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April 22, 2011  -  Weddings

mindy + phil

So, here we are at the start of our 2011 season! I'm super excited to be back after our baby-hiatus, and I'm so glad we started things off with Mindy + Phil. The only bummer was that because Dexter was only 3 weeks old, I couldn't be away from him shooting for the whole day. :( It was an epically fun wedding, and I just adore Mindy + Phil - they are so much fun, and Mindy may be one of the sweetest people I've ever met.

They had so much fun (even though the Sabres decided not to win on their wedding day, but that's okay, Mindy, because I decided that they just didn't want to take away from it being your day. But they'll win it on Easter as a wedding present, for sure!!), and I'm totally smitten with this shot of yours, babe. I saw this and was like, man, Mindy is so rad.

Mad props to our super awesome friend Sean who came in and shot for the parts of the day I couldn't make it to.

Happy Buffalo Bride
It can't be overstated - it just can't be. The connections we make with clients and their friends and family before and during the wedding day make this job absolutely freaking amazing. Most wedding days, I still can't get over that my job involves getting to hang out with the happiest people ever on what they'll always remember as one of the happiest days of their lives. This stuff is money. And Mindy, I was so excited to get to hang out with you and your girls since that's something I don't get to do all that often on a wedding day. Thank you (all of you girls) for being so inviting and friendly to the weird-looking camera guy with the beard.

The best of Buffalo wedding photography
Oh stop - you're not weird looking! In fact, the nine month head start you got on your playoff beard is pretty epic. In fact, I heard rumor that when Phil got up to Mindy at the alter, he goes, "Did you see Rich's beard?" Ha! I like that you beard is now infiltrating altar-talk! :)
Bride getting ready photographs
My beard was actually probably partly ON the altar - I has half-way concerned a bridesmaid was going to trip on it on her way down. And speaking of altars - this one happened to be at Kloc's. Now, Kloc's is obviously known for their ability to pull of a great blend of outdoor-indoor wedding stuff, but in Spring - In Buffalo, you never know what you're going to get. So we got pouring rain. Hey - at least it wasn't sowing, right? It snowed for three days afterward, but not on Mindy and Phil's wedding day. We take the small things as wins up here, folks.

And the ceremony was great. Short, absolutely sweet, and beautifully emotional in all the right ways. One of the my favorite things was one of Mindy's kids (Mindy is an elementary school teacher - and a REALLY good one judging from the number of students who came to take wedding photos with her and Phil :) ) bringing her a wedding card she'd made. That kind of stuff melts you.
Kloc's wedding ceremony photos
So, speaking of Mindy's kids...back when we were discussing the wedding day timeline, she mentioned that she wanted some photos at Chestnut Ridge with all of her kids and she was going to try and schedule that with the last five years or so of her students. It was amazing. Sean and I showed up there after the ceremony to meet up with you and despite the semi-hideous, uber-windy weather, a ton of parents had come out with their kids to support Mindy and Phil. You want to talk about a wedding day being a culmination and celebration of all these various positive, awesome things in your life? There it is - big time. Mindy loves her work so, so much and she loves Phil to a degree I'm not even going to try and clumsily attach words to, and her wedding day was totally about those things most important to her. That's how you own your wedding day, for real.
Chestnut Ridge wedding photos
Yeah - Mindy said she wasn't sure how many of her kids would be able to come since it's Spring (haha!) Break, but there were a ton of her students. And I get why they all showed up to support her - she clearly loves them and loves teaching and is maybe the sweetest person ever - when we showed up to her e-shoot, she presented us with a book she'd made from drawings and parenting & naming suggestions her students drew and had for us. It was seriously awesome.
More beautiful Chestnut Ridge wedding photographs
So, since it wasn't raining, we fired off a few shots of M+P at Chestnut Ridge, just because I totally didn't trust that it wasn't about to downpour during our ride downtown. Which is funny, because it's Buffalo, and clearly by the time we finished up shooting their portraits downtown, it was sunny and gorgeous.
Buffalo weddings - bridesmaids helping the bride
And, this being a Buffalo wedding on a Sabres playoff game day, Mindy contacted one of the Pegula daughters about shooting at the arena. Of course, right?? So we shuffled on down and shot in and around. There was a Bandits game that evening, so no going in past the lobby, but we had a lot of fun shooting there and it was close to Pearl Street and the rain held off. It was cold, but aren't we all pretty much immune to that a little after the past 47 months of winter or whatever it feels like?
HSBC Arena wedding photographs
Yea - when Mindy told us that's where she wanted to head, I was pretty stoked. It's a rad area to play around in.
More HSBC wedding photos
Who knows - maybe we'll get to the blue and gold wrap things up in the first round back home on Easter. I know a couple of awesome newlyweds who would be pretty stoked about that.
Photographs at HSBC Arena for a wedding
I know an entire city that would be stoked about that. During Wednesday's game, Rich goes to me, "I have this feeling we're going to win the next two games - this thing'll be done at game six." Yeah, that's adorable hon - all Buffalo fans get that feeling even when we're completely wrong. I still think the Bills are going to go undefeated every year.
Downtown Buffalo wedding photography in the cobblestone disctrict
Also, super awesome favorite photo of the day from you. Love, love, love this!
Super happy couple
Thanks! And thanks for not punching me when I made fun of you really hard for taking these next four photos. And yes, M + P, there is a great photo of you guys that also has my wife flipping me off. Also - I called Sabres in six the day I found out we were playing Philly. They're legit!
looking down and laughing
So, after some well-planned portrait time (and THANK YOU MINDY for involving us in the timeline planning process and giving us input - it really made for some awesome photos) we headed to Pearl Street and had a typically amazing time there. Natalie, you guys host some killer weddings. Easily one of the best reception venues in New York. Thank you.
Pearl Street Wedding reception
And thank you Mindy, Phil, family and friends for everything all day long. It was the perfect way for us to get our shooting season rolling and thank you, again, Sean for having our back and shooting with me all day long and KILLING IT while you did so. Amazing to have someone like you to help us out in our time of need on a wedding day.

See you guys on the blog again soon, because from here on in - it's pretty much go time till the end of the year :)
More amazing Pearl Street wedding reception photos

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