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November 30, 2009  -  Weddings

kim + john

Ok, so our experiment in long-distance blogging was an utter failure. We attempted to blog with Rich in Baltimore last week while I was here, but it failed miserably. So, we're a little behind on blogging and are planning on catching up this week. To start off are Kim and John. They were married on a ridiculously warm and sunny day in Niagara Falls. I started off at the hotel with Kim while she was getting ready...
... and her flower girl stayed busy doing everyone's makeup. :)
Adorable! Actually, all of my productivity last week was an utter failure. I would like to take a moment and salute single parents. I have no idea how one raises a kid without a partner. One week absolutely whipped my ass, and Murphy is a good kid! We had super fond memories of Kim and John from their engagement shoot, and we couldn't wait to get started on the day. Check out this amazing little church in the Falls (St. Mary's of the Cataract).
Meet John!
Yeah, I walked in and Rich was like, "Surprise! Look at this amazing church I got you for today!" It really is a stunning church, and if you'd had a thing to do with it, babe, you'd get major brownie points... but you didn't :)
Favorite cute kim-face of the day, right here :)
I loved this quick moment with Dad before heading down the aisle...
Ch-ching! Awesome, awesome, awesome church.
By the way, we're watching Christmas Vacation on AMC right now during the squirrel scene. NEVER gets old :)
No, it really doesn't. I LOVE movies this time of year. So good. I loved this shot - getting all reflect-y on your ass!
Aaaand the cease-fire of making fun of the stuff you say on the blog? Violently ended. "Reflect-y on your ass?" Haze yourself.
Whatever. You're just jealous of my awesome reflecty shot.
A+++++ Love this shot!
We headed to this little spot by the rapids where the rail falls away and you can get right up tight next to the rapids. Honestly, this space is about 10 feet of grass between the rapids and the road. We get asked a lot about locations for photos, and truly, if the light is pretty, it really doesn't have to be a giant park or somewhere expected. Just a little patch of grass works beautifully!!
I love looking at these and remembering how I had to take off my sweater because I was sweating. It was an incredible day all the way around.
Gorgeous, babe!
Double shots of hands holding the bouquet? What the hell :)
Our portrait shoot was rad - we really owe this bridge a lot - we're used it and it's stone-with-vines looked several times this year :)
That's my favorite of yours ^. Love it. Can I just stop for a second and say how gorgeous Kim looks! She has such a classic beauty, and I LOVED her dress. I was so smitten with the lace jacket. Yum!
This was my favorite shot of the day. (I think I've said that a couple times, now, but now I really mean it!)
Rad reception shot!
Kim and John definitely rocked it out from the start of the reception. They were a super fun, tons of dancing, lots of energy group which was amazing to shoot.
Heck yes. I love receptions where I notice myself kindof half-dancing while I shoot. I mean, I always stop doing it immediately so you don't make fun of me or have a guest look at me all weird...but it happens.
That's all for us tonight (oh crap, the Star Trek:TNG Family Guy just came on - best FG ever!!). We really loved this wedding and this couple and their families and their friends and THANK YOU again for shooting with us :) Talk to you guys soon!

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November 22, 2009  -  Engagements

lesley + ryan

Gah! So, Rich is in Baltimore, and I'm here in Buffalo, so we were going to attempt long-distance blogging, but it did not work out, so I'm flying solo tonight on the blog!

We met up with Lesley + Ryan in Lesley's neighborhood. She grew up there, so we headed to this little park at the end of her street to start their session. It was warm, the sun was gorgeous, and these two are ridiculously adorable together. I couldn't ask for anything better!
I adore this shot of yours, Rich!
Thanks most gorgeous, kind, wonderful and gracious wife ever! (Okay, it's me, but that's about what he'd say...)
So, we're shooting here and one of Lesley's friends who lives right in the neighborhood as well wanders over. We were chatting a bit, and I turned around and L + R were still cuddling and generally being adorable, so I was like, oh guys, you don't have to keep doing that. And Lesley's friend was like, oh no, they are like that all the time! Seriously, you guys are too cute.
L + R wanted to shoot over at UB, so since it's a little tricky to get there from Lesley's neighborhood, we hopped in Ryan's car. Rich and I have a bad habbit of forgetting to eat before we go to shoots, and this day was no different. So when we hopped in Ryan's car and saw a bunch of red candies on the seat, we were like, score! We may have even high-fived. Ryan was like, guys, those are cold medicine and disgusting. Clearly, he was full of it, so we popped them in our mouths, and I have never had a more offensive experience.

Literally, my mouth started foaming. I'm so not kidding. It was foul. And then we took the scenic route to the campus, and I must have fallen over myself to get to the first butt can I saw to ditch mine. Rich, for no apparent reason other than he's crazy, decided he had committed to his and was going to for the whole experience. Worst. Taste. Ever. Just a head's up, if you ever find yourself in the backseat of Ryan's car, regardless of how delicious you imagine those cinnamon candies will taste, do not eat the candy. Just don't.
You're right! I am crazy! Crazy in love with this photo! (Okay, me again, but I know he'd say some AWFUL transition here like that)
We headed up to the library steps partially because they were super pretty, but mostly because it was so significantly warmer in the sun. Seriously, can I just say that it's Buffalo, Thanksgiving, 50 and sunny, and there are still leaves on the trees? This is awesome.
We were wandering about and saw this old 70s era building that we dragged L + R in front of. I know that most 70s era buildings are pretty un-fun to look at (with appologies to all 70s era architects), but they are super fun to shoot in front of. There's usually a ton of fun pattern, and I love the way this looks.
So, this is totally my favorite of Rich's. The light was gorgeous and golden and reflecting off the windows all perfectly, so we ran over here, and I have to give MAJOR props to L + R for being so relaxed and natural when there was totally a class going on on the other side of those windows!

And thank you Rich for being the best photographer I could get to work with. Seriously, you're awesome and this shot rocks my heart!
Since St. Joe's butts up against UB and Lesley went there, we wandere around the buildings and played there a bit.
Thank you both for being so fantastic and fun. We cannot wait to see you guys again (and I'll end with some helpful wedding advice - no Cold-Eze favors for your guests!!). Thanks, again!

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