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June 23, 2010  -  Weddings

julie + craig

There are a million things to love about Julie + Craig, but the first thing that comes to mind is how amazing they are for each other - they weren't going to see each other beforehand, but couldn't not talk, so Julie spend a good amount of time in the salon with her phone and that adorable smile on her face while she texted Craig :)

When we showed up, I immediately notice the super rad ceiling and was totally trying to figure out how best to shoot it, when Julie's mom mentioned how cool it was to watch us looking at everything to see the best way to use the space. Rich totally outted me and was like, "oh no - we do that so we look like we know what we're doing." Awesome, but I totally was, in fact, eyeing the place out, because the ceiling is that cool. :)
I didn't say it that way, dude. I was just saying I'm often just walking around trying to "look" like I'm trying to take an amazing photo - and I used to do it totally unconsciously and one day I noticed myself doing it and felt like a giant douchebag.
Uh huh, that's exactly how it sounded!

Julie's mom was watching Julie get her hair done, and the two of them both lost it for a minute. I loved this moment - neither of them said a word, but Julie just reached her hand out, mom grabbed it, and they both choked up.
That's intense! No offense to all the guys out there, getting ready on their wedding day, but our days usually involve trying to figure out how to tie a tie properly and drinking beer and watching ESPN...
...and killing wasps on the trolley-bus. Get im!
Craig was uber, uber prepared for the wedding day and we had a ton of time to hang out at St. Louis before the ceremony. I love this church so much...
We headed back to Julie's house to finish up the getting ready...
...and then were off on the super rad trolley!
I love this, babe. Totally fabulous shot!!
Thanks, dude :). Balcony, ftw!
You guys looked amazing!
So, we headed around downtown to do some more urban shots, and I put the girls together, and Julie was like, "what should I do? this?!" Totally cracked me up!
That's awesome :) Julie and Craig both cracked us up all day. AND they let us drag them into an alley-way, which turned out to be completely awesome.
Yeah, this little area was really sweet!
My favorite, for sure...
...and then the historical society for a few...nice shots, hon!
Thanks - these two were amazing! Seriously, how gorgeous is this?
And since the forecast was for rain all day - Craig, the most thoughtful dude I may have ever met, got Julie an umbrella for her something blue....nice :)
For real - Craig is so awesome. This is the guy who hit on Julie with the line, "what does you + I equal?" (he's a math teacher) even after she answered an imaginary number, continued trying until she answered with a certain seven-digits. Seriously, awesome. That might be my favorite story of how two people got together in the history of stories of how two people got together.
Love this, babe...
NICE! And we can play "where's waldo" with my camera and bald head.
And we'll end with the difference between girls...
and guys. :)

Check out Julie + Craig's slide show below for more of their day, and guys, you are seriously awesome, and we loved shooting, and hanging, with you. You rock.

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June 22, 2010  -  Weddings

keila + mark

We had an amazing weekend of a boatload of shooting, and we're going to be going like mad this week, so hopefully our blogging won't be too random over the next couple weeks. The first thing we shot this weekend was Keila + Mark's awesome wedding. We met up with them just before the ceremony as Keila was finishing up getting ready.
And she looked stunning!
Hellooooo, outdoor wedding!
Oh, and hey there, groomsmen...
I think even though the seasons couldn't have been more different (we did keila + mark's engagment photos at the very frozen NFTA small boat harbor) we ended up shooting these two on the two brightest days I've ever seen here in Buffalo. It was freaking awesome to have CRAZY light to play around with - outdoor ceremonies are the most rewarding-because-it's-hard things we do. One of my photog buddies who lives in the MidWest was complaining on facebook about rain and how Cali wedding photogs have all these sun-drenched days - and, well, I hate the rain messing with a wedding day, too, but I have crazy respect for the left coast guys and gals who have to do their thing in f/16 sun each and every time. Keila and Mark's wedding was the first time I've ever thought I needed to throw a ND filter on our primes.

So, even though we had a heck of a Buffalo-style day, you guys definitely had a California-looking wedding. It was so bright and vibrant I had a really hard time turning some of these black and white.
No doubt - the colors were just so rich and perfect - it was a gorgeous day in all aspects!
Keila - you looked freaking amazing. Lucky dude, Mark! You guys match up incredibly well...
Gazebos are a pain in the rear to photograph - the support beams, the shadows the support beams throw, the fact that it's a different exposure inside and outside the gazebo, but even so, this might be one of my favorite kiss shots ever :)
Rich, this = yay.
Thanks - hey, it was a great, backlit day. And hey - what the hell do we ever do that doesn't involve heavily backlit things?? Hah - and someone needs to show the ring bearer this shot - he was trying like crazy to hide from me as I was dicking around while you shot the bridal party stuff - and I literally shot this with the camera held out at arm's length as he tried to sneak back through his dad's legs. Gotcha!
Adorable! Then it was portrait time! We stayed on the grounds since we were there for a shorter day, and the grounds are beautiful!
I'm gonna apologize if we're less than coherent today - the boy has been pretty violently ill since 5 a.m., so we're a little beat down, and the first thing on me that goes is my ability to put thoughts together, but crap, you guys looked fantastic!
hah - you really know how to accentuate the romance by talking about projectile vomiting on the blog. Nice flare, hon :)
Thanks :) I know it's not awesome, but I think Keila + Mark were awesome, and I don't want them to think I'm so lazy about their post that I can't come up with basic English!

Anyway, since it was a shorter day, Keila already had her shoes on when I got there, but clearly that didn't stop me from a shoe shot :)
And that's a good jumping-off point (no pun intended, guys - and our remake of the infamous bench jump looks great, but we're saving that one for later) to the details, which matched the shoes...
Yep - betta fish centerpieces, ftw!
And, after a killer outdoor ceremony we got the ultimate wedding photographer's reception luxury of a big, white tent. It's so rad to shoot in a big, white tent it's like stealing candy...
Yeah, I'm always thrilled when we get to do the outdoor tent reception, because it's just so, so pretty. I love this - Keila feeding Mark all kinds of sweetly.
And Mark's turn :)
If your bride has to actually leave the reception for a few minutes to remove cake from her nostril - you nailed the cake smash. Well played, Mark :).
And, for real - this was the best maid-of-honor speech we've ever heard...
Something a little different for the rings :) As much as Rich wanted to put them in with the bettas, I'm pretty thrilled with this shot, instead :)
Betta shot would have been epic - you just thought they were going to bite us, which I'm pretty sure is an impossibility - and no, I have no plans to google anything about betta fish and their mandibular prowess.

Keila - I dig your ink...
Thank you, ladies, for your camera flash :)
Check out the ring! It never, ever gets old watching brand new couples playing with their rings - just one of those small pieces of a wedding day I find pretty rad.
And not only does she give a hell of a toast - Keila's sister was GOING to get that bouquet.
And she did :)
Hey - high fives from over here at the studio, you two. It was a really, really good day and couples like you keep us coming back to thinking this might just be the best job possible. Thanks, again, for everything and we hope your honeymoon is just kicking all kinds of ass - if it's kicking as much ass as you two do, it would have to be just about perfect.

Slideshow below! We'll be back with another post tomorrow and another one after that :)

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