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October 26, 2009  -  Portraits

nolan + charlotte + jill + mike

Rich and I are pretty crappy friends. We can never hang out on the weekends and most week nights are work nights, too. In fact, there are friends of ours we don't see from April to December. So, when we started talking to Mike and Jill, the awesome duo behind Argento Photography super early in the year, we were pretty stoked to have two awesome new friends who had our same work schedule and also a young son! Fast forward a couple months and they welcomed Charlotte into their family and asked us to do a family portrait session for them. We were super honored they asked, but it was definitely nerve wracking shooting other photographers. We headed over to North Tonawanda to start their session at their home. I've adored this couch since I first saw it, so it seemed a great place to start!
Shooting the Argento's was totally money (get it!?! I kill me). But, in all seriousness, getting to know Mike and Jill over the past several months has been incredibly awesome, just like you said. Doing what we do, we're operating without a net, entirely on our own, running the smallest of small businesses without any back-up or margin for error. To get to know another young couple doing the same thing, and making it work on their own terms, has been incredibly empowering for us. We love Mike and Jill and they make really good-looking kids, too - check out Charlotte!
I think all parents of toddlers spend a good amount of time playing on the bed. And I think it's 5% because the kid loves it, 95% because you can lay down while doing it!
We headed into town to take advantage of the gorgeous sunlight and headed over to this pier/bridge near their house.
Love this one!
Who knew NT could be such a rad place to shoot??
Killer one, Alyssa!
Then we popped over to a park for a few minutes to take advantage of the fall leaves... and found the greenest park in WNY. Seriously, I couldn't find one fall tree! And this was the last shot ever (at least for the next six months) of me with hair - I'm now back to super short hair again :)
And the ridiculous sweetness I was taking...
And to wrap up, my absolute favorite. We've got tons of these, guys, and we can't wait to show you the rest! Thank you for being our friends, and being there for us when we need it (and for finally convincing us to go all Mac - man, has that been nice) and generally kicking ass. Let's hang out all January, okay? Okay.

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October 23, 2009  -  Engagements

lisa + john

When we met Lisa and John, Lisa mentioned her ideal wedding would have been a fall wedding, but because her family owns a pumpkin patch near Ellicottville, there would be no way to get everyone away for a day. Rich and I immediately yelled, "Not Pumpkinville?!?!" And she laughed. Yup! Pumpkinville. Pumpkinville was the very first place we took Murphy after he was born! We have ridiculous photos of him, a month old, dressed as a pumpkin laying in the pumpkin patches. So, when Lisa suggested we do their e-shoot there, we were so for it. We had postponed the shoot twice, due to this summer's ridiculous rain, and the third time, as we were driving down, the skies got crazy dark, and we were just hoping the rain would hold off (it did!), but when we got there, we had those crazy skies to play with!
We walked out to the pick-your-own pumpkin patch and I knew we were golden. I mean, seriously, look at that backdrop...and add to that an absolutely hysterical couple, and it's ON.
Can I please, please make a lame "corn maize" joke? Yep, did it anyway :)
Yeah, that was terrible...
I can't help it - dude, we got to shoot in corn!! It was...wait for it....a-MAIZE-ing....AHAHAHAHAHA!
You guys are perfect! I think this one might well have been my favorite...
Every time we go out in the country, I want to move there. Seriously, it's so stunning, and I forget that sometimes, since we spend the majority of our time in the city.
I'm ready to move, too - except I love Buffalo and living in the city! It's a tough call - if it weren't for our wedding photography business and feeling like we had to be here to meet clients and have a centrally-located place, etc, I dunno....look how happy the country makes people:
This barn smelled like magic. Seriously - go to Pumpkinville and tell me this place isn't magic!
I'm not sure what you said here, but clearly, it was terribly witty...
Alyssa - you killed that!! I'm sure I said something ridiculous. I go about 5 minutes between saying crazy stuff on any given photo shoot. Mind you, this was all AFTER I'd managed to wave a skeletal deer leg around (hoooves!) and after we'd apparently freaked Lisa out that the camera's "eye" was winking at her (I love that, by the way - there's nothing like anthropomorphizing a camera to make you not at all relax in front of the camera - now I'M weirded out by it!!! )

Anyway, let me re-introduce myself: My name is Rich Mattingly and I'm a colossal dork - I see signs and sometimes make clients hold them - there are probably meetings for people like me.
I don't ever want you to bring up the deer leg incident. I almost quit our job right there when you did that. One thing I forgot to mention - most people are a little nervous when they get their photos taken, but can you even imagine the cojones (I don't know how to spell that, but I thought it would be more polite than the English version) on Lisa to do the shoot here, with her entire family around, people she works with, and even some of her high school students?? I would not have been able to do that!
And we'll end on this one - I think it's super sweet. Guys, we loved shooting you, and we loved visiting Pumpkinville again. And we really loved getting in the car (it was about fourty, drizzly and I was in flipflops!), but even most, we loved that bag of donuts you sent us home with!! Seriously, thank you! And anyone headed to Pumpkinville, pick up some of their hot pumpkin donuts, the most delicious of all things on Earth. Rich and I may or may not have each eaten about four on the ride home!! :)

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