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January 4, 2011  -  Portraits

our favorite shots of '10 - family portraits!

Our goal this year is to do as much family portrait work as we possibly can in between our weddings. I think it must have a lot to do with growing as a family ourselves, but this past year I think we really "got" what it meant to work with a family and apply to those shoots, what we've learned from shooting weddings and couples portraits over the years. We truly LOVE working with families.

I also cannot possibly stress enough how important having sets of photos with your entire family in them can be. I was 13 when my mom died suddenly, and I realized that my photographer father had never taken photos (or had photos taken, I guess) of all of us together. There were photos of me and my sister or me and my mom, but there are three photos, total, of our family together in the 13 years we had together. And they're all stare-at-the-camera-with-your-"getting-your-photo-taken"-smile photos. No shots of us laughing together as a loving unit, and it's a hole for me. I have the memories of us as a loving family, but I was so young when that ended, that I really wish I had more tangible visible reminders of how awesome our time together was. Of course, we didn't learn our lesson and take any of the three of us after my mom passed, and then we lost our dad, too, so it's extra cruddy that we don't have the time to remedy that.

Sorry to be a debbie downer here on a post about happy awesome loving radness, but I feel pretty strongly about what we do with families and why we're doing what we do in the way we do it. And it's why I insist we have our family shot every year. I want to make certain to leave that for my boys - photos they can hold and say, yeah - we all loved each other a lot. See - here's the proof :)

Because photographing weddings is and will continue to be our main thing (and that involves a ton of work), we hit our limit of what we can realistically shoot without having our heads explode about 2-3 months out. So, what we're hinting at is you should write to us now to start talking about portrait shoots this spring and summer, because we often find ourselves having to tell a bunch of folks no when they call hoping to do shoots the next week. Anyway, we loved each of the families we got to meet this year, and cannot wait to meet the families we have lined up already for this year. Here's some of our favorite moments from our super rad 2010 families!!

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January 3, 2011  -  Engagements

teresa + dave

Hey, look - a real blog post with actual new photos! It must be the new year, and we're back to it. What's cool about posting Teresa and Dave as our first actual blog post in 2011, is that we totally started 2010 by meeting with them. I'm pretty sure it was January 3rd last year that we first met about their wedding, and we just love these guys. When we met up in Niagara Square on Thursday it definitely did not feel like it had been a year since we booked. Full circle.

I'm pretty humbled by couples like Teresa and Dave. I'm a little humbled any time someone lets us make photos with them. I think it's a really big deal, and to let someone photograph you, you really have to open up to them. To say, "hey, we want you to be there on our wedding day - the first HUGE event in our lifetime as a couple" - that's kindof amazing and I always keep that in mind when we grab our gear to go out and shoot.

Cheers go out, too, for these guys hooking up a rad location. As in, Teresa emailed us and told us she asked Byron if it would be okay to shoot in City Hall. Awesome.
I think it was right about when we were taking the above set up that Dave mentioned almost immediately after he proposed to Teresa at the top of City Hall, she siad, "Rich and Alyssa are going to love this place!" That she knew she wanted us to shoot them before they were even engaged is so ridiculously cool and flattering but also completely nerve wracking!

But we were so super stoked to get back into shooting with them - Rich has been pretty intolerable the past month; when we were out getting our Christmas tree and enjoying some family time, Rich wanted to call up some of our couples to see if anyone was up for shooting. I had to force him into time off - but I still don't think he enjoyed it :)
I'm a mess. I think it's my self-esteem about photography. I'm never satisfied with what I'm producing, which I think most people would say is good because I push all the time - but bad because, yes, I'm that hyper-alert, always-go guy who can never relax or feel comfortable taking time off (except at Disney World - I relaxed there :) ). I definitely feel more useful now that we're back to shooting.
All that aside, we had a LOT of fun with you guys. And if you were nervous, it did NOT show at all.
For real - you guys were so epically awesome to shoot, AND Teresa brought us majorly delish cookies! Always a win!

(Can you tell we haven't blogged in a while - I'm going nuts on the exclamation points today. Sorry about that (and I totally just had to refrain from using another one)
Eh, we'll get back in the swing of things pretty quickly, I'm sure. Ill say something ridiculous or vice versa and we'll start making fun of each other and things will devolve from there, etc, etc.

However - this shot is amazing. I admit, I was a little nervous about taking a long lay-off from shooting, and it turned out we really could pick right up where we left off. Speaking of which - those of you actually reading - you should click up on the "portraits" slideshow in the galleries. Alyssa found a great song to buy the rights to and worked really hard on it. It may take a while to load at first - but it looks pretty amazing. Go click it after you read this post!
Okay - that was going to be Alyssa's queue to jump back in, but she's on the phone with her sister. Apparently our nephew in Florida just learned to say the word "poop" today. We're proud.
That was exciting! For our family, at least :)

Anyway, totally don't go watch the portrait slideshow!!! It's our best of post in a slideshow format, and I haven't posted the post yet, so gah! Why would you tell people to do that? Wait until I post the post, then you can listen to the song!! I was all sneaky because I figured no one would go look at the slideshows in the next day or two until I got those up. Grrr. I guess I'll post that post today since you ruined in :(
You know what's awesome about marriage, Dave? Never doing anything right. :|
Really? REALLY?? You know what's super cool to do on a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY blog? Gah! If I wasn't totally freaking out that those big, beautiful snowflakes just stopped I'd be so much more angry about that! Fingers crossed, everyone, for 3 p.m. epic snow!

You guys killed this shot - love, love, love it!
Hey - everybody knows I'm kidding...really. Being married to you has been the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I include starting a family in that. Oh hey - you know what's funny for me and not-at-all-funny for Alyssa? Dexter, aka, the fetal Mattingly, has the hiccups.

But, seriously, marriage is amazing. And you two are going to be awesome at it :).
You're the sweetest :) This whole marriage thing has been pretty rad - we were talking about it the other day, and we can't believe how fast it's gone by. Six years, already - it's crazy, but I'm definitely looking forward to the next part - adding in Dexter. I think Murph is going to be a heck of a big brother - and I'm really excited about that, though pregnancy could totally be two months shorter, and I would be totally fine with that.

We were shooting this, and Rich goes, "Hey Dave, can you stop squinting?" You know, not like we were having him stare directly into the sun or anything :) But you guys rocked the pain!!
I know! I'm ready to have a baby now...but we're patient. And I know a new baby + wedding season is going to be a trip, but we'll figure out. Every family has to do crazy stuff to adjust to kids and what that entails. I'm installing a hybrid Tampa 2-style defense this off season to prepare for the extra attacker. It's all about the zone blitz.

Hey - I know we said it a hundred times (and thought it even more) above, but thank you guys so much. Thank you for being you and being awesome. We can't wait to see you guys again...

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