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July 29, 2010  -  Engagements

lauren + justin

Third! So, here we are, up watching Independence Day on cable and blogging our faces off. Lauren and Justin met us up at the Buffalo Central Terminal do do some shooting. It's a fun place to hang out if you're up on your hand-to-hand fighting skills :). Lauren was like, "Soooooo, the GPS took us through some interesting neighborhoods on the way here...." Yeah, that's an understatement - I'd love to see the terminal restored, and the CTRC is doing a great job, but the surrounding neighborhoods need the real help.

Anyway, it's a hell of a place to shoot.
And Lauren + Justin were awesome to shoot. She told me she was kinda nervous about it - and I was looking at her like she was crazy. They both killed it.

And how is Independence Day still this rad, almost 15 years (GAH!) later?! Seriously, I still think Jurassic Park is awesome too. The CG then should have been terrible (some modern CG still is), but it was totally believable... aside from the dinosaurs in modern times/aliens attacking Earth part.
I love this one :)
Agreed :). Also, remember when it was 1996, we were in high school and we were like, "You're going to put the Fresh Prince in an action movie??" Also, Brent Spiner just showed up on the screen. Nerd-riffic.

Geez, we are really lucky to get to shoot what we do - I friggin love this stuff :).
Love this one of yours, babe.
Lauren = smokin'!

And that speech is still one of the most epic movie speeches of all time. Seriously, I know we're nerds, but this movie is great. It was, like, the grandfather to all modern destroy-Earth-with-awesome-special-effects, right? I can't think of one that would've done it before then...
Yep - it's up there with the St. Crispin's day speech Branagh tears up in Henry V. I may or may get a choked up when I hear the Independence Day speech. Presidents in movies are so much more bad-ass than in real life. Remember when we used to have presidents who were awesome an not just elaborately-constructed figureheads? Eh, me neither, but I'm young :)

Yeah, movie presidents that are like bad-ass war hero fighter pilots are way cooler than our law-school-graduate-children-of-the-political-system. Do you remember Air Force One? Harrison Ford = best movie president ever. Seriously.

Equally awesome movie speech - Braveheart, but now I feel kinda lame liking that movie since Mel Gibson had to go get all sorts of crazy. I really wish people I used to like as actors would stop doing that. I mean, if Jean Claude Van Damme went all nuts and I never wanted to watch another movie of his ever, no biggie, but Mel did some really cool ones before he went insane, and now I just can't justify watching them. Ah well.
The thing is, you know the dude was ALWAYS crazy. Like, I figure once you're rich and wealthy you have so many enablers around you that whatever latent crazy (aka, GIANT racist and anti-semite) you have laying around can come to the surface after you're done being the Mad Max guy.

Speaking of crazy - going into the lower parts of the central terminal is pretty crazy - but fun for all!
Seriously, the sky Sunday was killing me - even totally downtown and not in nature at all :)
There's nothing like watching my wife lay in the road at the intersection of two major streets downtown to take a photo :).
Loving this one...
Thanks, guys - we loved getting to catch up with you some more and shoot a ton we can't wait to show you! My absolute favorite frame didn't even make Alyssa's final cut for the blog :). Catch you guys again soon.

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July 29, 2010  -  Engagements

ashley + tom

Our second shoot on our epic e-shoot filled Sunday was Ashley + Tom. There really aren't two more kind and awesome people on Earth, and it was awesome shooting them over at Tifft. This is my favorite shot of yours, babe, in spite of where it was taken!
Oh, I thought we weren't going to talk about that on the blog post?? You know, the fire ant invasion that's currently going on at Tifft?? Tifft has, by far, the largest amount of tall grass and other large, head-height type fauna - and you know how we feel about that stuff, people.
Yeah, I loved Tifft up until this shoot, when we found ourselves standing in the middle of millions of fire ants (my worst fear, btw). It's entirely possible, I'll never go back again, so there's that. Luckily, there was a sign warning about the fire ants, 150 feet past where they started (don't ask - my initial reaction was to run forward to get away from them since we were headed in that direction, then I found the sign and went screaming the other way). Boo, Tifft. But luckily, Tom + Ashley didn't even laugh at me, and still managed to be amazing for the rest of the shoot.
Gah - photo love. The reeds bent over my camera just as I started shooting. Me = extra happy.
You did your special clap then, too, which looks a lot like Gob Bluth's "chicken dance" : epic.

Also - waterfront park for the m'fing win. Ashley wrote us last week saying she really didn't care where we shot just so long as we got near some water. Water, check. Also - holy crap, for a day where there was supposed to be a 60% chance of rain it was BRIGHT and sunny - perfect for our second shoot of the day.
Yeah, it was supposed to thunderstorm + halfway through Ashley + Tom's shoot, these amazing clouds came out. Super rad.
Gah - Ashley killed it.
They both did :)
Yep, it's all about chemistry. A + T had about a billion pounds of it.
These two spoiled us - this was just about the first thing we shot, and they were so ridiculously cute together.
Okay - so, not to rush this one, but we do have three more posts after this one going up tonight!
Guys - you were awesome. Thank you so much for being so rad to hang with and awesome to shoot!

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