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May 18, 2011  -  Engagements

tricia + jack

So, at the start of our shoot, Tricia tells me she's not photogenic. Ha! Seriously, how adorable is she? We got together with Tricia + Jack last week, literally hours before Rich was flying to Baltimore to don a tux and actually be IN a wedding! I'm definitely kind of bummed I missed getting to see him in all his fancy clothes glory, but such is life. At least I got a sweet iphone shot (which I was so tempted to immediately upload and post on our facebook page), and letmetellyou he looked awesome! :) I love ya, babe! But before he left for a weekend of craziness, we got to hang with the seriously awesome and adorable Tricia & Jack!
I don't know if the readers picked up the sarcasm you were throwing down, but yeah. Just picture me in an "After Hours" renta-tux with a bright yellow vest and bow tie. You know who makes a TON of money for doing next to nothing and not doing it well? Tuxedo rental places. I got measured here in Buffalo, and then went to pick up the tux at a Men's Wearhouse in Baltimore. You would think getting simple measurements from one rental place to another would be easy, right? Nope. I tried on my pants in Baltimore and they were the wrong waist size and came to mid shin level.

Anyway, I've been psyched to get back and get this post up. Our season is about to get full-on stupid, so hold on if you're a regular reader. There's gonna be a lot to see. Like these rad-looking kids :).
Ha! Yeah - my favorite is still from your last friend's wedding where one of the guys had pants that were at least two sizes two small (and he wore them). Sadly, other people will be on their deathbeds having flashbacks of their children and their own weddings, and I'll be having flashbacks of Nick's pants. Goo.

Seriously, the sun was fabulous - especially because it was, in fact, freezing and the only saving grace was hanging out in the sun where it was at least 15 degrees warmer. Tricia, in a moment of epic planning, had Jack wear shorts :)
For those of you wondering about the glamorous lives of us here behind the cameras, Rich and I just broke into harmonies singing the theme song to an Iron Man cartoon on Netflix streaming while writing this blog post. You guys know that commercial where the kid in the car pulls up next to his clearly hip friend in the SUV, mortified that his parents are singing in their lame car? Yup, that's us. We're those people.
Despite it being borderline freezing, you two were a blast Tricia and Jack. And I know I told you I say that to everyone, hah! But it was really, really fun to get to hang out with you guys. It was especially cool to shoot in a place that means a lot to you guys and reminds you of how you first got together. After a shoot like this, I feel we have an awesome feel for who you guys are and what your wedding day is going to be like.
Hey! What a cool blue building! Mad props to whomever found that! :D
Guys, you were a blast to shoot. We had so much fun, and thank you for putting up with my ridiculous walk around forever to find this building (but look how awesome you look in front of it!). I seriously cannot wait for the wedding. You guys are a ton of fun, and we know the wedding will be too!

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May 14, 2011  -  Engagements

amy + rob

On to the next double-couple! This was our second attempt at shooting Amy and Rob while they were in town from Orlando. The first time it was an absolute deluge. The second time? It was just raining a lot.

When you're going into a rainy shoot on an unbelievably cold day (during what is supposed to be Spring) you have to have fun and laugh at how ridiculous it is that we're all outside and the weather totally sucks.

It says a lot to us about clients when they can just let go and go for it - and Amy and Rob did. We just hope they don't have any crazy muscle memory of how bad they probably felt during the shoot and want to punch us in the face next month. Because Rob is a big guy and my face is pretty. Don't hit me, Rob. Okay? Cool.
buffalo portrait photography
That made me laugh - "my face is pretty." Ha :) Yeah, unfortunately, the whole "Spring shoot" kicked us in the head when trying to shoot Amy + Rob - it pretty much rained everyday they were here. So, on their last day, we shot anyway - hiding in covered areas, getting a little wet, and eventually, the rain chilled for a little bit, and they killed it - that shot above, Amy, you just absolutely destroyed it. And that shot above was just about when we started losing feeling in our hands. Seriously, when did Buffalo quit warmth? It's May. It's cold. I get why these two live in Orlando. Sun = win.
buffalo portrait photos
Fun fact? These two work at the happiest place on Earth. I forgot to ask if Disney gets less cool if it's also your place of employment, but I highly doubt it! I cannot wait to go again - I told Murph if we won that $300 million a few months back, we'd move directly into the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Also, he's already trying to potty train Dexter, since that is a requirement for us to be able to go again. I don't want to break his heart by telling him how long it'll be before Dexter can get himself to the bathroom, let alone use it :)
buffalo portrait photographers
That's okay - our bank account is going to need that long to recover, too. It's the happiest place on earth just so long as you surrender your ability to control your wallet and pre-pay for a bunch of stuff. That helps. That said, I also can't wait to go again.

We shared a TON of laughs on the shoot. It's going to be an amazing wedding day. We have two super different and super interesting couples at the same wedding. I know I probably said it sixteen times on the last post - but it's true - can't wait.

buffalo couples photos
Yeah - it's kind of nerdy how excited I am to shoot their double wedding. There aren't a ton of people who could share their big day, and I think it says the world about these four that they can. Likewise, there are more than a few people who wouldn't be okay shooting their portraits in the rain, but Amy + Rob were so amazingly chill that I know their wedding day is going to be a blast.
buffalo couples photographers
buffalo japanese gardens photos
No doubt. Congrats you guys and thank you so much for having us be a part of all this. It's gonna be great!
buffalo delaware park photos

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