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February 15, 2010  -  Weddings

sarah + nate

When we finished up at the salon, some of Sarah's bridesmaid's gave me a lift to the church and on the way, asked me if I had any favorite weddings. And, of course, I do. I know it would seem obvious that to a photographer, weddings held in really off-beat spots or with unique and personal details are fun to shoot, but the truth is, that the weddings that are absolutely my favorites to shoot are the one's like Sarah + Nate's. When I showed up to the salon, Sarah couldn't stop laughing and having a good time. Someone mentioned if they'd heard if the cake had made it yet, and her response was, "eh, can't do anything about it!" And those are my favorite brides and weddings - ones who realize things can and will go wrong but don't worry about it and just enjoy the day for what it is about - not a wedding, but a marriage.

It was absolutely the perfect way to start off our 2010 wedding season!
I love this shot, Alyssa...
Thanks :) The beauty of mimosas? There are always some coffee stir-ers nearby for mixing :)
Aaand, we're back :) You're so right, hon. Another thing I once heard a minister say to a groom, and I loved, is that the whole wedding day will be a reflection of the couple. If they're happy, everyone will be happy. If they dance and have a good time, so will everyone else. Good, good advice. And, of course, Sarah and Nate had a good time.
Did the minister mention anything about the pizza oven or sprinkler? They definitely had a circle going :)

Sarah had a 1984 penny for her shoe, but it went missing sometime before the salon, so everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE in the salon, was digging for a 1984 penny for her. Even some random ladies who were getting their hair did were digging for change. They found one, though :)
We popped over to the church for some last-minute getting ready before the ceremony...
I love a birdcage-y veil - awesome choice, Sarah!
It was actually too poofy when they got it, and someone tailored it for Sarah. Mom flipping it over :)
Before the ceremony, I took off from the salon and headed to meet up with Nate and his guys - take this, reflection queen. Nate and the best dude looking up how to fold their pocket squares.
Love both of those babe :) And then it was time for the wedding!
Sarah hand painted this - yeah, awesome.
I looked down the aisle from where I was kneeling and front, and it looked SO awesome. Personal details are one of the things that make great does laughter...
So, the plan was to hit up Chestnut Ridge for photos baring terrible weather. It was 25 out, which doesn't seem terrible, so we headed over. And I'm sure that every person in the following photos will have a Pavlovian reaction to me if they ever see me again to include: turning and bolting upon seeing me, uncontrollable swearing and/or biting. To say it was cold really doesn't do it justice. I felt like 25 should be fine, but it was so ridiculously cold. Luckily we headed in by the fire between groups, and they were all amazing to do it, but I felt like these big, awesome snowflakes were not something we could give up on. Not too many people get to have that kind of gorgeousness in their wedding photos (it literally started snowing when we arrived, stopped about a half hour after we finished), and I couldn't pass it up.
I still can't feel my fingers - and I was wearing gloves while shooting. But it was pretty epic!
I love it when my husband photoshops my waistline. No really, I'm totally fine pretending my waist looks like that. :)
I don't know what you're talking about, baby. I just had to shoot that because - YOU REFUSE TO WEAR A COAT OUTDOORS EVEN WHEN IT'S A BLIZZARD AND OH BY THE WAY YOU ALSO HAD YOUR SLEEVES ROLLED UP. You are freaking out of your freaking mind.
Perfect, Rich. I love, love, love this.
Dude, I love this couple :) Oh, yeah - and I love Sarah's choice of bridal footwear. Note to DC and NOVA and Baltimore and all you people who got snow for once - this is how a real snow city does things.
First ring shot of 2010, ftw. Obviously I can say it's my favorite so far, but I think this one might even stand the test and make the details post in early 2011...also, this is why I wear a black sweater to weddings for an insta-backdrop.
If you're going to choreograph your first dance - nail it like this :).
Before they headed on to the floor, Nate said he might have been more nervous about the dance than anything else. Seriously, swaying back and forth is easy - choreography - that's for the hardcore!
Thank you, guest flash!
Nice, hah - I work so hard to rim light people and you just get a guest to do it for you because you're a damned ninja. I could try for fifteen straight weddings to do that and miss...sick. Nate's brother DJ, besides having a similar hairdresser to me, is a really, really funny dude.
Listen - Alyssa is making me watch the Bachelor while we write this post - if this moron chooses Vienna, I'm moving back to Canada and will build a tiny igloo for myself, as is customary there, in which I'll spend my days. What an idiot.

I mean, I watching the Olympics, of course....what's on right now? Oh, Ice Dancing....fml.
:) I love you, Rich. Guys, thank you so much for having us with you. Your wedding was awesome, and you guys are absolutely amazing!!

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February 11, 2010  -  Portraits

alexa + addison

After our time out in the snow and cold Saturday, we headed to East Amherst to meet Addison and Alexa, two gorgeous one-year-old twins. Their folks have been working on their new house, and we had a blast shooting there. They've made a very modern space and it had the world's greatest light (yay for light!) coming in through this giant floor to ceiling window. It took a few minutes for Addison and Alexa to warm up to us (I blame Rich. He makes me cry sometimes too), but then we got some serious play time in.
Because whose day isn't better with a ride on Dad's head?
This is the coolest space ever. The left is the two-story foyer. The right is the two-story living room, and this is the world's coolest walkway over the rooms. I want this in our next house. Seriously, I would be like a kid walking across it constantly. Like, oh no, I forgot my socks. I have to go across this walkway again! Seriously, It's ridiculously fun.
I love taking photographs of babies. Adorable, awesome, babies. We had an absolute blast chasing these kiddos around.
That upper walkway? Excellent vantage point you don' t normally get with babies.
We know a few friends and have some family members with twins - and I have no idea how you guys manage to do it! Our friend Jen, who is in mom-of-twins group with A + A, is kindof superwoman in our eyes.

This was definitely my favorite "twins moment." I hope we have a girl someday - but I don't know about tights. I saw the twins' parents putting them on and I only remember how difficult socks used to be to keep on. Are tights actually easier to keep on?
Dude, of course they are. That's the point of tights - they can pull all they want, but they can never get them off. Genius! I love that they look like mini-Elastigirls in that shot. Total rubber legs :)
These chairs are so rad - I wanted to take a break and sit in them!
Love this... We were playing a game under the table and she gave me this heh-maybe-you-aren't-as-lame-as-you-seem smile. Heart melting!
Guys, thank you so much for having us out to meet the girls. They are absolute sweethearts and, of course, gorgeous. We had so much fun with them - thanks again!

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