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August 26, 2011  -  Weddings

ashley + tom

Hello blog. We apologize. Here, I brought you flowers. It's not you, it's us. We haven't been around as much because we've been working our narrow asses off. We swear we're not seeing other blogs - we haven't even been posting to our crappy tumblr full of instagram photos lately. We'll make it up to you, though. And we'll start with Ashley and Tom over on the Grandest of all freshwater Islands that are slightly north of the city of Buffalo.

As usual, Alyssa starts it off - I freaking love this shot in the woods, hon.
Thanks :) And I have to say a major thank you to everyone in the party for being troopers with us in the woods. There were, perhaps, more than a couple mosquitos buzzing everyone, and A + T (and their awesome party) still just destroyed their photos.

Yeah... the blog. Those of you who come around here occasionally, we've been trying a few different things with our layout over the years, and we'll probably always be tweaking it, but Rich was following a twitter discussion the other day talking about fewer photos being better. You know, like here's one image, five images, ten maybe from a wedding. And while that would probably make our blogging significantly faster, I feel like it's not fair to show our couples & their families just a frame. Even if it's just one really cool frame.

So, at least for the time being, I'm still into blogging a larger number of photos from the day, and that takes a few extra days to put together, so thanks for being patient, A + T.
No doubt. That's just what fits for us and how we want to present things to folks. The discussion on twitter was more about the "less is more" of how many final, edited photos various photographers give their clients, and there are good arguments on both sides. I don't mean to digress into a discussion like that, though, I talk way too much even when I'm just typing. I'm always going to love blogging a whole crapload of photos. I remember us, early on, talking about how our blog is the best way for us to stay honest with ourselves about our consistency and vision each week. Everything we shoot HAS to go on here or there's the slimmest possibility we could go out and say, "Eff it, we just won't blog this wedding." I don't even want that possible thought in my head.

The only thing that really matters is telling the story. Honestly, I think if you know Ashley and Tom, that top shot alone would reaffirm all the things you know to true about their relationship. But I like showing all the other stuff, too, so let's shut up and get on with it :).

The wedding mass was at St. Stephens on the Emerald Isle of Granditude and there is a lot of history and connection there with the couple. Not only does Tom's brother work there, his dad's company wired the entire place. I felt like a huge tool when I was like, "Man, this place is SO well lit!" prior to the service and all the groomsmen laughed at me.
Ha! Did you really? You're a nerd :) But it's a beautiful sanctuary. I remember going with my friends, whose families all went to St. Stephen's, back when it was the older church, and the first time we walked in the new building I was floored. It's really super fun to shoot in.

Your B&W snag of them cuddling? Win.

And this may have been the most epic blowing of bubbles I've ever seen for an exit. Seriously fantastic.
Thanks - and, yeah. If you're going to do a bubble exit or anything else like that, you should totally see if you can hire a hype man. I bet you can find a professional hype man in Buffalo to pump up guests before an exit and get tons of bubbles. Because sometimes guests kill it like they did here and other times there are three kids blowing sixteen bubbles each. I can't do basic arithmetic, but I wager that's not a lot of bubbles.

And speaking of favorites - this first group shot is definitely money. Woodsy fun times - AND I didn't get in trouble with you for mentioning that thing about Buckhorn State Park that I always mention without thinking about it. I'm proud of me.
Ha - good job, you! Yeah, a hype man might be a little over the top for most weddings (though hilarious), but the $10 crazy bubble machines could probably take their place if you assigned a couple groomsfolk to them. And thanks - I dig that shot, too. A+T were more than a blast to shoot - I could've kept going all day. They've been together for just about ever and still are so cute together, and I adore that about them. And also Ashley's giggle. It's so cute - and her girls were telling me they once tried to make a drinking game for it, but she giggles so much of the time that none of them could keep up. And it's true - she was so happy the entire day and it was killer for us.
I love looking at those. Man.

The reception was a blast, too. Grand Island people are just generally pretty awesome in my book (obviously I have a soft spot for them). I'm gonna get out and start getting our gear ready for tomorrow's wedding, and leave these reception photos here for you to check out.

Ashley and Tom, thank you guys so much. Ashley and Tom's family and friends, thank you guys so much, too. Everyone was a huge pleasure to work with and we can't wait to show you more. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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August 19, 2011  -  Portraits

Quinn + Reese + Theo + Carmen + Scott

I'm not a betting woman, but if I were, I'd wager at least one, but most likely four members of Carmen's family were wondering what the heck they were doing on a hill in Buffalo watching the sunrise at 6 a.m. But Carmen is the super amazing Toronto wedding photographer Carmen Farrell, so she knows when light's good. And as we know from experience, when photog mom decides it's time for family photos, you can end up far from home at ridiculous hours to get what you want. :)

So, we were so ridiculously happy Carmen + Scott + Quinn + Reese + Theo came down to visit us a couple weeks ago. We played around and did some nature, some city, a pastry break for the kids/coffee break for the adults and came out with some of my favorite family photos ever. Seriously, you guys were amazing to shoot, and this shot here? I think it's my favorite family shot ever.
So much love. I've gotten to know Carmen via twitter over the last year or so, and I wasn't surprised at all that her kids are some of the most loving, happy kids you're ever going to meet. Even at 6 am :). And Scott is cool, too! Let's not forget it takes a family to make a family awesome.

That's so, so true! We absolutely love getting to shoot families - but we wouldn't be able to do much without the amazing families who come and be their awesome, loving selves in front of our cameras. It's definitely true - we need you guys more than you need us to make these photos happen, and Carmen + clan brought it hard. Though I felt so bad for the boys - about halfway through our first spot, Carmen starts laughing and goes, "Oh, they thought we were coming out and going to take one photo, then they'd get to go back to the hotel pool." But they were amazing troopers and pushed through :)
Hah - hey, you need photographs of your family. If you have to bribe, cajole, hoodwink your kids into it - so be it :). It was funny how much stopping at Spot Coffee mid-shoot helped us all out. We should probably incorporate "set breaks" into our shoots more often for caffeine and sugar-y delicious things. The stuff in the parking lot was killer post-coffee.

So, near the end of the shoot, Alyssa takes these two off do some couples work for a moment and I'm watching the three kids - and, well, Theo may or may have been walking around with a brick the size of his torso before we found "spears" of wood to throw at a wall. What can I say - I'm totally responsible with young children. The real moment of beauty was when Quinn looks around the broken-down parking lot we're shooting in and said, "Someone really needs to clean this place up." You said it, pal. There is definitely some cleaning up that needs to occur in downtown Buffalo. But the crumbling brick of an old warehouse just looks great in photos.
Guys - we can't thank you enough for coming down here to spend your morning with us. We adored your family, and it was an honor getting to shoot you!

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