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June 21, 2012  -  Weddings

nicole + matt

WEDDING SEASON!!! That's sortof what's going on in my brain right now all the time, and there's not a ton of room for anything else. It's like Christmas, but it lasts for four or five months each year and - get this - couples who are really, truly happy and really, truly in love throw these awesome days of celebration and invite us to come along and make photographs with them. I try to remind myself of that 15 or 16 times a day when I'm all like, "man - I have SOOO many photos to edit and I've been on the computer for 13 hours," because the end result are these photos that pump me full of endorphins and I was just there as a wedding photographer. I can hardly imagine how good a wedding day like Nicole and Matt's must feel like if you're Nicole, Matt or any one of their close friends and family members.

Days like Nicole and Matt's are, admittedly, a little extra special since we got to see a few former brides and grooms and some of Nicole and Matt's family members that we have fond memories of photographing before.

I'm not gonna lie, it's maybe the coolest thing ever to get invited back for a second time to photograph the celebration of an amazing family, so when Nicole asked us to shoot her wedding, we couldn't have been more thrilled. Especially because N + M happen to be these two spectacularly happy and fun people, and the whole day was just a joy.
We also haven't shot in the cathedral for a couple of years now, and man is it gorgeous. The monsignor is very, very strict about photos to the point where, after the processional, we sit with the family unless we're going to the back to shoot super wide or from the choir/organ loft. Which is fine by us, I thought the ceremony was gorgeous and Matt's brother-in-law Jim (hey Jim!) had the groomsmen "make a hole" for me during the vows. Good looking out, man.

What you said about happy couples is right on. A wedding day is really a reflection of a couple. And I don't mean just in the details they planned or the vows or readings they selected, I mean in the joy that's just everywhere. You can't not smile around Nicole and Matt (and you have to have a pretty damned good sense of humor if your marriage is a joining of Bills and Browns fandom) and want everything to be perfect for them, all the time. When you have that sort of energy, everyone is just so happy the whole day long.
At Nicole's reception, her sister's father-in-law mentioned I seemed a lot less stressed out at this wedding. I couldn't help but laugh - the monsignor had me totally freaked the first time around :) But yeah, it's a stunning place to shoot. Afterward, we popped over to a park to shoot in some gorgeous mid-afternoon light.
Hello gorgeous light! I am sooo happy we've somehow avoid any of the blisteringly hot days of the Buffalo summer, too. We've had some cold and rainy ones so far, but I'll honestly take some of that over a 90-degree-no-clouds-in-the-sky when we're running around like crazy. Quick fun fact, we got pedometers to wear to weddings just to see what we did - ten miles at Nicole and Matt's! I know Alyssa says she gets a pretty epic leg workout at Asbury Hall where N + M held their reception because of running up and down into the balcony all night.

Guys, we have some pretty epic photobooth stuff for you, too. I'll be uploading those all to your gallery here right after I hit "activate" on this post. Thank you SO much for trusting us and making us feel so welcome. And, Nicole, try not to rub it in Matt's face too much when the Bills win the superbowl this year. Hope you guys are doing great and we'll talk to you soon :).

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June 18, 2012  -  Engagements

edith + sankar

Hey everybody, welcome back to the nickel city show :). Pretty soon one of these posts will be the last with our little talking heads from five years ago. I've felt weird the past few years posting with this completely un-bearded photo of myself next to my words. We'll still babble back and forth as always because, let's face it, Alyssa and I don't know how to shut up so long as we're behind a keyboard and screen (in person, I like to think we're semi-normal conversationalists) but to say we're excited about the new look the blog will take on is an understatement like saying Edith and Sankar are just "a cute couple."

E + S met us downtown a couple weeks ago, and we just went nuts with photos. The throw away line when we're casually talking with people about our "work" is that this is our busy season, but it's not. Yeah, we're shooting until our shutter blades melt, but it's not busy - it's fun and exciting and it keeps us pushing to make the best photos we can. Edith and Sankar, you guys were so much fun and these photos all make us incredibly happy. It was awesome finally getting to meet you guys, and we're officially fired up for the wedding!
You're so full of it! Don't let him fool you - this is our busy season. It's where we forget we have friends for 6 months, spend every minute we aren't shooting in front of the computer with a stack of to do's next to us. But I think what you mean is that what people probably perceive as our being busy (shooting all the time) is actually the most relaxing time for us. We're away from the to do's and the editing queue and the email and, as much as we love them to pieces, the kids needing (insert anything here) right as we're about to begin a phone or Skype meeting. It's when we're out shooting with our couples that we can relax and do the fun part of our "work." We get to do what we love, and as anyone who gets to do what they love knows, it's relaxing and wonderful when you get to do that

E+S - you guys couldn't have rocked this shoot any more. Thank you for being so rad!

(Also, I find it hilarious that you started this post out talking about our incessant talking, and we just got into a fight (irl) about who talks more. It's funny - I don't know if other couples have an "issue," but most of the time, we can look objectively at our relationship and be like, oh yeah, you're right. Or yeah, my bad, you're right, but for some reason (which is probably very clear to everyone who has ever met us), this is our "issue." Neither of us will admit we have a problem. We're both like, noooo, you talk sooooo much more than me. It's a fight that's been going on for eight years, and I'm think will still be going on in 80. Neither of us will admit to being the more talkative - though, I think we'll both probably agree our youngest, Dexter, seems to be on track to overtake both of us. Maybe that's how this fight ends - in two years, you're like, "I can't believe you think I talk the most!" And I go, "yeah, but THAT baby!" )
Holy crap, you just typed SOOOO much more than I typed. I rest my case and there's only three talk spots on this post, so I think - yes - that I am the winner! I kid, if I left this post like that, I might win at blog, but I would lose at wife.

And here we are, we talked about talking (And sortof about work) on a blog post - not about the hilariously awesome high school senior class cruise that passed us at the harbor BLASTING Sir Mix-a-lot and LMFAO. I would have felt super remiss not mentioning that.

Edith and Sankar, I hope you love your photos as much as we do. We are really grateful that you guys trust us enough to do this. Let's do it again as soon as we possibly can!

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