 'that great couple' you know just relaxing with everyone in a backyard. It's perfect. Nice work all involved!  7.31.09, 8:29am
Marissa Rodriguez - I think Brian rocked it out with his hat!!! Awesome location, awesome couple and awesome photos!!!  7.31.09, 12:54am
Caitlin and Matt - The central terminal... that's out by Ralph Wilson Stadium, right?? Where we saw those lights from the parking garage?? ;-) Awesome shoot as always guys - a beautiful couple, love the B&W close-up "birds eye view" of their faces!  7.30.09, 9:34pm
Alyssa - Thanks, Cait! Yeah, it is still stunning, but I guess I just wish I could've seen Buffalo at it's peak. But we're coming back, right? :) Right after we win the Super Bowl this year :)  7.30.09, 9:07pm
Cait - I LOVE the Central Terminal - i was wondering when you guys were going to include that in some of your posts! And Alyssa - I STILL think it's stunning, even in its present state. Awesome shoot, as always!  7.30.09, 4:52pm