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December 4, 2011  -  Weddings

monica + eric

What I really like about getting to work with the people we do is that I always feel like I'm getting away with hanging with out with people dramatically cooler than I am. The first thing I noticed about Eric and Monica when we met them was that they were so effortlessly the kind of people you want to be around and hang out and, ultimately, be friends with. On their wedding day, with the really great group of friends and family they were surrounded with, it was completely impossible not to fall for their story and completely get into who they are and what the day means to them. That's a great day for a wedding photographer and I feel pretty amazing that we got to be there.
It was a shorter day for us, and this late in the year, the sun goes down so early that if we don't do shots before the ceremony, they'll be in the dark, so Monica + Eric decided to see each other before (well, they got ready together so of course they were gonna) and we got to shoot for a few minutes before the ceremony - but I do mean a few :) The timeline got crunched, so we had to shoot a few post-ceremony with the guys, as well.
But we got E+M's shoot and some with the girls before we had to head to the church - Eric getting out of the limo below? One of my favorite shots ever.
The best part about that is how unbelievably Eric that shot is. When it was mentioned in the best man's speech that he used to sing in a red hot chili peppers cover band, I was completely unsurprised.

We were back in one of our favorite places in Buffalo, St. Louis Church. It feels like St. Louis is a good luck charm for our wedding days, too. And it's been a while since we shot there, so it was nice to be back.
It was a perfect ceremony. I love this black and white of yours, babe! You know, when I'm putting the blog post together, rarely do I ever go - huh, is she smiling in too many of these photos that they'll look the same layed out together? (because yes, I think about weird things like that) But I did with Monica! And being up in front of everyone you know can wear on people's nerves, so ceremonies aren't usually the smiliest time of the day, but there was nothing that was gonna wipe it off her face!
If the bride is happy, everyone is going to be happy. I think a lot of couples get weirded out about how on display they are on a wedding day and that can make them nervous. Being nervous, in turn, can definitely make some people more serious than they usually are. I believe that the brides and grooms who have the best overall experience on their wedding days are the ones who can let go a little and remember that everything is just a reflection of them. If they're happy and smiling and having a good time all day, everyone else will, too.

I know I was smiling all day. You guys had a really great wedding party to hang out with and everyone all day was really gracious and welcoming.

After the ceremony we went outside next to St. Louis and shot in total darkness for a couple. And only a couple because it got cold fast...

...and then we were at Pearl Street. And we took some shots in the dark with Monica and Eric out on the fourth-floor balcony that I'm really stoked about. You guys looked incredible and were perfect to work with.
Yeah - the balcony stuff was really fun, and I was super excited Monica + Eric wanted to do that. You know, once we get to a reception, we pretty much just let our couples go and enjoy their night and be done with us, but anytime someone wants to take another 10 out of their cocktail hour and do some more photos - dude, I'm always so stoked about that!
Pearl Street is such a chill place to have a reception and I really enjoy shooting a dance floor there. And I think Eric and I may be long-lost musical twins because I've never met someone with the exact same oddball taste in music as me. Dude, I still want a copy of your dinner mix. That was fantastic.

Guys, we're gonna keep it short and sweet since we've been blogging for about 3 hours and you guys are our fourth and final post of the evening :). Thank you, again, for everything throughout this process. You have been perfect for us and I really hope you guys fill all those empty and waiting frames at your house with the photos we made with you, because you guys owned your day in every sense of the word and it showed. Thanks!

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December 4, 2011  -  Engagements

jenna + kevin (and speedy)

Hey - whirlwind blog session is go right now. This is the third post of the evening! Another awesome couple, another gorgeous day, a lot of photos I'm really fond of.

Plus when Jenna and Kevin came in from Philadelphia they brought their puppy, Speedy with them. We had a great time shooting all the way through. :)

Yeah - I was totally stoked with these photos. We spend most of our time in the car (well, not WE, me - Rich looks at the road :) ) staring out the window, looking for new spots that we want to shoot, and we are always super stoked to get to play with a new place and J+K were awesome and up for it, and we got some stuff!
And their puppy is ridiculous - he was super chill while we were working with Jenna + Kevin, and when we got him out for a few shots, he was just an angel. Also, he might be the cutest puppy ever. It's funny -- when we shoot kids, I get nostalgic for ages we've passed with Murph (though I'm excited we get to do them again!), and on this shoot, I got puppy nostalgia! Seriously - Speedy is hysterical - he's doing that puppy thing where he's just constantly grabbing/chewing/eating things - I think in the few minutes we played with him he ate at least one stick, a handful of leaves and something undistinguishable. J+K are adorable new puppy parents - they were constantly like, "Oh no, Speedy!" and grabbing for things, where Rich is like, "oh, Alyssa - the dog is eating a squirrel again." :)

Guys - thanks, again, for taking time out of your trip home to shoot with us. You were fantastic and Speedy was an angel! I hope you guys (and he) had a great ride home!!

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