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May 15, 2012  -  Weddings

heather + devon

We had a short, but beautiful, day with Heather + Devon and their amazing wedding. And I was so thrilled we had a stunning day - I hope (fingers crossed) we're at the start of a similiarly beautiful summer - which I am so unbelievably ready for. I'm so, so happy we're back into shooting regularly and am so excited for the amazing couples we have lined up for this summer. Heather + Devon are no exception. They were absolutely wonderful to shoot!
Photographing weddings never gets old for me. It just can't. Every week it's just so different and there are so many new and interesting people to figure out. I've said it at least a hundred times before here on our blog, but I'll say it again, when we show up and everyone is welcoming and cool with us being there, it's perfect. You have to have that if you're going to be wading into a bunch of folks getting ready for a really big day with shutters blazing. We should take more time here to thank everyone involved in a wedding day who makes our work work. So, thanks!
We got to shoot at the stunning St. Louis for the second week in a row, which is totally cool with me. Seriously, it's such a gorgeous church, I could easily shoot there every week, and I'm always stoked when people say they're planning a St. Louis day. Between St. Louis and Acqua, which gets some of the prettiest reception light I've seen, it was gorgeous.
And then we all braved some absolutely insane gnat swarms to shoot down by the water. I'm thouroughly excited about these portraits guys. Heather and Devon, this was kick-ass.

Thanks again, guys, and congratulations. You two are going to have a great marriage if teh beginning is any indication. We were very lucky to be a small part of your day.
We could definitely shoot under bridges pretty much all the time and that would be alright. And then by the water with tons of birds? Okay, yes, absolutely. The reception was over at Acqua, formerly Harbor House, and what a cool venue. Even after doing this for a decent amount of time we're still shooting at certain places in Buffalo for the first time ever.

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May 9, 2012  -  Weddings

marissa + brian

I've been going back and forth all morning trying to figure out which photo I wanted to start the blog, and Marissa, Brian + Rich all voted (on twitter) for the kissing + giggling one, but they don't put the blog together :) Even so, I liked them both so much and it WAS 3 to 1, so I'm putting them both up. Because M+B are adorable, and we can't get enough of them. :)

Honestly, as much as we love shooting weddings, and we love our brides + grooms and can't wait for their day, it's sometimes a bit of a bummer afterward for us - when I was putting their blog post together, it hit me that the wedding was over. I know that sounds stupid, but when you spend a year and change looking forward to a wedding and are so excited on the wedding day, and suddenly, you find yourself doing the final touches on the images, you get a bit sad that you don't have this amazing day and amazing couple to look forward to anymore. Unless, of course, vow renewals? Maybe annually? I'm sure you guys are up for it, right? :)
Hey, let's do it. Same weekend every year. Maybe a local brewery can finance it all and #beardlove can trend annually. I'll start looking in to this as soon as we hit the "active" switch on the post.

It is inevitable that we get a little overwhelmed by weddings. I have probably been bullshitting with Brian on twitter (mostly about the Bills) dating back three years now. When you hang out all day with a couple and their family and their friends, it's impossible not to feel like what's going on really matters to you.

We had a classic Buffalo Spring day, too. Hey, you two wanted Buffalo, we got it - in the form of it being freaking freezing and raining pretty much 90% of the day. Having secured one of the most beautiful churches in Buffalo (St. Louis) and one of the best venues (Asbury Hall), though, everything was golden.

M + B, the whole day being amazing was due, in no small part, to you guys having really awesome attitudes about everything and just generally relaxing and having a good time.
No doubt - and of course that had a bit to do with the most amazing people they surrounded themselves with. I've never met a group of more amazing bridesmaids - when Rich says "freezing," he means it. I think it was 35-ish? And rainy, which certainly didn't help, and the bridesmaids had the smallest dresses, no wraps and didn't complain a second about it while getting their portraits done (I know, I should be talking about this during the portraits not during the getting ready photos, but I never make much sense anyway :) ) - they just laughed and had a good time, and I still can't get over what a great group of family and friends you guys have.
St. Louis, you're gorgeous. Marissa and Brian, you guys did Buffalo proud! Congrats, again!
Okay, so this is what I was talking about - horrible, awful, freezing, wet weather, and the coolest group of people ever = win! If you look closely, you can most definitely see the raindrops. :)
No stress, though :). You definitely can't see any stress. And the glassed-in part of Asbury hall makes a kick-ass little light box when you need it.
Okay, yay! It's time to talk about the reception. Brian made a custom beer bottle label for Marissa that was this big text collage with the words "Will you marry me?" kindof hidden In it. Which is so cool.... if she had noticed :) But since that was their proposal, they kept the text theme going, and had some ridiculously cool details - the placecards were an awesome etsy find and the collage-text cake was from Zilly who just never fails to produce an amazing cake. Brian + Marissa have these friends who make beer and make custom labels for it and so they even had custom microbrews at the bar. That's rad.
Everything about this reception is YES. It was intimate while still being a big, raucous party. And details don't do that, people with a shared mindset and the goal of having the best night ever do that.

The two of you guys bring out the best in each other and you bring out the best in those around you. I've never been more nervous to shoot a wedding beforehand and never more relaxed while dropping cards once the day was done. Here's a toast to you guys and may the winds someday soon blow you back this way so we can share a beer or six.

We've got to run to an appointment, or I'd be here all afternoon hi-fiving in text. Suffice to say, you guys rock. Go Bills.

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