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June 29, 2009  -  Weddings

amy + mike

We had a bit of a crazy weekend, so we're blogging a little out of order - we shot Amy and Mike's wedding Saturday, but we had a really amazing day yesterday (blog post coming later this week) and were out of the office all day, so we had to wait to blog until today. We don't often get up into Lockport, so we were really looking forward to Amy and Mike's wedding - Lockport is such a gorgeous town with some stunning, stunning buildings, and it just happened that Saturday was the random dry day in the middle of last weeks' crazy rainfall. We met up with Amy and her bridal party at Ultimate Cuts for her hair and makeup!
Amy was an amazing bride to be around - she burst into laughter the entire day. She was so happy and so ready to be marrying Mike, that she just couldn't stop smiling!
I met up with Mike at his hotel where he and his groomsmen were putting the finishing touches on the tuxes and getting ready to head to Amy's family church (quite literally, her dad is the pastor there). Amy and Mike both live out of state now and they booked us a long time ago, so we had never gotten the chance to meet until a few days before the wedding. I like Mike a lot from the little I felt I got to know him. He's definitely a take-charge kind of guy in certain situations and he was a whirlwind, fixing collars, attaching cuff links and giving out gifts to his groomsmen.
He might have been a little frenetic in his pace, but he was staying really cool just minutes before the ceremony.
I headed over to Amy's parents' house, to get some shots of her in her dress with her family and bridesmaids, and she was absolutely stunning.
The morning really went so quickly - before I knew it, it was time to get to the church!
I ended up walking out a side door for a moment right as the girls arrived, too, and I loved the way they all looked so good together. Really, really good bridesmaids are always just as happy as the bride because they're so stoked their close friend has found another equally awesome person. A lot of times a photo just needs to be happy for me to be a big fan of it...
flower girl cuteness win!
As I left the guys and headed back to the front of the church to get ready for the ceremony to start, I looked back and grabbed this one frame of Mike laughing...I dig it a lot.
It really was a whirlwind day, and before we knew it Amy (who had my aunt as a French teacher - but of course she did, that's Buffalo!) was heading down the aisle.
Yeah, that was pretty random - but Lockport isn't the biggest place, either, and I think Aunt Linda got to be a pretty well known French prof :). The ceremony was short and sweet in the raddest little church. For all the times we shoot in dark, dark churches this was some positive karma via a ton of available light.
Amy's dad wanted to be a dad during the wedding, so he didn't officiate, but he did pop up and give a great speech.
And then one kiss, two perspectives...
So, right after the ceremony, the receiving line starts up, and I'm just shooting everywhere and I see the classic, post-wedding ring switch of the wedding and engagement band. It was a cute moment, and I love that I bet Amy won't take either one off for a long, long time...
Then we headed over to the Kenan Center for some bridal party shots, and it was the first time we'd been in there. It's a stunning mansion turned community art center, and I loved every thing about the place!
After the Kenan Center, we ended up at the Tuscarora Inn for the wedding reception. If you've never been up to Lockport, the Inn is this old-school social club that has been turned into a really great restaurant and event hall by a local family. It's class all the way and we really had a blast photographing there for the evening.
This shot is so appealing to me, Alyssa - perfect.
Thank you! I was pretty pleased with that shot too.
We had a hard time narrowing down our dancing shots because there were a ton of them being adorable that we wanted to blog right away, so we're having a dance-heavy post tonight!
What can we say, adorable couples make life easy! I'll call this one as my early favorite from giving the day's photographs the once-over to pull for the blog...
Amy and Michael - we hope you are enjoying absolutely everything about your honeymoon right now. Thank you, thank you for having us be a part of your wedding day. It was awesome, we had a blast and we'll talk to you guys soon :).

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June 25, 2009  -  Portraits

mo + x + addie

A long time ago, before I met the world's greatest woman from the world's greatest city, I lived in a Baltimore row house , downstairs from a really cool guy named Sean. His only downfall as a friend is that he would never shut up about his hometown (Buffalo) and how great it was. Well, my bad - now I know. Sean has a sister everyone calls Mojo. When I moved to Buffalo a few years ago, Mo and her husband' "X" (the family is big on nicknames, what can I say? A good 90 percent of my friends still call me, "Slim," too) made sure I had an awesome time my first weekend in my new city. I am forever grateful.

Fast forward a couple of years, and now we all have kids and only get to see each other now and again - so we headed over their place for an impromptu photo shoot with their ADORABLE baby, 13-month-old Adelaide. We've been photographing little Addie since she was a few days old...enjoy the photos and thanks for hanging out, guys!
Addie is a little ham in front of the lens - or maybe I'm just really funny-looking to kids...I definitely won't rule that out.
Alyssa is in the studio prepping for a client meeting, so this post is all me - I thought about making her little head avatar thingy say ridiculous things, but I'm afraid she'd cut me. She took this, and it's my favorite baby shot ever...
Thanks, again, guys and we'll see you soon!

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