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March 31, 2010  -  Engagements

eve + mike

So, our second rad couple this week was Eve + Mike. These two are absolutely adorable, and we had a blast running around with them. We luckily got a totally different day than the day before (frigid, boo), and the sun was out, and it was a beautiful (and warm!) day to be running around.

Side note: Murphy is currently in the studio while we write this. He's boxing a rolled up carpet with socks on his hands. You know, because he needs boxing gloves. :)
I LOVE BRIDGE. I LOVE BRIDGE. You two are kindof awesome to take photos of! Alyssa, you killed this one - I just saw it for the first time and I want to hang it on our wall, for real.
Thanks, and conversely, this gorgeousness is probably my favorite of the day. Awesome job, babe. It's just gorgeous (I know I said gorgeous twice in that sentance, but it is. There's no better word)!
It was an exceedingly chill day - not too cold outside, down by the water, lots of stuff to play with around the city...including the oldest pad in town.
My favorite.
I find this photo hysterical, because the first two takes, Eve has an expression of pure terror on her face. Mike cleared her by a ton, but on this one, I was like, Eve, you totally have to not look petrified! :)
So, I'm not a giant fan of Rich taking photos of me doing idiotic things, because, well, as he pointed out, he only does it so he can catch the time I fall/drop a bunch of expensive gear in the lake/fail miserably at whatever I'm attempting. I think this comes from a wedding a couple years ago, where I decided to try and jump and hold myself on a lightpole. I didn't account my extraordinarily weak arms/slippery shoes into my physics calculations and instead of sticking to the pole, I fell on my ass. Rich and the couple died laughing, I turned purple and couldn't look anyone in the face for 10 minutes. Anyway, Rich missed the shot of me busting my ass, and now he does this because he's waiting for the day it happens again. Nothing like marital support.
It's going to happen - and I WILL be ready :)
We should probably just be on bridges all the time - I could be okay with that.
Yeah - I was a pretty big fan of that one :)
So, we're under this bridge taking some photos, and Rich and I see a bicyclist out of the corner of our eye - we both grab our cameras and shoot as she goes by and go on with our shoot. When I dropped my cards and went through the shots, I'd even forgotten taking a shot of her going past, but as I came across it, I stopped in my tracks. Because as I was looking at the photo, I was like, I know her. Seriously.

So, my parents were in this celtic-folk band in the 80s-90s, Castlegate. They played local gigs around the holidays, and got together every week of my childhood at our house (my folks were the only ones with kids). And as I was looking at the photos, I knew, without a doubt, this was the band's flautist/whistle player, Karen, who I hadn't seen in almost 20 years. Seriously, how cool is Buffalo?! I love the 3 degrees of Buffalo.
Super rad - the trip is if we didn't have our faces buried in our cameras, I can't imagine she wouldn't have recognized you, hon. It's a small, strange little world. I think you should look her up. To everyone else out there, Alyssa threatened my life if I posted MP3's of Castlegate. They were really good - got played on the Thistle and Shamrock - and if you know what that is, you're cool with us.
Dude - lovin it.
Guys - thanks for an awesome time. We loved hanging out with you and cannot believe the wedding is coming up so soon!

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March 29, 2010  -  Engagements

jaclyn + matt

This couple completely owns. I just need to say that up front and get it out of the way, because it's so true. To start out this shoot, we hit up this burned out church on Niagara Street we've been thinking about shooting around for a while and well, the first thing I noticed was the used needle on the ground I narrowly avoided stepping on. Jaclyn's classic response, "Guys, if we could avoid contracting HIV on this photo shoot, that would be pretty awesome." If you start out a shoot like that, how could anything go wrong? Not a damned thing - it was freezing, but sunny; kindof ghetto location-wise, but completely fabulous :) And I'm sure most of the, um, diabetics in Buffalo dispose of their needles properly ;).
Jaclyn + Matt were interested in some more beat up spots, so it worked perfectly :) Unfortunately, it was brutally cold - I'm really, really over the fake spring thing, so that was the last cold day weather gods, okay? Good.
Rich just told the boy, "Murphy - that's not the appropriate way to lick your hands." You know, because there actually is a Rich-approved method of hand-licking. Weirdo.
I love this one... So, Jaclyn + Matt have, possibly, the best engagement story I've ever heard, but I know I won't do the story justice, so I'm gonna see if she'll write it for you guys for the wedding post, because it's absolutely awesome.
Dude - your child is getting a little OCD with the hand-cleaning thing. I was telling him not to lick his entire hand between cookies. I mean, I guess it's thorough, but it's not exactly sanitary. This shot is awesome - and yeah, epic engagement story. Let's just say that Matt is a "go big or go home" kind of guy - when it comes to the woman he loves, anyway.

Hellooooooo, sun.
Yeah, I had a lot of fun with the sun. I didn't realize how much I missed it! Definitely my favorite you shot, babe. It stopped me as I was going through them - gorgeous.
Definitely my fav...
Okay, so I just realized this - we had three e-shoots the past three days, and all of them ended up by the water. And my favorite part of the day from each came at the water. :)
You're right. We've been shooting like crazy - which is normal for this time of year. It's only going to get crazier as weddings start in a couple weeks. The water just usually works and, like we tell every couple or family we're photographing, it gets easier as the shoot develops. When we had our family photos taken in October, we pretty much hated the first five or ten minutes and then, once we got a used to it, it was completely awesome. I mean, we photograph real couples who are really in love and want some photographs of themselves together, definitely no models - and we're definitely not fashion photographers :). When we have time to let things develop naturally, I think we do a pretty good job of getting the feel of a couple "right" if that makes any sense.
Our intrepid couple braved the freezing (literally, it was 23 again, gah!) weather for a killer plaid + denim combo! Seriously, you guys look fantastic.
And you can always look back at this photo and remember how ridiculously cold Alyssa made your asses!
Ha! But they look great!
We'll end with my favorite :) Guys - thank you so much for being so awesome. Seriously, you guys are hysterical and so much fun - we cannot wait for the wedding!!

We'll be back a few more times this week with some awesome e-shoot action. Thanks, everyone who stops by our little corner of the world to say hi.

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