Jeff - I don't know what to say. . .this time I really mean it. You guys are the benchmark for amazing. I am truly inspired! L&L woke up the day after their wedding and were probably like, "where did that day go?" However a day later, here is their wedding day in all it's glory in photos. I am sure tears were shed and hands were over mouths laughing through this post. There is not one moment you did not get. We should all be this lucky.  9.3.09, 12:06am
Amanda - Beautiful wedding. Rich I agree with you on your favorite shot but i also love every one of the ones near the water. I never feel like I'm looking at the same shots with you guys. More detail shots wouldn't be frowned at by me and a definate YAY on the new processing. I love this damn blog :)  9.2.09, 3:22pm
Natalie S. - HELLOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!  9.2.09, 9:23am
Barbara - You look so lovely, Lindsay.  9.1.09, 11:39pm
Alyssa - Lindsay and Leo - thanks so much! You guys were awesome, and we were thrilled to get to photograph your day. You could totally tell you guys put alot of yourselves into the day, and it was amazing! Caitlin - thanks! It really did have a bit of a romantic feel. It was really classic (the black and white, the feel of the reception), and Lindsay embodied that classic feel with her hair, dress, jewelry - it was very pretty. Toni - no problem! :) Thank you so much - you are a riot! (and I'll get you a non-retouched shot of your dress - you can pull it off!!) Thanks, Jill! Just something a little different. Joe, thank you so much! That's so sweet of you to say!!  9.1.09, 12:24pm
Joe Incanti - Wow - I can't believe the attention to detail you guys have. I'd heard you guys were good, but with the posts I see on your blog, I'm completely blown away.  8.31.09, 5:18pm
Jill - Super duper blog post! Love it! My favorite has to be the shot of their eyes.  8.31.09, 1:49pm
Toni - These pictures are absolutely amazing!! I am so impressed by how perfect everthing looks and I love the artistic touch Alyssa and Rich have. They are just awesome photographers!! Alyssa, you did a great job fixing my dress! Thank you!!  8.30.09, 9:49pm
Lindsay + Leo - Alyssa + Rich, We just could not wait to check these out... so we made our way down to one of the computers here. Absolutely AMAZING job....we cant wait to see the rest! We were happy to have you at our wedding, you guys are two awesome people with some great talent! Thank you so much again, and well talk to you when we get back!  8.30.09, 9:25pm
Caitlin - Alyssa - YAY to that new processing! It made the photo look like an oil painting; simply stunning. This entire wedding and the way you guys represented it had a very romantic feel to it - I loved it! Congratulations to Lindsay and Leo and to you guys on yet another job well done :-)  8.30.09, 12:36pm