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August 18, 2011  -  Engagements

marissa + brian

Well, Brian, it hasn't been a great day in Billsland. One awful preseason game against your current town's team in and we already know that the league office thinks the Bills are poorly run. (Ed note - the other "issue" for the Bills is all cleared up - thanks non fact-checking blogger! :) )

On a bright note - none of it really matters :). The Sabres are going to win Lord Stanley's Cup this year and that will turn around the local economy and you guys can move back because they'll be passing out hi-end jobs at the airport. And then the Bills will draft Andrew Luck and win twelve straight Lombardi trophies. Hey - you guys want some of this koolaid? It's delicious!

And speaking of drinking koolaid - I'm ready to drink the UB koolaid and apply there for school (the GI Bill is calling). What an incredible campus. Where these two met and fell in love. Let's get this thing goin :).

Blah, blah, blah. The world hates the Bills. Sigh. I'm so tired of being a Bills fan. It truly is exhausting. Anyway - I don't know how we're so lucky but we get to shoot the coolest people, and, lately, we've had a much-larger-than-normal percentage of folks who wanted to get together at sunrise. We love that - this shoot was kind of the perfect way to start my day. Awesome couple, awesome light, awesome stuff to shoot around and geese!
I will say one thing about the Bills. I am writing this AS I tweet with Brian about how #Fitzmagic has made beards infinitely cooler among the cold-loving Buffalo faithful. I'm all for that.

Guys - we're messing with the layout again to see what works best here so Alyssa has chopped down the "speaking bits" a little and here I am on the last talk bubble already!

It goes without saying that we're incredibly excited to be working with you guys. And I expect awesome things to go down on your wedding day. I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this since you guys know I'm writing this right now and because you've been super patient that past couple of weeks. Thanks again, guys!

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August 17, 2011  -  Weddings

megan + jason

What a great wedding day. I just spent a few minutes going over the layout Alyssa made for this one with a big ol' smile on my face. Megan and Jason are one incredibly sweet, affectionate and fun couple. I think that all comes across pretty much without us having to say much of anything about them. But I will say that I'm blown away by their ambition and how they plan to mesh their lives together. I may have never met a couple so willing to tackle the future together, whatever that may be.
Rich just looked at me and was like, I don't even know what to write that isn't just stating the obvious, and it's true. Nothing we can say about them would surprise you - they're sweet, kind and loving and it's clear in photos and in person. Which is, of course, incredibly fun to shoot.
We were back at the Avanti, which we always love. We've gotten to play there so much this season, and it's an incredible venue to be at. It's gorgeous and the staff runs things so well, so anytime we get to go, it's already an amazing wedding day. Add two incredibly awesome souls to shoot, and I consider it a pretty epic day.
Brightest ceremony EVER. This is a fun ceremony to shoot. I love challenges on a wedding day to push against, and this was a good one. The ceremony - again, being Captain Obvious over here - was dual Catholic/Jewish so we all got a mass and a ketubah signing and a chuppah! I can't be the only goy who loves says the word, "chuppah" or really any yiddish-derived word with a "ch" sound at the beginning. Like challah bread. Love saying it and devouring it.
And this particular chuppah was hand-made by Megan's brother and dad! And the tallit never blew away and it looked awesome. Great work, gentlemen :).

And since we talked about the jewish traditions, how could I not mention Father Butch. I'll take any homily that heavily incorporates the glory years of the 90's Bills.

I'll definitely let the photos take it from here:
Bright is an understatement. It was really, really, really sunny. So much so that they came in and had a celebratory glass of water :) So, of course the awesomeness of the Avanti is that we can just wander around the incredible grounds for photos.
Okay, so I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I'm so in love with the cake topper that maybe custom wooden dolls of our family might be a ridic Christmas present for me. You know. If anyone writing this blog with me was looking for ideas. Ahem.
I got lost right around the the time you implied you were getting married at some point. The memory is kindof hazy almost 7 years later, but didn't we already do that you dork? Note taken. They will be this year's foot massager or whatever the present my un-imaginative ass ends up getting you because I was instructed not to screw up and deviate from. Folks reading - if you were around for the Bruce Smith fathead sticker incident of 2006, you would know this is a good thing for me.

Ah, I love shooting in the Avanti's big, white tent. LOVE it. And love this couple. The MoH's speech about family really touched me. This wedding day was all about that and where M + J came from as much as where they're going and I know their marriage will be the same. Stay gold, guys. We're really lucky to have been with you and your family and friends. Thank you from our family to yours and GOOD LUCK as you start school-related commuting and putting in some seriously hard work.

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