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"How far in advance do you book weddings, and how do I check your availability for my date?"

We are no longer booking any weddings in the Buffalo area. Please contact us for family portrait work or our availability for small gatherings.

Drop us an e-mail to check on your specific date, and we'll get right back in touch with you. Click here for our contact form!
"Are you accepting bookings for 2017 and 2018?"

We are! We have a few more dates available for this year and we have now started taking bookings for 2018.
"Do you guys photograph same-sex weddings?"

Without hesitation :). We wish we didn't have to specifically stipulate that because we believe love is love and commitment is commitment, regardless, but we get why people need to ask.
"Do we get reproduction rights to our images?"

Absolutely. Digital files with reproduction rights are included with all our weddings which means you can take your images and print them anywhere you'd like!
"What's an engagement session?"

An engagement session is a portrait session for the two of you. We do relaxed portraits, so we'll suggest casual poses, but we spend more time working with you to get natural reactions (read: real smiles, not oh-crap-it's-a-camera smiles) for really amazing pictures. Basically, we're doing a practice portrait session for your wedding day. We know many people are uncomfortable being photographed, and we want to make you as comfortable as possible. And part of that is getting to know you guys better, so we're not trying to have you be an affectionate couple in your wedding-day portraits when you're really a make-each-other-laugh couple. We learn this about you on your engagement shoot.

After all, on your wedding day, you're surrounded by your closest friends and family, and two random photographers. We found that we have a much better working relationship with our couples when we have the chance to work together before the wedding. It gives you the chance to know us and become comfortable in front of the camera, and it gives us a chance to see how you interact as a couple so we know how to get the reactions from you that we want on your wedding day.

It also gives you some great photos of the two of you (seriously, how many photos of the two of you are selfies?!). People have used our engagement images for everything from canvases, Save the Date cards or magnets, guest books or signing boards for the wedding day, custom candy and even the wedding programs themselves.
"Do you post-process every image or just the shots on your blog?"

Yes, we process all the images you receive. We go over our images with a fine, digital comb. Over the years, we've become adept at using the digital tools at our disposal to take great photos and push them to get our "look."

We also deliver all images in both color and black and white.
"What is a typical wedding day like?"

We'll both normally show up where the bride is getting ready, until the groom is ready for Rich. Then he pops over, and we cover each of you getting ready. We meet up at the ceremony site to shoot your amazing wedding, and then we'll do family portraits, bridal party portraits and a couple's session before heading to your reception. (unless, of course, you opt for a first look)

We are documentary photographers, so we don't interrupt the flow of your day by dictating the way things should occur. We capture beautiful images of your day, the way it happens. Every wedding is truly unique, and we love to present you with images that capture the amazing details, interactions and reactions that make your day special. One of our favorite things is to be able to show a couple the things they missed, but also to show them the things they saw, but in a completely different perspective.
"Wait, you're documentary photographers? Do you shoot any posed images?"

Sure we do - everyone needs to have some posed, family shots from their wedding day. Wedding photography has changed a lot in the last 20 years, but classic shots of your entire family and of you and your bridal party will never go out of style.
"I want to do a first look. Is that cool?"

Yes, yes, yes! We have found time and time again, that first looks are a great way to go if it works for you and your day. Everyone is more relaxed throughout the day and happier to go from the elation of having just been married right into the party! We'd love to help you set up your first look.
"What's the benefit of having two photographers?"

We both have distinct artistic perspectives -- we can be standing right next to each other and shoot a wildly different image. It's actually pretty cool to go through each other's photos and see what happened at times of the day when we were shooting the same thing (the ceremony or portraits) and see what each other came up with.

The other benefit is the ability to be in two places at once! Whether that's at the groom's location and the bride's location for getting ready shots, or two different locations during the ceremony to get multiple perspectives of the same amazing moment (first kiss!!). Because we have both been working photographers for years, you're getting high-quality photographs from two professional photographers (we don't work with associates or assistants) of the most important day of your life!
"What's your turn-around time like?"

We take three to four weeks in our heavy season. It can be significantly less during lighter shooting times.
"Do you shoot family portraits?"

We do! We have a family photography business,more than 20. Please check out our family portrait work over there!
"How much do you cost?"

All our pricing information is available on our pricing page, under the drop-down menu "details."
"What do we have to do to book you?"

We book on a first contract in, first served basis. A $1,000 date reservation fee is also required to reserve your date. We don't discuss other inquiries, so it is possible that we may become unavailable before you get a chance to come in for your meeting. If we are booked for a date we have been talking about, we will let you know immediately.
"Do you carry back-up gear and insurance?"

We carry the kind of insurance that makes it okay if your wedding day is overrun by machete-wielding ninjas and we have to use our camera gear to defend the bridal party. In all seriousness, it should be criminal to photograph professionally without carrying insurance or having proper back-up gear - but a lot of people do it. We are fully insured, and we carry duplicate gear so we're fully redundant should a piece of equipment fail on us.
"Where can I see more work of your photos?"

There are a few ways to look through the type of photos you're looking for - this blog literally has thousands of photos on it! Please take a look through our galleries at the top of the page or scroll back through the posts.

We also upload a bunch of our favorite photos from everything we shoot over on our facebook page!

If you'd like to see an entire wedding day, please just ask. We think it's important you see a full gallery of someone's work and not just their 20 favorites from a day before entrusting your wedding day to them.
"What are your mentor sessions?"

We do full- or half-day one-on-two mentor sessions to help you with anything you're looking to learn photographically - shooting, lighting, posing, post-pro, business-related, portfolio review, etc. Our full-day session includes a practice shoot with us and some real folks (not models - they know how to act in front of the camera!). We custom tailor our sessions to your level and wants. Holler at us for any specific questions about tailoring a mentor session to you!
"I have some other question that you didn't answer here!"

Please drop us a line anytime -- we're always happy to answer any questions you have. You can click here for our contact page and then send in that little form thingy and we'll get right back to you. We look forward to talking to you!
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