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February 28, 2010  -  Weddings

terri + dave

Wedding two of 2010! We had a really excellent e-shoot with Terri and Dave at Niagara Falls and we couldn't wait to get back up there for the wedding. Dave is one of the more hilarious groom's we've ever worked with and add in Terri and they're kindof an epic couple. Both super smart, both super warm and friendly and their wedding day was a lot of fun for us. They even got married in the morning, which is one of our favorite things that couples rarely do.
I do always love a morning wedding - it gives you the whole day to celebrate! So, we started pretty early with Terri + Dave since they decided to do a first look and portraits before the ceremony.
It was completely rad. Dave pointed out to me that not only did they have a ton of guests from out of town (and country) they wanted to get an early start the next day and there was kindof an important hockey game on that night.
We headed down to the falls to do Terri + Dave's portraits - and it couldn't have been more beautiful. The sun even made a rare appearance for the first time in a few months! :)
Seriously, these two couldn't be more gorgeous! I love this one! (But don't let that gorgeous sun fool you - it was pretty brisk!)
It was straight up freezing, let's not mince words. We must have looked hilarious - we had two photographers, two videographers (Frank from 17 video production shot the wedding with us) and a handful of friends and family. It was rad!
Yeah, we (and by we, I mean Terri + Dave!) definitely were drawing some attention from tourists :)
I love this one of yours, babe - definitely my favorite of yours!!
Hey, thanks :) Laughing couple for the win!
I know this post is pretty couple's-session intensive, but they gave us an hour, and we loved it! :)
And then it was time for the ceremony!
Favorite emotional reaction moment, maybe ever. It was amazing to see how much it meant to Terri that her parents both went up the aisle to meet her and walk her down together.
The room was really rad and let in a ton of gorgeous light through the ceremony. Loved it!
Did we mention this was at the Niagara Falls Convention Center? I was pretty impressed by the place - it looks kindof unassuming from the outside, but the hall T + D got married in was great with huge windows giving us nice sidelight the whole ceremony.
This was my favorite moment - by far. Seriously, these two are the cutest ever!
That was easily my favorite shot of the whole day :). Awesome, awesome couple.
Listen to us - we're so full of love for this wedding! :) It really was a fantastic day, though - sorry if we sound repetitious!
Terri + Dave went right into the horah at the start of the reception. You killed it, babe!
Hey - Jewish wedding absolutely rock. I love this immensely.
We made some jokes about facebook statuses and weddings - cause, hey, it's 2010, the FIRST thing you do when you get married and you get on the computer is update your relationship status and last name, amiright? Dave was on top of it before they got introduced at the receptions. I was like, "Hey, I'm a giant damned dork, but can we take this cheese-ball shot with the iPhone?"
CHECK THE YARMULKE BUFFALO! Dave wins for the coolest groom accessory of the year, no one is going to top that - calling it now.
Yeah - Terri got it for him - rad, rad present!
Guys - it was an amazing day. Thank you both so much for allowing us to be there with you guys. You have an amazing group of family and friends, and we were thrilled to be able to capture your day!

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February 23, 2010  -  Portraits


When we first moved back to Buffalo, we offered to shoot anything and everything we could get our hands on. One of the people we met then was Coni, the jeweler and designer behind Bitty Bitty Pretty, who was looking for shots of her adorable one year old Logan. Well, he's quickly grown up, and we headed over to visit them this weekend to take some family shots to celebrate his fourth birthday (I cannot believe he's that old already - time FLIES!).
Dude, Logan is a total trip. He's had his awesome, outgoing personality since we first met him and it's pretty amazing to see him grow up into a little person. He's incredibly into Transformers and Superheroes, so we get along pretty well. Logan totally gets me.
Even when we put his family in the middle of the street :)
He was too funny - the whole time we were there, he was never Logan - he would correct us and have us refer to his superhero-of-the-minute name :) He's also a total ham for the camera - and the camera loves him. He's one handsome kid.
Ironhide, my man wanted to be called ironhide. Now, to school all you non-lovers of robots in disguise, in my day, Ironhide was a frickin mini-van. Why is this interesting to me? Well, the only actual transformer I ever got was for Christmas one year when my parents got me my very own Ironhide. The back part of the minivan turned into this little platform that had a rocket launcher. Pretty sweet stuff, right there. Otherwise, I was the kid with go-bots. Enter this past Christmas, when my amazing wife bought be an Optimus Prime that is pretty sweet. It is horribly embarrassing for her, because Optimus made a couple of un-licensed appearances during client meetings early this year and is now banned from the studio.

Ironihide is significantly cooler now, apparently - I haven't seen the new movies or whatever, but I think Logan told me he's a truck now. What, kids today don't want a minivan toy? We had to play with minivans and dammit we LIKED IT.
One thing about Logan I've always been amazed by is his eyes. He has some of the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen.
Good-looking parents = good-looking kids.
Seriously, Rich - I love, love, love this!!
Logan would run upstairs for a minute, and he would come sliding down the stairs on his butt. I swear, every time I thought he was falling down the stairs!
This is definitely my favorite other than that first awesome frame of yours, honey. You're right - Logan has killer eyes...
...even when he's too cool to not be wearing his shades and flossin.
Guys, thank you so much for having us over. Logan is awesome, and we had a blast!!

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