Crash Taylor - What a great shoot. Love that dog, is Kimo for sale? Awesome!  8.4.09, 1:45pm
Amanda - I agree...the last one is my favorite...although I do like the one of Alyssa's feet hanging over their heads. The one's on the hill are soooo pretty. This park is quickly becoming one of my favorites! Great job guys and I think the "Alyssa tri-fecta" is the perfect name for what you do Alyssa...good job on that one Rich, so cute. Awesome shoot guys as always!  8.4.09, 1:28pm
Yuka photo art - I love shoots on the beach! Amazing work! The photograph #4 is my FAVORITE!!!  8.2.09, 3:48pm
Mark - You guys are silly talented - great shoot, again.  8.2.09, 10:12am
molly - I LOVE that covered bridge shot. I totally know where that is, too!!  8.1.09, 7:42am
traci - absolutely love the pics!!!  8.1.09, 7:24am
Caitlin and Matt - Loooove the reflection shots and love the shot of them laying down in the grass with yellow flowers, makes "Fields of Gold" play in my head :-)  7.31.09, 9:39pm
Sheri - really great pictures.. love the Kemo shots.  7.31.09, 9:07pm
Christine - I love that last shot.....I need to find that bridge!!! You guys rock :)  7.31.09, 5:43pm
oneshotbeyond - very cool! especially the ones with the dogs.  7.31.09, 4:05pm
jeff - I am lovin' the free spirited nature of the photos. They seemed at ease from the very beginning. The variety is uncanny from a lot of shoots you've done in a while. I agree with Jules, there is many favorites, but I am struggling with where to start on this one. Just know that your "library of amazing" is ever growing and I am in need of another shelf. You two are giving your clients just magic right now. Keep it up!  7.31.09, 2:26pm
mike - Nickel City Studios holla! that last pic is awesome.  7.31.09, 1:55pm
jules - ps - if I HAD to narrow it down to my absolute favorites, the second silhouette shot and the last image would top the list. :)  7.31.09, 12:38pm
jules - why don't i just comment on the images i DON'T love (it will make for a much shorter comment).......  7.31.09, 12:36pm
jules - why don't i just comment on the images i DON'T love (it will make for a much shorter comment).......  7.31.09, 12:36pm
Diane - We are really happy with how these turned out! Glad we treked through all the goose poop to get the pond pics - those are some of my favorites.  7.31.09, 11:26am
kyle - wow. Nicely done. I love the last one and both silhouettes are great but I do love the blue toned one. Great job to all involved.  7.31.09, 11:10am