Alyssa - Okay, so I figure out who she reminds me of - Braveheart's girlfriend. Anyone? I see it :) Meredith - thank you! You guys were fantastic to shoot, and I know we're going to have just as much fun on your wedding day! It's going to be awesome!! Mike, Derek, Mari - thanks! Thanks Jules - I was pretty thrilled with all the stuff against the rapids, too. Rich couldn't get over how blue the water was there (and we couldn't figure out why, but it really is such a cool color). Loved them! Jeff - you know, Niagara doesn't actually come up much for people to shoot there. Unfortunately, the city is a little... not-so-great, so I think most people think of that immediately and are less likely to want to go there. I do love it though! Yuka - thanks! I just changed the white balance setting to tungsten to get that crazy blue. Kyle - thank you so much! It was a really, really fun session. Josh and Meredith were so quick to laugh and have fun that it made the shoot super easy! Amanda - it was my favorite foot shot ever. :) Cheryl - thank you so much for stopping by! You're fabulous - we greatly appreciate the compliment!! Bobby - thank you so much! A few people have said Minnie Driver, which is funny, because when I think of her, I just think HAIR!  9.1.09, 12:34pm
Bobby - Great shots! Been following you guys since before moving here from San Diego. Definitely the best photographers in town. Alyssa:Were you thinking Minnie Driver? I can definitely see the resemblance here  8.29.09, 3:48pm
Mari - I can't get over the first photo! Its absolutely amazing!  8.29.09, 8:29am
Cheryl Cronin - ok Manfrotto. ..... Nope, nothing...I was waiting to get lit - you lied! This blog is amazing!!! I love your back and forth bantering. You're cracking me up. I'm loving your personalities!! and YES your photos are amazing too :)  8.28.09, 10:52am
Amanda - I'm all about the foot shot...Just feels comfy :) I think it's awesome how goofy you all are in this post and the pictures yet again did not disappoint!!! (and I don't think they ever will)  8.28.09, 9:54am
Kyle - WOW. These are some of your best work to date. I am constantly amazed at the uniqueness of each shoot and this is no different. The jumping silhouette is phenomenal as is the sun glare with their shadows, but I agree with Jules- I love the rapids lighting shot. Who am I kidding I love them all. Im 100 percent jealous of Meredith and Josh for having these photos. I only wish I had photos like this. Amazing. And Alyssa the actress is Minnie Driver without a doubt.  8.27.09, 7:46pm
Yuka photo art - First one is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! How you did it????!!!!! The group photo is sooo funny :-) Rich, you are master! Alyssa, I love your portraits in action :-) Beautiful photographs from their session!  8.27.09, 7:20pm
Jeff - I really enjoy when you go back to familiar spots and rock it out with new and creative stuff. Great start with the silhouette! Your Sun Glare goodness just keeps getting more and more daring. I am really digging that approach. Can you do a post on just your funny faces during a session? Thanks. Your scale and reflections this time out were really nice. I have to believe after the first few frames, M&J were puddy in your hands. It looks like a blast all around. Mad shouts to the feet, Alyssa. Nice snag at the end. As we get closer to fall will we see more Niagara? I hope so. Later  8.27.09, 1:12pm
Derek J. Punaro - Love the first shot and the cobblestone shot!  8.27.09, 9:51am
Meredith - Hi Rich and Alyssa! We are very excited to see our blog go up :-) Thank you for working so hard to get it up quickly! We had so much fun shooting with you guys- you are great to work with. We can't wait for the wedding (and to see what else Rich can get away with... we know better now than to follow his directions but we have an entire bridal party left that you can toy with, LOL. I'm sure there will be some more great stories and pics to come)! P.S.The drinking bird pic you posted was so great I'm not even sad that we didn't get to see the whole series. THANKS AGAIN!  8.26.09, 10:29pm
jules - janine turner back in her northern exposure days! i love the way you kicked off this post and that popcorn stand really does make that image stand out, but the kicka$$ photo of the day is the one shot against the rapids with the incredible lighting!  8.26.09, 9:41pm
mike - not bad.... Just kidding! These are amazing!  8.26.09, 9:38pm