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May 28, 2010  -  Portraits


I am flying solo on the blog this morning - Rich is at the VA, and so Caryn's refresh button doesn't hate me, I figured I'd get their family post up this morning :) We went out to shoot AJ's one-year portraits yesterday, and I fell in love twice! Once with this little man, and once with Wilson. I'd never been up that way before, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The minute I snapped this, I knew I had a favorite. :)
I'll be honest - shooting one year olds is hard. They don't want to be held, they don't want to sit still, they don't take any direction, and it's quite possibly my favorite age to shoot. The new-found independence, the emerging personalities and the fact that everything is amazing - bubbles and leaves are better toys than any you can buy, and the simple act of being held upside down makes their day. I absolutely love shooting kids this age.
This little man's eyes and smile were killing me - you guys make an absolutely beautiful family.
This never gets old - Murphy still tries to get me to do this with his 40 pounds - I can still do a couple bounces before my legs start shaking :)

Rich - when you read this later, I just want you to know how much I adore this shot. Fantastic job :)
This might be one of my favorites of the day - love love love it!
Another one of my favorites by my man! He's so good at what he does! He just bought me my very own World's Best Boss mug (it's absolutely my favorite possession) and we've been joking that we should get him a World's Worst Employee mug to go with it, but the truth is he's the world's best employee... I mean, coworker ;) We've had a lot of people tell us they couldn't work with their spouse, and it took a while to figure out how to work together, because there can never been a "boss," but now that we have, I can't imagine working with anyone else. I love getting to do this with you, Rich.
It's funny - I shot this exact same moment, just from a different angle, and the bubble on the left of his face is directly over his eye in my shot. It looks like he has a bubble monocle. It's kind of funny, and I thought about drawing a top hat on him for the blog, but I thought this one would be more appreciated :)
Can I just say how much I admire a couple who has been together for 18 years and still is this adorable together? You guys are so ridiculous cute together!
Guys - thanks so much for having us out to your home - you have an amazing family, and A.J. is absolutely perfect. We loved getting to spend the afternoon with you guys! Thanks, again!

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May 26, 2010  -  Weddings

lindsey + jim

Okay, so we're blogging twice today :) Forgive us - we're shooting the next four days and didn't want to get behind on the blog-monster. The second wedding of our weekend was Lindsey + Jim - I'll be honest, Rich and I had a discussion on whether or not they'd immediately start screaming in horror when they saw us. We were nervous they might associate us with the misery and torment we put them through during our coldest e-shoot of the year (12 - thank you very much!). Luckily, they are the sweetest people you'll ever meet and didn't seem to resent us too much for that day :) And luckily, it was not 12 Saturday. It was a little drizzly, but during the photo parts of the day, we got enough of a break to rock it outside and had a fantastic day.
One of Lindsey's, I think, 10 pair of potential shoes for the day - gotta love Zappo's! These were the winners :)
We started bright and early at Lindsey's mom's house for hair and makeup with her incredible group of girls.
Makeup artist's impress me - I ONCE tried to put on lashes, and it was... it was just awful, but to put on individual lashes - I can't even imagine that kind of steady-handedness (sorry for my lack of English - I used to make excuses for my inability to speak, but it turns out, I'm too lazy to come up with an actual word).
I think that's totally a word - would check, but I'm too lazy to Google. You killed the getting-ready stuff!!
Thanks :)
We stopped off at Lindsey's high school to grab a couple shots before heading to the church - half her bridesmaids (and her two hair girls!) went there. I love that :)
And then we headed over to St. Joe's. Didn't really realize there were two St. Joe's in Buffalo. So, there's that... :) It was our first time in this one, and it's gorgeous!
And they're BOTH awesome! And hooray for grooms who smile the biggest smile of their life as their soon-to-be's are heading toward them...well-played, Jim...
This church - I think it's technically a cathedral, though I'm not 100 percent up on catholicism and how what worship space is called what...but cathedral sounds about right - this place is SICK...even if the priest hates photographers - this shot demonstrated about where we were allowed to stand in the aisle :P Nevertheless, we're super respectful of officiants and you can always make things work...I just sat in the third row like a guest the rest of the ceremony.
Yeah, I never understand why people firing off their flashes during the ceremony is okay, but us standing toward the front of the church isn't... ah well
Well, I "get" it in that the aisle itself has it's own religious symbolism during the ceremony - but I will NOT nerd out about that now. I like how the lead Rabbi at a large temple here in Buffalo asks that NO ONE take any photos during the wedding ceremony. So, at least he's being fair, in a way :).
I don't usually discuss bridal stuff, because even though I'm around it constantly, I don't understand the mysteries of hair and makeup and ruching of dresses, etc. But, damn, did Lindsey look good!! Her hair was classic, for real. Jim - not too shabby, yourself. I respect the hell out of a man who buys his own tux for a wedding. Well played, sir.
Seriously?! I didn't know that - that's awesome. That's so classic 40's gentleman to own your own tux. I've never even seen you in a tux, actually. Have you ever worn one?
No :( I wish. I have had pretty decent suits. I know my mom bought me a super nice one at one point - but it's been a while. You think I should buy a tux? You do know I won't just magically be as good-looking as Jim in one, right??
We headed over to Niagara Square and immediately ran into some of our favorite photo/video friends, the Argentos and the Franks at 17 Video. Since the drizzly rain paused for us, we decided to get in as much as we could before we drove out to Park Country Club (cause this is Buffalo, and in that 30 minute drive, it could've started snowing on us!)
Rich you killed this - and you too Lindsey - you looked stunning. She kept saying she didn't take direction well. Yeah, you killed it :)
Um, yeah - great day DESPITE the rain!! I actually grabbed a frame of you to check the light as we were hopping out of our car and it was pouring for a minute there!
Definitely my favorite of yours, babe. Love this.
So, we were back at Park Country Club this weekend, too. It had been a whole two weeks since we'd been there - and we never shot there before this year. It's a gorgeous venue, and they really do a stunning job.
Okay, so I really needed to be an inch to my right to make this perfect, but can you see that little star burst of a flash over Jim's shoulder? I love guest flashes!
lol - you're reaching!!!
Guys - thank you, again, for having us with you. Your day was amazing, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

To see more of Lindsey + Jim's day, check out the slideshow below!

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