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July 24, 2009  -  Engagements

caitlin + matt

We shot Caitlin and Matt's eshoot Tuesday, but didn't blog yesterday as it was Rich's birthday!! He celebrated turning old by eating breakfast chimichangas, blue crabs and one horrifically homemade rolled ice cream cake. Anyway, so we had to shoot Tuesday as Caitlin is currently up in New Hampshire, but it was totally threatening rain all day. We were really nervous about the impending rain, but Matt was super optomistic, and it ended up being a little drizzly (we ducked into a parking garage during that part), but a mostly pleasant evening to shoot. And since it was overcast, the sun went down a little earlier than usual, so we played with some off-camera lighting, and I got one of my favorite e-pics, maybe ever.
My birthday was very much awesome. Lots of good food, some great family time, and we even got the chance to go see a movie together, which happens maybe twice a year if we're lucky. I definitely don't feel old, though. If anyone is wondering about the levitating truck wheels in the above photo - that's the Thursday at the Square stagetruckthingy, which is jsut where we randomly ended up after dodging the rain all across downtown. Where we started, though, was at Pearl Street where Caitlin and Matt first met.
I have to say that the folks at Pearl Street are amazing. Seriously, twice we've had couples want to shoot there, and they have been so awesome with allowing us access to their building. Plus, it's gorgeous. Plus, it's a seriously sweet place to hold your wedding, too!
I adore Matt and Caitlin - seriously, within, like, five seconds of our starting the shoot we were talking Lost! It's always nice to be able to hang out with our couples and get to know them on a more personal level before the wedding day when things are a little crazy. And I always appreciate getting to chat with other Lost fanatics (or theroists, as the case may be).
Some studio executive better step up the plate with a new show after the next season that has the level of story-telling and character development Lost has had to this point. I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm not looking forward to that show being over at all. Anyway, after spending a few minutes kicking around Pearl Street, we walked down toward the waterfront...but some rain made us think we should head further into the city and see what we could find along the way (i.e. doors, parking garages, whatever) to duck in to if it really got bad.
I love this shot - I'm such a crappy Buffalonian... I don't even know what road this is under, but it was fun!
That's obviously the 190!!! Note how it goes directly next to where the hole in the ground that used to be the Aud?? How have I only been here three years and know the city better? We ended up right at the baseball park and took advantage of the limited greenery around the picnic benches there.
Oh! I guess it is :) Anyway we hadn't shot over at the ballpark before, and it was about then that the skies started dripping a little, so we used the covered areas to our advantage! :)
We decided to walk a little east, and we cut through this parking log, and I love this shot, Rich. I think it came out perfect!
Thanks - I like these next ones, too. Bricks are always a winning background....
Probably not a place we would've stopped had the weather been nice, but I loved this shot, so I'm so, so glad we did!!
Gotta love ECC's athletic building being a little funkier than its art deco and gothic surroudings, right? This shot is great....
And, inevitably, we ended up in a parking garage as the daylight totally escaped us and it started to rain more heavily. We worked it out, though. If it doesn't rain the rest of the summer I think we've hit our index mark over the last week - the rain has jut been crazy, particularly for us and our preference for photographing outdoors with mostly natural light. Things have a way of working out, though, if you just relax and go with what's available and what's happening, and I'm really happy with what our parking garage part of the evening yielded.
Me too! Luckily the parking garage was empty (which is why they probably noticed us and tossed us out fairly quickly :) ), so we were able to get some pretty sweet shots.
Yeah, I hate getting thrown out of places for photographing, but I'd rather just get a photo and move on. I think this is my favorite from inside the garage...since my definite favorite, favorite is not-quite-so-inside the garage...
This is my favorite of yours, Rich. Perfect! And MAD props to Caitlin and Matt for inexplicably listening to us when we asked them to hang out of the parking garage five floors up.
Yeah, you have the best ideas when it comes to that sort of thing...I definitely would not have considered holding my camera out of a parking garage at arm's length and at 1/20th of a second...but it worked! Good thing I'm a human tripod.
aaaand eventually the rain stopped threatening our gear's life and we took a few parting shots in lafayette square (like the first one). Caitlin and Matt, thanks for braving the rainy night with us, and thanks for bearing with us and our antics (and yes, the only reason we don't have behind-the-scenes shots for this post is because either one of us was holding a light for the other or holding on to the other's legs to keep from falling off something). Hopefully we'll see you guys again soon!

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July 21, 2009  -  Engagements

lori + jake

Some of you might know that last weekend, during Lindsay and Nick's wedding, we became an aunt and uncle again! We were totally excited and had intentionally not booked anything last week because we knew I would likely be going to see my sister and her amazing family. So, in the middle of our crazy wedding season, we had a whole week off! I headed to meet my new nephew while Rich held down the fort, and yesterday we had our first shoot in a week with Lori and Jake over at Chestnut Ridge Park, and with not shooting for a week, we had a lot to get out or our system. They gave us a lot of creative freedom with the shoot, and we had a ton of fun!!
Awesomesauce, babe. I just kindof stood back and watched you go yesterday. I mean, we did some wacky stuff, which we'll get into as the post progresses, and the success rate was money. Having a little "break" (you make it sound like I wasn't chained to the editing computer for a week straight just plowing through images, hah! I am so happy you're back it's not even funny) was cool, but I miss shooting when we're not going going going. It feels weird now that's it's our life. So, anyway, Lori and Jake came up from Georgia, where they live now, for a brief visit into town and to take care of some wedding planning issues and to shoot with us. We love couples who regularly check out the blog - I think we made it 5 minutes into shooting before Jake made fun of us taking photos of feet (don't worry, they're coming in this post) and other things...Jake, you like us talking about photo-editing stuff? This is your shirt acting as a natural reflector into your gorgeous faincee's face...that's sometime the "real" reason we have you guys touch foreheads (well, besides the obvious that it's really cute a good way to show intimacy without always having couples lock lips).
Yeah, right around this point, Lori was telling me about where they want to do photos for the wedding, and she said, "Oh! You'll love it - there's tall grass." :) I dig people who follow the blog, but sometimes it makes me super self-consious (like the time a bridesmaid told me she got a pedicure just for me!!). I feel like maybe then I'm over-using something, but I love how romantic tall grass is. So I saw some. So, clearly, Lori and Jake had to go stand in it :)
This kills it, Rich!
Thank you :) I'm loving the light on this one for sure...
So, I'm not going to out Lori on the blog, but there's a certain movie she's currently obsessing over, and while we were shooting this set, she was like, "Oh! I think these might have the same feel!!" I haven't seen it yet (we totally are going to rent it before the wedding though - I've heard enough talk about it!), so I hope it does!
For those that know, let's just say we might be taking a beauty dish and two rim lights to the wedding reception...(sorry, that's apropos almost nothing :) )
Guys, I totally enjoyed breaking compositional rules with you.
We found this super awesome old metal playground climbing thing of death, and Rich just kind of veered over to it :)
Dude, I can't help it! The rest of you guys were like, "So, where are we going?" And OBVIOUSLY we had to shoot on this thing, right? I mean, how is this not an obvious photo spot?? It's got fun symmetry, it's got peeling paint and lots of danger. That's the trifecta, ftw.
Absolutely my best angle. Thanks, Rich.
Hey, I'm always here to make you look good, baby. Take that as you may...and speaking of looking good...Lori and Jake. I mean, you guys know we're a little nuts, but I bet you didn't expect to look good in the deathrap. How could guys NOT look good? You are an incredibly compatible and good-luicking couple :)....even on abandoned playgrounds.
We took a quick break for Lori and Jake to change. I get that the eshoot is probably the only time most people are going to have their portraits done professionally, so dressing up is kind of the norm, but I love, love, love it when couples bring a change of clothing to do some shots more like they look in their everyday life. And when we saw Lori coming back over to us, Rich and I were both like, hell yeah! Seriously, she looked so cute, I might have clapped! We headed into the building there at Chestnut Ridge to play a little with some different texture and less greenery. I loved this shot.
Oh yeah, you did the "lyssa clap" for sure...I love it. How come I never get your clap? Wait a minute...let me rephrase...Hey look, a cool photo!
You, sir, are a riot. Really, just the most hysterical person ever. Hey! It's about time for a random feet shot! (which is out of order, because we're about to go back in that building. My bad.)
Oh well, in order, out of order, whatever...we kindof randomly blog some days. This is one of those days. Speaking of random - I try to give enough visual context to make an image work okay on its own...but sometimes I need to do some 'splainin...this reflection in a window as you were shooting something else and I went with for me....
best. moment. ever...I love this one, Alyssa.
Thanks! Jake mentioned that he was pretty stoked we play around with faded vintage feels on some of our images, so we tried out a few different vintage feels on some of their images.
Lori and Jake sport some awesome glasses, and I, as a fellow glasses girl, love that Lori is going to wear hers for the wedding! I just think they are so fun, cute and quirky. So, we did a little playing with the glasses (thanks, Jake - I hope your legs aren't sore today from this!).
How left out did I feel? I wore glasses from the time I was in third grade on. I got PRK a coupe years ago and LOVE it, but I totally miss rockin specs some this!
This is probably my favorite that I took...for reals....
This kills, Rich. Seriously, I love this one!
Awww, thanks :) You're too kind...I suck compared to what you did last night...I love working with you :)
Thank you! :) You're being so sweet, but you do not suck compared to what I did last night! We both got some really, really amazing shots. So, Lori told me that one of the things she loves about Jake is that he calms her down, just by looking at him. I just thought that was so ridiculously sweet, and I loved that you caught this moment between setups of them just taking that break.
Thanks. The old toboggan runs are really cool to shoot around.
Especially when you have a couple who totally doesn't mind climbing them even thought they're clearly about to collapse (which is a shame, because they were soooo much fun back in the day).
This sequence is great. Sometimes we see a cool shot and have our couple hang out where the light is the best or where they work best with the things around them, and then we move around a bit and play with some different angles.
Thanks! I loved this sequence too - mostly because of how sincere they are just looking at each other. They really could've cared less that we were there snapping away :)
We shot until we lost the light, and as the sun went down we couldn't not play with this stunning sunset. This is straight out of camera - the sky was just that spectacular. I really love the sunsets we get around here. And it was a perfect end to a really fun shoot with a really fun couple. We cannot wait to see you guys again, and thank you so much for taking the time out of your visit home to play around with us for the evening. You guys are awesome, and we'll see you soon!!

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