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May 11, 2011  -  Engagements

tracey + garrett

We love morning shoots. I know we say that every time we blog an early morning shoot, but I just adore the first gorgeous light of the day. We were super lucky to spend the morning last week with Tracey + Garrett (not that they felt super lucky to be up that early, I'm sure, but Garrett had a flight to catch that night, so we got to shoot with the sun coming up - yay for us!).

We started shooting right as the sun decided to do spectacular things, then, about five seconds into the shoot, it disappeared completely. Remember how it was all kinds of crazy rainy for the week of Spring we had last week? You know, now that it's Summer and all... though I thought Spring started about three months ago, then winter kept coming back, so I should probably not get so sold on it being summer instead of spring... maybe this is sprummer? I'm sorry - I don't sleep a lot these days, and I should probably let my gorgeous husband do all the talking/typing. :)
buffalo portrait photographers
I really don't know about all that. I just had to google when to capitalize the names of the seasons because my brain is mush right now. Anyway - Tracey is actually the first of two posts (second to follow soon) of two sisters who are doing something pretty cool with their weddings. They're getting married together. Tracey and her sister Amy and Garrett and Rob all decided to share their wedding days with each other and they asked us to shoot it. We can not WAIT. Especially after we've had such a good time getting to know them through the planning process and out shooting.
buffalo portrait photography
We think doing these so-called engagement shoots are super important. I still contend the name they've gotten from the industry is stupid, but I mean, think about what the wedding day of T + G + A + R. There's no telling how much time we'll get to shoot portraits with each couple on any average wedding day, much less a wedding day with two amazing brides and their awesome grooms. We want very badly to get to know our couples and how they work together and how they shoot so we can really make it work on the wedding day.

Also, hon, that last shot up there is my fav.
buffalo portrait photos
Yeah - I dig that shot of yours, too, for sure. And I agree - getting to know how Tracey + Garret and Amy + Rob (and all our couples, for that matter) each work together is so, so, so important for the wedding day portraits. Especially because, even though they are doing their weddings together, they are two totally different couples. Also, how cool is it that they are not only planning a double wedding, but doing it from Vegas and Orlando? Seriously, I don't know how you even begin to do that and maintain sanity, but the four of them have my complete respect. Knowing how many working parts there are to a wedding, I don't know if I could plan a wedding, let alone from out-of-town, let alone on the opposite side of the country from where the other person planning is. Crazy. You guys are so rad.
wny portrait photography
Also, how freaking adorable are these two?! Gah - you guys are so cute together!
wny portrait photographers
No kiddin, right? Guys - we will see you again very soon. Like, next month, in June, soon. Have a good, relaxing run up to the wedding and we're very excited to be shooting it. Thanks for everything!
wny portrait photos

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May 10, 2011  -  Weddings

lisa + david

You'll forgive me if my vocabulary is lacking on the blog for the next couple months. The whole complete lack of sleep with a newborn thing wreaks havoc on my ability to speak (or write!). While we were shooting Lisa + David's wedding last weekend, I kept hearing myself speak, and I just kept thinking, "Please stop talking; you sound ridiculous!" But I was really, really excited for their day since it was my first full wedding since the newbie. It was really great to get back in the swing of things.
buffalo wedding photos
So, you'll forgive me for flying solo on the blog - Rich is involved with all kinds of wedding stuff this week (ha - as opposed to any other week). But for the first time in a really long time, he's not the photographer! That's right, my gorgeous husband is donning a tux this week to actually be in a wedding :) So, he's been off doing bachelor party stuff, wedding prep and then will clean up this weekend and be a respectable man for a great friend of his from college. So, since he got in super late from Baltimore, he's resting, and I'm your friendly blog post host today :)
east aurora wedding photography
We pretty much started the day right as the ceremony was about to get underway at the gorgeous St. Joseph's, and my spectacular husband killed this shot. He's so cool. When you read this late, babe. I love this!
st. joe's photographs
Also, he's so hip and arty :)
wedding photos st. joe's
Seriously, Lisa and David just beamed at each other the entire trip down the aisle. I knew it was going to be a ridiculously good ceremony :)
buffalo wedding photographers
buffalo wedding photography
wny wedding photography
wny wedding photographers
So, in a nod to David's parents who had their wedding photos taken over at the Rose Garden, we hit it up for a quick photo shoot. It's funny - I don't know why the first sunny shoot we have post epically long winter always manages to surprise us, but it does, every year. I forget how gorgeous the sun is and how much I missed shooting with it all winter. It was amazing to have the sun out (especially because it was smack in the middle of a whole lot of rainy days - but the morning of the wedding, bam. Gorgeous weather.

You know, I'm kind of glad I'm blogging alone this morning, because my husband would've mocked me for writing "bam" on the blog. Ah well, I think Emeril stopped using it as his catch-phrase, so I'll take it on :)
delaware park photos
delaware park wedding photography
I don't know why in the first few weeks of good weather this city just seems sunnier and greener than it does at any other point during the summer. But every year when the buds start coming out on the trees, it's such a surprise to see this city wake up. Also, all my plans for moving that start mid-February miraculously disappear! :)
rose garden wedding photos
We got to shoot their reception at the Buffalo Club which is probably the only reception spot in the city we'd never shot in before, so we were really stoked to get to shoot somewhere new (and stunningly gorgeous).
buffalo club wedding photos
And we've been playing with a bit of a mini-photo studio lately. It's something we've been talking about for the past couple years and spent part of our off-season this winter putting together. Anyway, we have a bunch of blog posts to get up in the next few days, so we'll be back soon!
buffalo photobooth

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