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February 5, 2011

taking a break for the baby...

So, here we are - it's February already, and we're getting dangerously close (down to weeks!!) to the next stage of our lives when we welcome our little Dexter into our family. While we would love to be updating our blog with tons of stuff, we purposefully decided to keep our schedule light in the weeks before his arrival, so we're breaking for a bit. After our last shoot, when I got on the ground for a shot and needed Rich to pick me back up, I think it's a good time to quiet down, but we will be back for our first wedding of the year at the end of the month before our little man arrives.

After that wedding, we'll be waiting for him to make his arrival, and the blog will be pretty quiet until we get back to work when our season really begins in full force in late April. We just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to everyone who comes on by and to let those of you who've been asking when we'll have new work up know that we're pretty much on break until after the baby comes. Consider it my maternity leave :) It really means the world to us that you guys come by and look forward to seeing the stuff we do, so we felt it might be cool to let you know when we'll be back instead of just disappearing.

You guys rock, and we cannot wait to get into shooting with you this year - it's gonna be a pretty epic year. We'll still be checking the facebook and will totally be around the email, so drop us a line if you need anything, and we'll talk to you all soon!!

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October 6, 2010

Please buy this photo gear :)

Okay - sorry, this is NOT a pretty photo of people in love. This is a photo of all the stuff in our studio I could throw together that we never use and I've been piling up this season to eventually sell . I just kindof hit a point this evening where I was like, this stuff has got to go - no time like the present. Some of it is nice stuff, some of it is just random stuff. Prices on some things (i.e., not lenses) are totally negotiable. Just hit me up in the comments, leaving a good email address when you post and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

So, in really super-randomly labeled in photoshop order:

1. 16-35mm 2.8 L I've been shooting with it for about six years and it's been really good to me. It had its rear connector ring replaced by Canon last year, so it's in great shape. $1,000.00 - that's a deal. I'll miss it.

SOLD 2. 24mm TS-E 3.5 L Another great lens. We bought it after winning the bid on an architectural shoot a LONG time ago, it just needs a new home since we try to carry pretty minimal gear to shoots (yes, that's a joke - but partly true, after you count the seven lenses between us and the four bodies). $900.00 SOLD

3. HP MediaVault 2120. A friendly little NAS with a built in (and replaceable) 500GB HD and a swappable tray for a second drive. I had a 1.5 TB in there for a while that ended up in our new NAS. This is a great solution for file back-ups, especially if you use a PC. It's Mac-friendly, but they only have the control software available in PC format - and I do have the install disk. We just outgrew it. it's killer as a media (duh) center if you want to use it as you MP3/movie file storage solution in addition to photo back-up. $150.00

4. Canon 5D. Self-explanatory. Been using this guy since day one of our business and I'll use it to the day we sell it. In fact, the first shot on the blog post below is shot on that 5D. $1,000.00 and I have a crapload of batteries and a dual-charger I'll throw in. It went in for cleaning and to have a new mirror box and and the battery door replaced early this year, so it's in better shape than most used 5D's. $1,000.00.

SOLD 5. Canon 20D. Sigh. Our original camera we bought when I got back from Afghanistan (where I was issues a 10D) and we thought it was just the shit back in the day. Still a great little camera if you want a starter DSLR. $200.00 because I want someone just getting into photography to learn as much from it as we did. SOLD

SOLD 6. Holga 120N and a crapload of 120 film. I bought this to screw around with and just never used it much after the first couple rolls. $25.00 SOLD

7. Orbis ring flash and Canon TTL cord. Kindof fun - I still like it, I just don't find us in situations where we even remember we own it. $160.00 cause it comes with the cable, which is hella useful itself.

8. EF mount Lensbaby 3G. This one is way better than the "composer" or whatever the newer model is called because it gives you more freedom to mess with the "bellows" - just another thing we never used except for personal stuff. $200.00

9. Seagate hdd - Dammit, I'll have to plug it in tomorrow and see what capapcity it is - wanna say 500, but check back tomorrow.

10. Maxtor one-touch with a WHOPPING 200GB drive. Wow - remember when that was gi-normous? Now I have a 7.5TB NAS set-up. Uhhh, I dunno, make me an offer? 50 bucks? Please?

11. RadioPoppers. A bunch of 'em. I just couldn't get used to the TTL thing, so I stuck with pocket wizards after spending a lot of time with the RP1. I've got an RP1 that needs an AA holder soldered back onto the board, the original transmitter, and a Canon STE-2 ready for the RP system to mount on it. I also have the new PX transmitter and the JrX receiver so you can control the power of a monoblock or whatever you want to hook to it. They work freaking great, just not my thing. PX transmitter: $100.00 JrX receiver $100.00 The RP1 stuff? $100.00 for both the receiver and transmitter - great if you have a 580ex laying around, which is how I used it - just permanently taped it in place. The STE2 itself I'd like to get $170.00 for, but I'll let it go for 150 if you buy it with the RP1 set that it's set-up for. It's useful as hell on its own, too.

12. Pelican storm case. Afghanistan-tested, mother-approved. $150.00 and you can say your gear went to war.

13. Apple Magic Trackpad. I bought this the day it came out, but Alyssa doesn't want to give up her mouse and I have my here it is for sale. $55.00

14. Various "small strobe" "strobist" lighting modifiers. From L to R, Honl 8" snoot, Lumiquest softbox III, Lumiquest snoot and Lumiquest 80/20. 20 for the snoots (either one), 25 for the softbox III and 20 for the 80/20.

15. ColorRight Pro - why did I buy two of these?? What was I thinking? Anyway, I have this one extra - never even been used. $115.00

SOLD 16. Stofen Omni bounce. $10.00 SOLD

17. DvD/CD single faux-leather cases - what we used to use for our packaging of files, still have a SHITLOAD of them. $10 bucks each, or I'll make you a deal if you want all 15 or however many there are.

18. Lightscribe CD-Rs - a lot of them. If you use lightscribe, you can come by the studio and HAVE these. Free, but I won't mail them.

19. Cigar guy. Just because I was using photoshop and that's kindof the thing to do today.

20. Awesome old beat to hell leather Nikon hardish-softish camera bag. $20.00

21. Light box for checking negs, slides or whatever. $20.00

22. Camera straps - one decent leather one, a couple of 5d ones and a couple CPS ones. Name your price.

23. Cool-looking firewire/usb 2.0 Macally enclosure that looks like a mac pro. Hope you don't mind that it has an "Alyssa" nametag from David Tejada's workshop or a NCS sticker on the side. I'm sure those will some off with some goo gone.

24. Murphy running - this is how I see him whenever he's in the studio.

25. Shit, I forgot the set of 77mm tiffen macro filters. They're there in the middle next to the 16-35, which they fit onto and work great with, btw. $50.00 - by far the cheapest way to fake not having that 100mm macro until you can afford it for those ring shots - trust me :).

Alright - again, mea culpa for the mega-long, boring-ass post, but we've got another baby boy on the way and we've got to start saving!! Thanks, and please pass this along via facebook and twitter if you don't mind.

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