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May 28, 2009  -  Weddings

teresa + michael

Mike and Teresa are awesome. I could probably just leave it at that and let the pictures do the talking, but we'll dig a little into the backstory...starting with the last photo of the evening first. This was definitely my favorite of the night...
We first met up a few months ago for Mike and Teresa's engagement photography session and I thought we hit it off immediately. We've been really looking forward to this wedding, too, as we had met a ton of the folks who would be guests when we photographers T's sister's wedding last year.

First off, while I was at Mike's parents' house while he was getting ready, I had a lot of ring-shooting time. We had a comment on the last post (hey Kel!) about our ring shots - so here's four to tide you over until our next wedding this weekend :).
That lead shot is absolutely sick. I was over with Teresa getting ready, and I saw this super awesome giant jar full of old labeled wine corks. I knew I had to shoot something in it, so I grabbed Teresa's e-ring for a couple frames.
Two of Teresa's sister's were at the house doing her hair, nails and makeup. This was one of my favorites from the day...
Hey! Who is that gorgeous hairdresser? Why it's our fabulous bride Jen of the famous plaid wedding!
This mirror was a present to Teresa and Mike from her siblings, and she suggested that I might be able to do something with it. I think I did. :)
You and your mirrors :) That's a pretty fancy shot - I love it. And I love this one too...
I couldn't resist the super-happy toe separators...
That's an adorable shot! Teresa was so easy to shoot - she has a stunning, stunning face that just photographs fantastically!
Oh! This shot is out of order. I hate when that happens, and Rich and I are to tired to go back down to the studio and re-upload the images. So, Teresa's makeup shot is randomly after her getting her shoes on!
Oh man, we are lazy bloggers! I snagged this quick shot of Mike while we were taking some "formals" of him and his family prior to heading off to the ceremony. Mike's suit was PIMP. Custom made, 100% percent Italian.
The wedding ceremony was held at St. Gregory the Great in Amherst. Pretty cool church - on any given weekend you can go on their website and watch whoever is getting married in streaming video - I'm totally going to try that some day.
It was a fantastically bright church, which is always super fun for us.
Hooray, low ISO!
I loved this shot - how his arms mimic the cloth above him. Super fun.
After the ceremony, we headed to Salvatore's and they have taken their venue to another level with the new ballroom. We had just a couple of minutes before the guests arrived after we got there, so we took advantage of the grand staircase and good light. Really, we were pretty impressed by how nice the new room at Salvatore's is - did I mention that already?
The kids all got disposable cameras at the reception. I was trying to give little Dominic some pointers and, well...I think anyone would agree he's already got more natural talent than I do...
One thing that's pretty spectacular about Teresa and Mike is that they run a business together. And that's a really hard thing - to spend absolutely all of your time with one person - it can be very, very difficult. But shooting the two of them, you'd have no clue they're with each other all the time. They're still so sweet and romantic together.
...and they have a lot of fun together.
I really, really, really love this shot, babe. Ridiculous.
Thanks - the first dances were really, really sweet. As a surprise, there was a slideshow of Michael's life playing while he danced with his mom.
That was my shot - and this is yours!
Teresa and Mike kept their bridal party intimate... but she has eight siblings, so they decided to do a choreographed sibling dance. It was... awesome. Yeah, awesome is the only word to describe it. It was a montage of awesome.
Right after the kick line. Because every choreographed sibling dance needs a kick line!
I just had to include a shot of the grandparents - married 60+ years and still dancing!!!
Mike's grandpa = awesome. When he wasn't tearing it up on the dance floor, he couldn't help but dance from his chair. Absolutely adorable!
This little girl was cracking us up all night long (she's the same girl as in the first photo of the post) Once she got of hold of somebody, she was NOT letting go...
She really was adorable. Thank you, Teresa and Mike, for having us with you for your wedding. Your families are amazing, and the wedding was gorgeous. We're so glad we were able to end our craziest weekend ever with you on such a high note. We hope you're absolutely loving your honeymoon, and we'll talk to you guys when you get back!

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May 27, 2009  -  Weddings

julia + dennis

We woke up ridiculously early Sunday and hopped in the car for our roadtrip to our fantastic destination wedding: Pittsburgh. Okay, Cabo it is not, but it's a surprisingly fantastic city (and that's coming from someone who resents all cities with a Super Bowl win). We first went down last fall for Dennis and Julia's engagement shoot and kind of fell in love with the place. But that was pretty easy with Julia and Dennis as our guides. They are an amazing couple with a really strong sense of community who may actually be the nicest people ever. As one of Julia's bridesmaids told me, of all the weddings she'd been apart of, she was most excited to be in Julia's and to be able to do something for her as Julia is the kind of person who is always doing for other people. They are absolutely amazing, and I know their new life together will be amazing, too!
I was pretty excited to head off to Pittsburgh, too. We hit the ground running when we got to Julia's parents' house, where a million things were going on. I'm happy to see you're upping the "mirror shot" ante by shooting into two mirrors at once, lol...
That's three mirrors, actually! :)
Whatever - you're just trying to show off. I caught Julia either doing some pre-wedding stretches or reminiscing about her time as a dancer - either way, this shot was definitely making the blog.
Julia and Dennis are people of deep and passionate Christian faith. They truly walk the walk regardless of their path and there was a lot of praying that morning - all of it joyful, but the kind of overpowering joy that chokes you up a little. I really appreciate that Julia and her family felt so comfortable with us and let us be a part of the day, doing our thing in a very personal way.
Did I mention joy?
So, I adore that shot of Julia stretching. One of my favorites! Then it was time to get ready and head to the church...
My favorite of the day.
Julia looked absolutely perfect.
And I loved that she was not even remotely afraid of being in her dress around her parent's totally sweet dog.
So, normally I don't include portrait shots of a bride with her bridesmaids because they are usually just the bride and her girls hugging and smiling, but when a bridesmaid leaps into the photo, falls and requires the bride to catch her, how can I not??
Back to how much Julia effects those around her, this is her college roommate's daughter, Julia.
Wow, that's awesome in every sense of the word - I am not surprised at all, though.

So I hung out with the guys in the AM, too, while they were at North Way Christian Community. It hurt my Buffalo fandom to do so, but I did have to take a picture of their "Sixburgh" socks...more grooms and groomsmen should wear funky socks demonstrating their gridiron superiority.
The guys got in some praying beforehand as well...
The ceremony opened with a family member, Andrea, dancing in - it was absolutely beautiful and yet another great example of incorporating some really personal elements in a ceremony.
Yeah, I thought the entrance was amazing - Julia's family is BIG into dancing and performance. It was really cool to have two of her cousins sing and dance her in. The dancer leading the bridal party was nothing I'd seen before, but I thought it was a pretty spectacular way to bring in the bride.
Okay, so I know you didn't get this shot and were up for deleting it from the blog post, but I really liked it. Because you were like, no one is going to understand what's going on, it's Julia's cousin Aylea singing in a reflection. I still think it's cool.
It's a good shot - don't call me out on our blog like that! (for the record, it's the reflection on the lexan surrounding the sound board area.

The ceremony was really cool...and lit!
Why, that's a gorgeous engagement photo on the signing board outside the ceremony!!
I love seeing our photos at weddings! I love taking more even better, though.
This is one of my other favorites from the day...
What is going on with that unity candle??
I have no idea - I think I saw it drip fire, though.
So, everyone who reads semi-regularly knows we love that second right after the ceremony. Well, Julia and Dennis walked out of the sanctuary and held each other - it must've been five minutes where they just held each other and looked at each other. It was a pretty spectacular moment.
We had a few minutes to do some couples shots after the ceremony, of course, and we decided to do most of it right inside North Way - it's an amazing place - I wish it wasn't four hours away!
Jonathon, who was shooting video with his wife for the day had keys to this funky storage area where we headed next - it was perfect.
Yeah, I'm so down with giant rooms of old playground tubes and tunnels and white Christmas trees. Very fun.
Then we headed outside for a few more portraits, and the bald paparazzi mafia descended on the scene.
Yeah, it's true - but at least we now have incontrovertible proof that me and Jonathon aren't the same guy.
The reception was held at the Four Points Sheraton, and like the rest of the day, completely and utterly rocked.
I love this photo - I think some of the guests we're having some sort of "crunk" battle - you can't script this stuff.
So, when Julia and Dennis made their big exit, so did we, and I caught this moment as they headed out. Julia and Dennis, we can't thank you guys enough for including us in your day. It was amazing, YOU are amazing and your family and friends are amazing. It was a joy to come down and be able to record your day, and we hope you're having the time of your life in the Caribbean.

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