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October 22, 2010  -  Weddings

jess + dave

It's getting a little difficult to contain our excitement over here at NCS. Not only is tomorrow our last wedding of the year, since we blocked off a few months to make time for embryonic development, but we're starting to make final plans for our first vacation in SIX FREAKING YEARS. Yes, running your own tiny little business is pretty rewarding on some levels, and we gain some flexibility we'd lose working 9-5 - but when you're 100-percent responsible for your own bottom line, it gets really hard to convince yourself to take time off. But with another boy on the way, it's got to be now or we'll be bitching in a few years about not having taken time off just for us in a decade.

So, anyway, we have that end-of-the-year crush coming on, and we can feel it for sure - but boy does the light at the end of the tunnel look bright this year (and, yeah, it has mouse ears). After all the great weddings and portrait shoots we've done since kicking it off in February, we're enjoying some of these last frames as much as any of them this year.

Last weekend we shot Dave and Jessica and radness was achieved...for instance:
It was a super rad (although, a tad bit chilly) day. Jess's family had me cracking up, and I totally loved that her entire side/everyone getting ready with them was family. Jess looked stunning!
I know I must say this about every fall wedding we shoot, but man do I love fall. I know, I know - everyone does, but I just can never get over how beautiful the colors are, and Jess nailed it with her wedding colors. Also, this bouquet = totally sweet!
Yes - a big ol' knock on whatever wood is within arm's reach - the weather this month has been pretty money. We've had some rain, but it's been sporadic and we've had some great couples who have built lots of good photo-time into their wedding day schedule. Dave is a photographer himself and he "got it" as far as what we needed to make it all work all day. I don't think I could ever be appreciative enough of our couples. We get to do some pretty rad stuff and hang out with some pretty rad people doing this gig.
Downtown? No problem - not in Buffalo, one of the greenest cities I have ever seen....sick grab, hon.
Thanks :) That's a median :) I love this city! This shot below is my favorite of yours - love it.
So, we're watching How to Train Your Dragon. My sister (who was totally excited to have a shout out on the blog last week and now can get another mention :) called the other day to ask if we'd seen it - I was like, yeah, once already this morning. :) It's seriously a fantastic boy kid movie (there really aren't a boat load of them), and actually laugh out loud funny. Which I hate admitting only because I can't stand writing the phrase laugh out loud. Boo. It's taken us 45 minutes to write this much because we keep watching it. Seriously, even if you don't have a little boy, it's worth watching. It's the flying scene right now, so it's gonna take us a good 10 minutes to write the next sentence :) Murphy keeps telling us "This is better on Blu Ray."
Hah - yeah, Sony has a lifelong customer already since we got the player. I love movie/blogging nights like this. We'll be up late typing since we have another post to type up, but this way we can get out of the studio itself for a few and hang with Murphy on these long editing days and just pass the laptop as we go.

I've been sitting here for a few minutes now with the text box empty, thinking about something special to say about weddings...I dunno, just feeling sentimental looking at these I guess. Been six years this past Wednesday for us (hence six years since a vacation, amirite) and I see photos like these and I think how important you still are to me and.....holy hell, I can HEAR you rolling your eyes over my shoulder, Alyssa!

TL;DR: This photo makes me happy
I have no idea what TL;DR means, but I liked it a lot to. It's funny - you can barely tell Jess and her mom are related (massive sarcasm) :)
Our competition just keeps getting younger and younger (and she has a decent shot in there too!). She was running around all day taking photos that made us look bad :)
Aaah, Victoria - I hope you included a couple of my epic shots of her in action at the reception in the slide show. I have one of her just laying out, NFL-style, another little one on the dance floor during the first dances and then another series of her licking multiple pieces of cake on the cake table. Her dad was one of the groomsmen and we chatted a couple times during the day about how fully awesome 4-year-olds can be.
Good freaking looking couple :)
Alright - so we've still got a bit more blogging to do and some prepping for our wedding tomorrow, so we're out. Jess + Dave - thank you guys for being so rad. We had a blast with you and can't wait to show you the rest of your photos!!

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October 15, 2010  -  Weddings

caitlin + matt

I was talking to my sister Sunday, and she said, "I read on the blog you were shooting one of your best blog commenters this weekend - was it Caitlin?!" :) You know, we never take for granted the people who come back faithfully and look at our pictures regularly - it's such an amazing feeling that people would be interested enough in what we do to come back again and again, but it's especially awesome when someone takes the time to comment on most, if not all, of our posts. You know, we're always pretty proud of the photos we put up on the blog, but I'm always so excited when people comment - not for Rich and I, but for our couples to hear how beautiful their day was from strangers. Like, their family and friends think the day was beautiful because they are so happy to celebrate that love, and Rich and I do because over the course of our time with these families, we fall in love with them and their story, and I think it's just so super nice when people who have no ties to them take the time to write them comments about their day.

So, Caitlin, having been that girl for us for the past year, was someone we were actually nervous to go shoot. No kidding - I'm rarely nervous about shooting, but when someone talks to us every week like she has, we feel even closer to her, so I had some nerves going! But about 15 seconds into the day, those nerves were gone. For real - Rich and I walk into the kitchen where she's getting her makeup done, and it's dead silent as we start shooting. I was like, oh uh, we're making them nervous! And then one of the girls cracked a joke about us being like raptors hunting, and I knew we had a great group of people. The day was so fun and relaxed, and I'm so glad (though not surprised at all) that Caitlin + Matt have such awesome, hysterical friends and family, because they really are such sweet, rad people, of course those they love the most are the same.
"Because Velociraptor's a pack hunter, you see, he uses coordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today. And he slashes at you with this... a six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the the middle toe. He doesn't bother to bite your jugular like a lion, say... no no. He slashes at you here... or here... or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines. The point is... you are alive when they start to eat you. So you know... try to show a little respect. " /googled

And, yeah - big time agreed. The GREAT thing about Caitlin commenting on EVERY post for the last year and half is that we also got to know what she liked and what kind of shots "got" her and Matt - even more so than when we shot the two of them way back when. Caitlin, you think we didn't make a note every time you were like, "Oh - I really love THAT shot."?? Check, got it - make sure we work that angle on Caitlin's day, etc, etc.

And we don't have but maybe 5 regular blog commenters. I can name each one of them and the things they write and I look forward to hearing from them every time we post. We're not big-shot wedding photographers, and it's impossible to stress how much it means to us when you guys comment.

But anyway, we've over-stressed that point now, I think :) Let's dig these photos - because I loved the crap out of this day and I am not kidding when I say I'm bummed we won't get to shoot this wedding ever again. That's the thing about photography, particularly in our style. You get it or you don't - so you better damned well get it and enjoy that you're getting it - because there's no do-overs or re-shoots.
I can't believe you just quoted that much Jurassic Park on the blog - BUT since we're talking about JP, I do have to mention, how rad was that movie? Seriously, that was, what, 93-94? And the CGI still looks amazing. Which is pretty huge when you see movies NOW whose CGI is awful. Man, now I'm in a Jurassic Park mood - why is it they always show JP3 on TBS or whatever, but never the first one, which was clearly the best? I can't wait until Murphy is old enough to watch it - but now I'm nerding out!

So, we're out with Caitlin, and the whole day, random people kept commenting on her super rad shoes. As we were walking out of the basilica, some women in the parking lot were saying, "Oh did you hear - she had red shoes!" As we were walking to our car at the park, a woman said to her friend, "Oh look! She's got red shoes!!" They were a total hit :)
Yeah - uh..soooo, the Basilica. Is it incredibly wrong/sacrilegious to say "HOLY SHIT" about that place, or is it incredibly appropriate??? Blew my head off - just an unbelievable work of art.
Yeah - it was our first time shooting in there, and it was epic. I could shoot there, oh, every weekend. You know it's rad when you have tourists in the back of the basilica snapping photos of the joint during the wedding ceremony :) Definitely a first for me! (though at Libby + Jon's the day before, there were tourists outside the church taking photos of each other in front of the receiving line - which I find hysterical. It happened a couple weeks ago at Tricia + Mike's wedding too. I really don't understand - so you go home and are like, here's photos of a random wedding I saw! Yeeeaaaaah....)
A camera can and will rob you of common sense - I know this very well. Luckily for me, I'm unaffected having never had any common sense to begin with.

By the way - you gotta see the slideshow on this one - I handed Alyssa my files and there were over 200 I wanted to blog. I'm not so good at self-editing.
Yeah - I was like, so you know I need to get it down to 15 (and those 200 were BEFORE my shots!). But it was a really fun day :)
Did you notice we worked with this MUA before? I didn't while we were shooting, but when I was editing, I noticed her wrist tattoo and was like, I've totally seen that before :)
Um, homemade bouquets? Win, win, win. They ordered the flowers loose off line, they arrived Thursday, opened a bit Friday and were put together by Caitlin's grandma (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) the night before. Gorgeous.
Heck yeah - oh, and I did notice that...after I photographed something that had her wrist tatt in it. Funny the things you remember. Yeah - we've had a few weddings now where the couple and their family did all the flowers themselves after either ordering them online or buying wholesale and then assembling. I hate to take business away from local florists....but florists screw up a LOT of bouquets that we've seen this year. Wrong color, wrong flowers - you name it. The larger florists are filling a crapload of orders, so it's the law of averages. Do your flowers yourself, maybe add a cute charm from etsy like C did, maybe add some other funky details?? - Profit.
Once upon a comment, Caitlin mentioned how much she loved the shots with dad before the bride heads down the aisle. I must've reminded you of that 17 times during the day - I know you were getting annoyed with me, but I wanted to make sure :) And you rocked it!
Hah - I know. That's okay. I'm never shy about letting you know how I feel when micromanaged. :)

Thanks :) It's funny the whole way to the church Caitlin was smiling at her bridesmaids/me (I was sitting down past them and in the angle of the limo, it was a direct into the camera look), and this was the one frame I got when we pulled up and she looked out at the church. You know, I love a good smiling photo, but more than anything - I like catching the unexpected moments. I think they're so beautiful - like when a bride pulls up to the church and has that rush of thoughts of everything that's suddenly occurring. I don't know - but I really dug that shot...
And a piper taking them out of the ceremony?! Win! Guys - thanks, you were so amazing, and we were so stoked to be with you. You guys were so much fun, and we can't wait to show you the rest of the photos!

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