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June 8, 2013  -  Engagements

one frame: saturday silhouette

It's going to be a beautiful weekend - we have a wedding I'm super stoked about, an engagement session that should rock and a family session I can't wait for. I'm hoping we can sneak away to the art festival tomorrow afternoon for a few minutes, too. I just wanted to share a frame we loved from a few weeks back before we head out. I hope everyone's weekend is as killer as ours is shaping up to be!
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June 3, 2013  -  Weddings

katie + tim

Rich and I once did the math that in the first two years of our marriage, we were actually in the same location for five months. Spending so much of our time in a long-distance relationship, I suppose it's no surprise that when we regained more control over our lives we went a full 180 and now spend all of our time together. And I know people have said to us they don't know if they could work with their spouse - which is insane to me. I can't imagine NOT working together. I'm truly so lucky to have my best friend with me all the time. Every inappropriate joke has an audience, every need for a hug has some arms. I love him, and I love that I get to hang out with him all the time.

Except when it's not all the time. He spent a week with a bunch of other dudeographers in Tahoe a couple weeks ago and just got back home from a weekend visiting friends, so it's an extra happy Monday morning to have him back. And not just because now I can watch the Red Wedding episode, which we've been nerdily waiting for all season! Eeek! We're also picking up some super-rad, old theater chairs for the house today AND (most awesomely) we get to share this absolutely stunning wedding with you. Yeah, it's a phenomenal Monday! :)

Katie + Tim had an absolutely gorgeous wedding. There's probably nothing about it I can say that the photos won't.
Buffalo Bride and Father moment
What a great way to start the day! If nothing else, being apart so much made us work even harder at the basics like listening to each other and learning what made the other work. One time, for example, I was in Sri Lanka while you were in India and I was actually talking to you through one of those crazy switchboard phones where they have to move the plugs around to connect the line. Those were fun times, though. One of my friends from college who got married a few years before the rest of us once told me, in a good way, what hard work marriage was. I never took that to mean it was this grind that never let you relax, but more that a marriage required constant work and attention if it was going to be worthwhile and last.

So, how we work now is Alyssa does the main selecting of all the images and then I do the processing of the images, whereas we used to process separately. What is really cool for me about that is that I get to be surprised seeing her images and vice versa and we get to recount what we were thinking since we tend to be pretty hyper critical of our creative process to stay sharp and get better. Anyway, that's why I get to crack up when I see awesome images like the one right above of Katie and her Dad joking around with the gift she gave him as a little girl. And I get to see the shot you took below of Katie's bridesmaid tearing up at "the handoff" and say,"Dang, Alyssa!" in my best Martin voice.

Katie and Tim are a super gracious couple and we just felt so welcomed and a part of things all day. We obviously try to stay in the background and document and be out of the way and as unseen as possible but we had Katie + Tim's family and bridal party just being freaking awesome to be around all day and I think that sort of thing helps you as a photographer make your best images on a wedding day. This gig is joyful.
Saint Louis Church Buffalo Wedding
It really is. I know we sometimes get lost in the "work" - we kill ourselves at every wedding; we come home bitching about how sore our legs are (old) and how broke we'll feel the next day. We desperately want to do the best we can at every wedding because every wedding is someone's wedding. I know that must be a silly thing to say, but it feels like sometimes in the wedding industry - some of the wedding blogs, some other vendors - if your wedding isn't on top of a mountain with forest critters in attendance while you're wearing a giant teacup on your head with bridesmaids who are actually disney princesses, that it doesn't count; it's just another wedding. I actually read on a wedding blog the other day, that they were no longer accepting submissions of engagement shoots because just photos of people in love were boring. I about lost my mind.

Sorry - I didn't mean to go down the rabbit hole there, but I needed to vent a little - it was that wedding blog submission bit that really bothered me, because as you say, this job is joyous. JOYOUS. We are lucky enough to be allowed to photograph people in love for a living. That's freaking amazing BECAUSE photos of people in love are amazing. We've been doing this job for six years, and every wedding we go to is a new experience. A new love story. And they're all different and amazing and unique and joyful, and I'm so happy to be a part of this industry because of people like Katie + Tim (who I keep trying to type as Time, sigh, lack of sleep) who allow us access into their beautiful story for a brief moment to capture their love. It really is a joyous job we have. /rant
Here here. Weddings > the wedding industrial complex. Please don't read this as a rant against weddings or even big, elaborate, super well-planned weddings. That wouldn't be so hot for our business model, amirite? Read this is a a rant against forgetting what's ultimately important about a wedding day, which is the joining of a couple forever. That hard work we were talking about earlier has ben going on for a long time before most weddings. In K + T's case, since college. But the wedding isn't a culmination, it's an awesome expression of committing to the long haul and throwing down the gauntlet that you're going to put in that time and that work and learn from past generations of marriages and make marriage your own.

Also - freaking love this one below from the limo after the ceremony at St. Louis:
Ugh - we took so long writing this blog post that the woman we were buying our theater chairs from changed her mind. No joke. :) Ah well, it's still shaping up to be an amazing day, and if anything else doesn't work out the way I was hoping, I'll just come back here and peek at Katie + Tim's day and smile and everything will be alright with the world because these two are perfect together.
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