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March 10, 2014  -  Weddings

Tina + Greg

Once again we failed at doing a "best of 2013" post because, well, it's March and if you can't get that best of post up by the end of February, I think you just let it go for the year. And that's okay. I'm torn on the idea anyhow. On the one hand, it's a cool way to show off all the stuff we did during a year, but on the other, it's kindof a heap of photographic braggadocio, and since we don't blog all that much anymore (all our favorite wedding and portrait images are on our Facebook page after each shoot or wedding) and when we do blog here, we'd like to tell a story.

Tina and Greg are one of my favorite stories we've ever gotten to stand near and make photos of. It has been a while since I gushed on a blog post about how #soblessed we are and how #amazing our job is, but it bears repeating in this case. We hit the jackpot once with the kick-ass couple whom we met G + T through and then we hit it again with these two. This wedding meant so much to them and they poured themselves (beerlove pun!) into it so much that it was the easiest and hardest wedding I have ever shot. Easy because the whole day was a fucking explosion of joy and hard because I would crawl through the snow barefoot to make the right image for these two.
To be fair, crawling through snow barefoot would probably be significantly more easy than walking through snow barefoot. That'd be like walking two miles to school, downhill, in a car. Did you maybe mean crawling through snow pantless? Pause for while everyone visualizes you pantless...

You're welcome, world.

But mandatory apologies for being bad bloggers aside (seriously, I feel like we start EVERY blog post we've written in the past year with an apology. And that's like TWO blog posts!), we had all intentions of blogging more this year after taking most of last year off from the blog, and this was about how well we did with that. This year, though, amirite? :)

While I know it must sound so phony to read every blog post ever written about a wedding, ever, and it's all Love! Awesome! Amazing! Fantastic! Great! but the truth is Greg was a major bridezilla. I mean, just awful. Really, what kind of groom is so excited about his wedding that he enlists his friends to hand craft ALL of the beer. Or, instead of rolling his eyes at his great Aunt Matilda obnoxiously clanking her glass at the reception for forced PDA, grabs his spoon and clanks it himself just to get an extra kiss from his stunning wife? Terrible. F. :)
Me pant-less is a gift. Or a gif somewhere. Better not google that, though. For fucking real. Guys, you are ALLOWED to be excited about your wedding. You are allowed to be a part, a big part. Take it from the Dr. Greg. I think maybe us guys believe we'd be stepping on toes or we'd be somehow emasculated by being a bigger piece of the wedding pie when it comes to planning. But when a wedding happens, it's two people pouring themselves 100% into each other, and I think it's pretty rad when the wedding day reflects that.
And that's not to imply that Greg planned and executed the wedding while Tina sat around staring at cracks in the wall. They worked their buns off together, as a couple, to pull of a truly spectacular day. It's funny, I was pulling images for a few different blog posts, and the minute I pulled these up, I instantly relaxed. There is something about T+G that is so calm and relaxing - they put together an elaborate day, with their friends and family (G + his dad built that amazing arbor - T's family friend contributed the Hudson to ride in), but are just such chill people.

The morning of the wedding, there was no panicked "did anyone call anyone?" "Is the blank there?" "have we heard from the whomever?" It was just Tina and her family and friends relaxed (in some cases, to the point of napping :) ), laughing and with no cares if anything went right or wrong. Because if something DOES go wrong in the middle of the wedding - the flowers don't arrive, the sound doesn't work, the limo is late... none of it matters at all. Not one bit. Because, at the end of the day, you get to marry the person who is your other half. T+G, while throwing a kick-ass party, weren't concerned about any of it. They were able to sit back and truly enjoy their family, friends and the moment they got to marry the perfect person in the world for them.
And then the fun really started. Lots of #beerlove, lots of fun, a whole bunch of speeches and a "Under the Tuscan Sun" blu-ray. I think it was was mentioned up above how Greg and a lot of other friends brewed the beer for the reception, but he also handmade the light over the bar that I now want hanging in our kitchen. There was just so much rad stuff to look at this reception. This was all at Wingate Barn down in Livonia, NY. It's like a little oasis of rustic wedding awesomeness nestled south of Rochester.
No, here's the thing - you can't have a reception called Beer Love and not give the beer more love than that. Greg + his friends brewed 10 different beers and 2 ciders for the wedding. It's not like they picked up a couple packs of beer for it. They spent months brewing and perfecting the beer for the wedding. It was kind of unreal.

Here's the thing that your wedding photographer is never going to admit to you - we like you. Really, we do. We love your story. We think your wedding is beautiful, and we are #soblessed to be able to photograph your #amazing day for a living. But DAMN if I wouldn't like to score an invite for real :) Seriously, when T+G do a vow renewal, I really, really, really want to come as a guest!

We were lucky enough to get to know Greg via Twitter (well, Rich was - I don't social media), and occasionally we had visits at our house from the beer fairy. In case you are unaware, there is a magical fairy that occasionally drops a six-pack of home-brews on your porch when he's in town. At the time, I was pregnant, and when Rich cracked open the toasted coconut - I dunno - I think it was probably the only time open weeping occurred during that pregnancy (I specify THAT pregnancy, because we all remember the weeping that occurred during the broken closet shelf of 0-11). Seriously, I've never smelled a beer that was that awesome. Those guys KILLED it for B̶e̶e̶r̶l̶o̶v̶e̶ the wedding.
Totally unreal! But not as unreal as this party. It was just a big ball of complete awesomeness from the cake cutting on. And wait until you see the big finale. But no fast-scrolling, now.
So here's what I was talking about. The bonus feature of Wingate Barn is the huge field next to it. Great for photos and great for this - our first big lantern lighting ever.

Greg and Tina, we were and are blown away by you guys as a couple. You're two of the nicest, sweetest people we have ever met, much less had a chance to work with. Thank you for having us be a small part of your wedding celebration and thank you for this:
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