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November 17, 2009  -  Engagements

sheryl + dan

I'm normally really on top of things. I have our schedule of what needs to be done when, we have our Google calendar of appointments and shoots and our whiteboard of where we are with each shoot. I am on top of things. But then, once in a blue moon, I'll get horribly sick, be unable to sleep, get up at 4 a.m. and decide to go edit since I'm awake anyway, be so tired I spill my water on the computer's modem, knocking out our internet connection for the day, and forget an appointment until the doorbell rings. And when I answer the door in my pajamas, I would never, ever, ever anticipate the poor girl I had a meeting with would be crazy enough to book us. But she did, and that awesome (and forgiving!) girl is Sheryl.

We were joking about our inital meeting, because, honestly, there's no way I would have booked me in the state she found me, and I said something about me being in my gumdrop pajama pants. Sheryl quickly replied that they were, in fact, girls in martini glasses (Rich's pants, but I stole them and am actually wearing them now!). So, clearly I made an impression on her! But we got together with her and Dan over at the Central Terminal, and I truly hope these photos make up for the initial impression. Beautiful light, a fun couple that trusts us to do some weird things and a rad location = a killer e-shoot.
She corrected you with the quickness about the pajama pants! And Dan said something about how she came home and he was like, "You booked them?" Ah, well, so much for branding and marketing polish. Sometimes you jsut have to go with your gut, even if it's wearing girl in martini glasses pajama pants. And, Alyssa, I want my damned pants back. You have 18 different pairs of pajama pants. I have TWO - stop stealing my stuff.

All that aside - this was my favorite engagement shoot pretty much ever - and I even spent most of it holding a light boom. That shot above? Proud of it. Going on the wall, it is.
When we started the shoot, the light was spot on and just continued the rest of the shoot being magic. A lot of people are concerned about where we take their photos, and, honestly, it really doesn't matter. We can find cool stuff anywhere - it's the light that really makes the difference and the sun definitely cooperated for this shoot.
We stumbled on this broken old building that was wide open, so clearly we had to play with it. It was WAY too cool to pass up. And thank you guys for trusting us. I know we push limits some times (Hey! Let's go shoot in this insert_awful_here!), so it's really awesome to have such great couples who trust us to play with things that are well out of the area of traditional portrait locations.
Hobo home, for the win! No, really, we got Dan up in that doorway with a homemade ladder we found and there were definitely spices and other, old cooking implements inside. I found a burned up thing of Mrs. Dash, and Sheryl was like, "We don't even have Mrs. Dash at home!" I don't think Amtrak has been letting anyone habitate here for a while, but if I have to make it through the coming zombie apocalypse not in our home, I now have another local and appropriately defendable crash pad. Bring it on, zombies.
We are NOT going to the hobo house for the zombie apocalypse. We're going to the armory two blocks from our house. I've told you a million times, in all zombie movies, you're safe once you're behind the military line. We're going to the armory.

(seriously, how cool was this place before it turned into the set of Life After People?)
Yeah - exactly, zombie movies are OVER when the infantry shows up. WHERE'S THE FUN IN THAT!?!?! (So, we may be partly on a zombie riff because Dan recently filmed a horror movie nearby) Seriously, I'm not that interested in safe, I'm interested in fighting zombies. You don't understand me at all (:sigh:). I love that photo so much - we have so much crazy decay in Buffalo, I figure as Buffalo wedding and portrait photographers that's something we have to honestly own. It's what the city is and it's what a lot of couples like as far as a funky feel.
My favorite!
So, we headed into the terminal (which was good, because the minute the light goes down these days, it drops, like 300 degrees) and played around a bit inside. For no apparent reason, there's church pews inside right now. Which makes me jealous - we have a neighbor who has one on his front porch, and they really are super cool.
When we start bringing lighting into our shoots, it's a lot of one person holding the light while the other shoots, so I had my face in the camera and Rich started tugging on my sleeve like a kid, going - we have to go there, NOW! And I looked over and the sky visible through the windows was just sick!
This is so pretty, Alyssa :) Dan and Sheryl - I love how you guys work together.
Yeah, I think that one ^ is my favorite...
So, before we took off, we did one more brisk shot outside - guys - thank you both so much for shooting with us. We had a ton of fun, and we promise we'll show up to the wedding in real pants.

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November 17, 2009  -  Portraits

lori + mike + julian + romy

It was a pretty cold morning when we met up with Lori + Mike and their absolutely adorable kids, Julian + Romy. They're transplants to Buffalo, but still city folk, so we started off at their house downtown and wandered over to Bidwell Parkway for their family shoot.
We definitely made an oddball move to Buffalo (from Oahu), so it was pretty rad to finally meet another fam who had made the move northward (from SoCal) because that means they, too, have probably spent the better part of most initial conversations with other Buffalonians answering the question, "WHY???" Hey folks, Buffalo is rad. The housing is amazing, the people are super friendly, the schools are decent, the hockey is good - and the list goes on and on. I think, right now, is just a kick-ass time to have a young family in the city. We're always meeting likeminded folks who are fighting the good fight to raise their kids in the city, and we love it because that's our thing, too.
Oh - and this family skates :) For real.
Seriously, Mike pulls down his skateboard, and Julian wants to play on it. Sure, I think. He's three - he'll stand on it, hang out a bit - and the kid starts leaping. I'm not a skater, so I have no idea what I'm saying, but he'd jump and move the board while he was jumping and did it across the room without falling. I was seriously impressed. You guys have seriously cool kids.
I love it when I hear Rich go, "oh... I want this shot with Murphy." :)
Seriously! Jules is one kinetic little dude, and so is Murph - guys, we have to get these kids together, we might even be able to tire them out...though I won't be holding my breath.
Meet my wife, the child entertainer...
I hate that you've put that on the blog. Actually, I'm mad at you for taking it. Brutal.
This shot rocks +1
Thank you - check out that fitted!!! I can't believe we haven't hit the New Era store for that yet. And, though coralling Jules was priority one during the family shoot, we got plenty of Romy, as well....
Kids with dimples melt my heart. Ack!
And since it was pretty cool (although Romy didn't fuss once. She might be the calmest kid ever.), we headed back to the house for a few more shots.
Gorgeous family - shooting you guys was like falling off a log - thanks for having us come hang out and shoot what you'll hopefully remember as a little snapshot of your lives together right now. :)

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